2nd outline editing RESEARCH METHODOLOGY by Nazahiyah


									                            RESEARCH METHODOLOGY (EDU 702)
                             OUTLINE OF RESEARCH PROPOSAL

1. Title

   The Relationship between Principal’s Communication Style and Teacher Job Satisfaction in SMK
   Telok Datok: A Case Study

2. Problem statement

   Communication is transmission ideas and information from one person to another. Sometimes there
   are lacks of information because of the misunderstanding communication among them. Principals'
   communication style is subjective and unpredictable. Teachers are often faced with communication
   that is not uniform, changing and varied. The weakness of principals' communication style may be a
   major source of misunderstanding in the educational organizations such as schools, because of the
   possibility of an idea or message to be delivered by the principals unable to understand by the
   teachers who eventually cause dissatisfaction among teachers.

3. Purpose of the study

   3.1 To identify Principal’s communication style.
   3.2 To identify teachers job satisfaction.
   3.3 To determine the relationship between principal’s communication style and teachers’ job

4. Research questions

   4.1 What are communication styles practiced by principal?
   4.2 What are teacher job satisfactions?
   4.3 Is there a significant relationship between principal’s communication style and teachers’ job

5. Literature

   5.1   Communication Styles
   5.2   Principal
   5.3   Job Satisfaction
   5.4   School Teachers

6. Methodology

         a. Type : Quantitative Correlational
            (principal’s communication style causes teacher job satisfaction )
         b. Subject : School teachers in SMK Telok Datok
         c. Population & sample :
                        o Small population : 60 teachers
                        o 50 female teachers and 10 male teachers
                        o All will be included in the study
         d. Instrument : Questionnaire
                        o Divided into three parts :
                              1. Demographics Data
                              2. Principal’s Communication Styles
                              3. Teachers Job Satisfaction
         e. Data analysis : SPSS

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