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					March 2010                 FROM THE DIRECTOR GENERAL & CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD                                                 Volume IIX, No. 8

                                         PEARSON NEWS
                                                                                           IN THIS ISSUE:
                                                                                           2   DIRECTOR GENERAL’S REPORT
                                                                                           3   KINDERGARTEN AT GREENDALE MAKES BUTTER
                                                                                           3   MOTHER GOOSE TIME AT RIVERVIEW
On March 10th, six students in various        •   Tania DeCiccio from PACC won a           4   BEURLING ACADEMY VISITS CTV
vocational training programs at the Lester        bronze medal in Health, Assistance and
B. Pearson School Board were awarded              Nursing Care                             4   CROSS COUNTRY SKI LOPPET AT LES CÈDRES
medals at the 11th annual Regional Skills     • Shiho Fujihara from PACC won a             4   WINTER OLYMPICS AT PURCELL ACADEMY
Olympic Gala for Vocational Training,             silver medal in Professional Cooking
which took place at the St. Pius X Culinary   • Michael Erez from PACC won a gold          5   A WORD FROM YOUR COMMISSIONERS
Institute.                                        medal in Professional Cooking            5   OLYMPIC DAY AT SUNSHINE ACADEMY
During the month of February, 142             • Kristine Moses from PACC won a
students competed in 23 categories. The           bronze medal in Pastry Making            6   BLACK HISTORY MONTH ACTIVITY AT LCCHS
students competing were from various
                                              • Émilie Aumond from the Gordon              6   CONGRATULATIONS MAC HIGH ROBOTICS TEAM
school boards and schools, including: the
                                                  Robertson Centre won a gold medal in
LBPSB, the English Montreal School
                                                  Aesthetics                               7   CURLING
Board, the Commission scolaire
Marguerite-Bourgeoys, the Commission
                                              *Additional photos of the LBPSB’s            7   ST. CHARLES’ 2010 CARNIVAL CELEBRATION
                                              winners can be found in the ‘Schools and
scolaire de Montréal, the Commission
                                              Centres’ section of the board’s website:     7   FRENCH FOR THE FUTURE
scolaire de la Pointe-de-l’Île and the
Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du
                                                                  8   DANIELA’S CORNER
Québec. Their skills were evaluated by a                                                   8   MOUNT PLEASANTS’ ‘NEW SOCK DRIVE’
panel of experts in their specific fields.
Congratulations to the following Lester B.                                                 9   ALLION HOSTS ANNUAL ST. PATRICK’S LUNCHEON
students who took home medals:                                                             9   BEURLING ACADEMY’S SOCKS FOR POPS DRIVE
• Victoria Carreon from PACC won a
     silver medal in Health, Assistance and                                                10 REPORT FROM THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD
     Nursing Care                                                                          11 MEADOWBROOK COOKS UP A STORM!
                                                                                           12 FITNESSAT MANSFIELD ATHLETIC CLUB

On March 14th, the Lester B. Pearson School Board took part in the city of                 12 GORDON ROBERTSON’S FUNDRAISER
Montreal’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. For the fourth year in a row, the              13 PACC ADULT CELEBRATES BLACK HISTORY MONTH
LBPSB had a float in the parade. The Macdonald High School Band
entertained those who braved the rainy weather to watch the parade go by.                  13 BLACK HISTORY MONTH AT MAC HIGH
Some commissioners, administrators and students all marched along in support               14 FREE THE CHILDREN MURAL
of the school board. In addition, 60 students volunteered their time to carry
flags throughout the parade.                                                               14 JUBILEE STUDENTS HAVE OLYMPIC FEVER
                                                                                           14 CANWEST CANSPELL COMPETITION
                                                                                           15 ALAN SHAIN VISITS BEURLING ACADEMY
                                                                                           15 OLYMPIC DAY AT ST. ANTHONY
                                                                                           15 MULTICULTURAL EVENT FOR HAITI AT MAC HIGH
                                                                                           16 TECHNOLOGY AT WILDER PENFIELD
                                                                                           16 LAKESIDE WRESTLERS
                                                                                           16 GOVERNING BOARD TRAINING UPDATE
                                                                                           17 NOTES FROM COUNCIL OF COMMISSIONERS MEETING
                                                                                           18 COMMISSIONERS’ PHONE NUMBERS
                                                                                           18 DATES TO NOTE
   Page 2                          PEARSON NEWS

