LHS 2011 JR-SR PROM by tombieschke


									Dear Parents,

The Larkin Junior/Senior Prom will be held on Friday, May 13, 2011, from 6:30 to 11:30
p.m. at the Westin Hotel in Itasca, Illinois. Students, staff, and parents have worked
many hours to provide a wonderful evening for our students. To ensure a safe and
memorable evening, we ask for your cooperation and support in stressing to students that
Prom is not an excuse for making poor decisions. Prom, like any other Larkin High
School extra-curricular event, is subject to all school regulations. Non-Larkin guests of
our students must also abide by these regulations. Alcohol and other illegal substances
are not to be part of the celebration before, during, or after Prom. If your son or daughter
is under the influence of any illegal substance or is intoxicated at any point during our
celebrations, you will be called and expected to pick him or her up. Additionally, legal
action may be taken if a student is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or carrying any
illegal contraband.

Tickets for Prom 2011 will be sold April 18-20 at a cost of $75.00 per person or $150.00
per couple, and include a formal dinner and an unlimited soda bar throughout the
evening. Junior and senior students will be eligible to purchase tickets if they have
not been placed on Step 3 or 4 this semester, have paid all outstanding fees and have
no out-of-school suspensions.

Photographers will be available to take formal portraits at Prom, and price lists will be
available when students purchase their Prom tickets. Payment must be made to the
photographer at the Prom. The Post-Prom event will be held immediately following
Prom at The Centre in Elgin. Students attending Prom can enjoy Post Prom at no
additional cost.

The Larkin Administration and the Larkin Parent Association chaperones will be
enforcing the dance code at Prom in the same manner as all school dances. Dancing
that would indicate sexual behavior or actions will not be accepted. Failure to follow
this dance code will result in removal from the dance. This decision will be left up to the
administrators’ discretion.

Once students arrive at prom, they will be expected to stay until the end. Any special
circumstances requiring students or guests to vary from this time frame should be
communicated to the Larkin High School administration before the day of Prom. Any
student whose parent has made prior arrangements with the administration will have to
check out with the administrator at the door.

We hope this letter clarifies any questions you may have, and look forward to a safe and
enjoyable Prom 2011.

Jon Tuin                   Sjoukje Brown
Principal, ext. 5025       2012 Class Sponsor, ext. 8341

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