Merton's Theory of Anomie by gjjur4356


									    Merton’s Theory of Anomie
• Anomie: Deviance         • Conformists: accept
  arises out of the          the goals of society
  discrepancy between        and possess the means
  society’s social goals     achieve those goals
  and the supply of
  legitimate means to      • People who do not
  achieve those goals.       have the advantage of
  People without the         these means react in
  means resort to            different ways.
  different tactics:
• Ritualists are honest,   • They attempt to follow
  hard-working people        the rules of society
  often of the lower-      • They lower their
  middle-class or            expectations of having
  working class who          fancy new cars and
  live in modest homes       expensive holidays
  and drive older cars,
  make some of their
  own clothes
• Innovators include      • Some Conformists
  criminals, people who     later become
  cheat on exams and        Innovators
  bullies. They are       • Officials who accept
  people who use            kickbacks for work
  deviant means to          contracts & corporate
                            executives who fix
  achieve non-deviant       prices or falsely
  goals                     advertise are
• Retreatists reject both   • Some religious groups
  the means and the           are Retreatists.
  goals of society. They    • They may substitute
  withdraw from society       salvation or meditation
• They may be drug            for worldly goals
  addicts or street

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