                    Teacher Staffing –         curriculum, philosophy and activities         have benefitted from his leadership as
                    MSC                        offered.                                      part of the Senior Administrative
                    As part of our                                                           Team, our respect for him and
                    staffing process for the   Educational Services Division                 admiration of his abilities have grown
                    2010-2011 school year,     Website and Newsletter                        immensely.
                    we have been working       Our Educational Services Division has         Throughout his career as teacher,
                    to determine               undertaken a new initiative by creating a     in-school administrator at both
                    placements for those       website and by publishing a Newsletter        elementary and secondary levels and
                    members of the             outlining recent activities carried out by    here at Head Office, Chuck earned the
teaching staff who have been affected by       members of the team. The website and          reputation of a deeply professional
the recent Major School Change process.        Newsletter can be accessed through the        educator whose primary interest was
Specific procedures are governed by the        Board website and provide a wealth of         always the welfare of the young people
Collective Agreement and I must note           information re: curriculum, workshops         under his care. Wherever he was
that the Pearson Teacher’s Union and our       and resource materials/links for parents      assigned, the honesty of his efforts, his
Human Resources Department are                 and teachers.                                 integrity and his commitment to our
working together to find placements in                                                       profession earned for him the
the best interests of students and staff.      Administrative Staffing 2010-2011             accolades of students, colleagues and
                                               The administrative staffing process for the   parents.
Transportation Review                          2010-2011 school year has been underway       On behalf of the Lester B. Pearson
Bus transportation arrangements are            for some time in that current                 School Board, I am pleased to
being reviewed to develop the network          administrators have expressed to me in        extend to Chuck the very best wishes
for next year. Modifications are made          writing their preferences. In addition,       for a wonderful retirement and the
annually to achieve optimal use of our         school and centre Governing Boards have       deep thanks and appreciation of a
transportation budget allocation and, this     provided input to the process by              grateful community.
year, to reflect the new pattern resulting     completing the “Criteria for the
from the Major School Change                   Principalship” request form. This is          Retirement of Micheline Jacques
modifications. Special attention is being      always a delicate process in which every      Recent days saw the retirement of a
given to the secondary school network          effort is made to match the needs of the      long-term member of our School
with a view to increasing its efficiency.      particular school/centre and community        Board community, Micheline
Deliberations at the PPN and Council           with the strengths and wishes of the          Jacques. She has served both the
level are on-going. An enormous amount         candidate under consideration. It is          Lakeshore School Board and the
of relevant information generated by           anticipated that any changes will be          Lester B. Pearson School Board with
Mario Barrette, Assistant Director.            presented to Council at its April meeting.    distinction as a teacher and as
                                                                                             Executive Assistant with the Pearson
Marketing and Go Publique                      Consultation re: Governing Board              Teachers' Union. In her classroom and
Campaign                                       Composition                                   in her role with PTU, there was never a
I am sure all are now aware of the             Documentation relating to consultation on     doubt of her love of our profession and
marketing campaign underway,                   the composition of the Governing Board        for the children in her care. She served
sponsored jointly by QESBA and its             has been sent to all school and centre        PTU Presidents and the PTU
member school boards, focusing on the          Governing Boards. The deadline for            membership with energy and with
benefits of our public schools.                return is May 14, 2010, in any case in        integrity and remained always a
Eye-catching billboards, bus signs and         which changes to the current number of        spokesperson for the students and
other visuals have attracted much              members and of composition is being           teachers of the board.
attention. In addition, schools and            requested.                                     Micheline will be missed and we
centres have continued to actively                                                           extend to her best wishes for health
recruit. Our school board website              Retirement of Charles “Chuck”                 and happiness through a long and is updated frequently          Merilees                                      happy retirement.
and carries news and events from across        Learning of the retirement request of a
the board. Anyone looking for detailed         valued colleague always brings forth          R.T. Mills - Director General
information on a specific school or            mixed emotions of happiness for the
centre can find answers to questions and       individual and of loss to the system. This
a wealth of information re: the                was very much the case on receipt of
                                               Chuck’s letter. In the period of time we
 Page 3                                                                                    Volume IIX, No. 8


 Two kindergarten classes at         experiment – making butter.
 Greendale Elementary got a          The students were divided
 special treat on March 16th,        into groups and took turns
 when the LBPSB’s Director           shaking a small bottle
 General Bob Mills taught them       half-filled with cream for
 how to make butter. Mr. Mills       three minutes. By the time
 was invited to the school to        the children were finished
 speak to the students about his     shaking the bottles, the
 past and current career. The        cream had turned into butter,
 children were fascinated to find    which amazed them. They
 out that for 16 years, Mr. Mills    then got to spread their newly
 was a biology teacher. Using        made treat onto crackers with
 his science background he de-       jam and enjoyed an afternoon
 cided to have the students par-     snack.
 ticipate in a science

The Riverview Community Learning             once a week for rhymes, songs, stories
Centre (CLC) has partnered with the          and play. It affords parents an
Quebec Federation of Home and School         opportunity to socialize with other
Associations and the Montreal                parents while children hone their social
Children’s Library to launch an early        skills by interacting with other children.
literacy and school-readiness initiative.    It’s a great way to break social isolation
On January 19th the Riverview CLC            while transferring important skills both
hosted the Born to Read event where          to parents and children in preparation
families received free gift bags of books    for pre-K and kindergarten. The
for infants and toddlers to encourage        program just completed its third week
parents to read to their babies. The book    and parents and children alike are
bags were graciously donated by the          having a great time. Mother Goose is
Q.F.H.S.A. Lester B Pearson’s own            free for families and open to the public,
Lynn Stewart played the role of Mother       particularly targeting residents of
Goose for the morning, reading a             Verdun and the Southwest. While the
colourful story to the families animated     session is already in full swing we have
by hand puppets. Parents had the             new families coming weekly and our
opportunity to socialize while little ones   doors will remain open to other families.
played and snacked.                          For more information contact Riverview
The success of Born to Read made the         CLC coordinator Audrey Ottier at
debut of the Mother Goose Rhyme    
Time program all the more exciting.
Born to Read was a launching pad for         Audrey Ottier -
the program, which began a week later        Riverview Community Learning Centre
on January 26th. Mother Goose Rhyme          Coordinator
Time, a program run through the
Montreal Children’s Library, brings
parents and their little ones together
    Page 4                       PEARSON NEWS

 A group of over 20 of our sec 4 students   Patricia Staniforth also tried their hand at   Tania Krywiak, and our host, News
 got wide-eyed recently as they paid a      doing the weather in front of the green        Director, Mr. Jed Kahane.
 visit to the studios of CTV Montreal       screen which serves as the background
 and a chance for the students to get up    for the weather segments and the slides        Bob Dubois - Community
 close and personal and ask questions of    get superimposed by the technical              Representative
 some of Montreal’s well known TV           people.
 personalities.                             After the news, the whole group got to
 The students got to see the various pro-   take pictures with News Anchors
 duction rooms where the technical stuff    Mutsumi Takahashi, Todd van der
 gets put together and the famed            Heyden, and weather reporter Miss Lori
 newsroom where viewers regularly see       Graham, on the set of Montreal’s most
 reporters filing their reports, but the    watched newscast, something which they
 highlight had to be when we sat in live    talked about for several days after.
 during the 12 noon news package and        We certainly thank everybody on the
 watched Lori Graham during her             CTV News team for their graciousness
 weather segments in front of the green     in taking time to take pictures and
 screen.                                    answer questions from our students, and
 Some of the students and teacher Miss      our tour guides, consumer reporter Miss

Five of our elementary schools         thanks to everyone
participated in the Cross              who participated and
Country Ski Loppet held at Les         also to the organizing
Cèdres on Wednesday February           committee who helped
17, 2010. Students from grade 3        make it a success.
to grade 6 enjoyed a wonderful
day of skiing at this superb venue.    Peter Gilson - PEH
This loppet is a great opportunity     Consultant
for our students to participate in a
fun event that promotes physical
fitness and allows them to
showcase their skills. Many

 The Olympic Committee             Future Star Athlete was also         Borrelli and Linda Homsy for
 worked very hard to organize      awarded. The students helped         their hard work and dedication.
 our winter Olympics. The          to reconstruct the Olympic
 students enjoyed a week of fun    Flag and the grade 5’s were
 -filled activities. We had        instrumental in creating a life
 opening and closing               size “Inukshuk” along with
 ceremonies where some             teachers; Mme Chandonnet,
 students were recognized for      Ms Borrelli and Ms. Homsy.
 their Leadership,                 A special thank you goes out
 Sportsmanship, Team Spirit &      to our fabulous physical
 Participation skills and a        education teachers Teresa
Page 5                                                                                                      Volume IIX, No. 8

A WORD FROM YOUR COMMISSIONERS                                                                           PEARSON NEWS

                ANGELA NOLET – Ward 20 -                  Thankfully, the municipality of Saint   municipalities to give us land. This
                Hudson - Vaudreuil-Dorion                 -Lazare following the                   is not an expedient way to establish
                Email:                 Municipal Election didn’t waste any     an educational institution especially
                                                          time in guarantying the LBPSB that      when the funds are sanctioned very
                What Can I Say!                           a site would be found.                  late in the process and obtaining
                We have waited with trepidation for       Our coping skills have been tested.     confirmation of this fact is
                this day. Now we can say yes!!!!!         Unfortunately, not without              imperative to move forward with our
                Finally we see the light. A spanking      repercussions since we are unable to    municipalities. Can the process be
            new building to house our students is in      open the New School for the 2010-       improved to accommodate school
            sight.                                        2011 school year. This upcoming         boards in Quebec? We know that
            Many of us were starting to wonder if         school year 2 classes of kindergarten   there is room for improvement. The
            we had been cursed by our efforts.            students from Forest Hill will have     present process serves no one. The
            To make something happen to serve so          to be housed at Mount Pleasant in       most affected are those who are the
            many can’t be wrong. Believe me it was        Hudson and the grade 5 and grade 6      most vulnerable, our students.
            definitely a long and unrealistic journey     classes from Pierre Elliott Trudeau     Bravo!! And thank you to our
            that no one Community should have to          will be directed to Westwood Jr.        educators, our parents and our
            endure.                                       Campus .                                students for making the best of a
            To convince municipalities in the Off-        Can this situation be avoided in the    situation that could have been
            Island region to invest in the future of      future? That‘s hard to say, since we    avoided.
            their own citizens should not have been       rely totally on the good will of our
            a hard sell.

                DOUGLAS FLOOK –              after returning from Haiti                   there were the occasional moments that
                Ward 1 - Verdun, Nun’s       following the earthquake.                    seemed surreal, including having to
                Island                       Whether young or old, tourists               walk our guests through a cocktail
                Email:    arriving in shorts, beach shirts and         party, and a masked formal ball of one
                                             sandals whose luggage was still              of our high schools beside the Sun
                My association with the      under tons of concrete, or those             Youth clothing depot.
                Sauvetage Canada Rescue who had been there for longer                     Despite their experience, many spoke
                volunteer group (who         periods who were returning to                of returning once things had improved,
         participate in Space Day) allowed friends or family, all showed                  to help in the long-term recovery effort
         me at the welcome centre under      courage, resilience and patience             that will be needed. I am grateful to
         the Ministère de la sécurité civile despite their ordeal.                        have met them.
         to assist those who required help Poignant though the situation was,

On February 26th, Sunshine Academy        classes, arts & crafts, and a friendly
had an Olympic Celebration. At the        game of floor hockey against the
opening assembly, each class              staff. Thank you to our PPO, who
represented a different country and       provided hot chocolate and snacks.
entered the gymnasium with their          It was a wonderful way to end the
country’s flag. Everyone stood to         day before our March break. Go
sing “O Canada”, then had warm-up         Sunshine, go!
activities before the events. The
events that the students participated
in included: gym activities, musical
chairs, face painting, story time, step
     Page 6                          PEARSON NEWS

                                     BLACK HISTORY MONTH ACTIVITY AT LCCHS
                                     Where do our police officers        Black History Month                 also a presentation by the
                                     get the time to be so good at       Planning Committee. The             Black Theatre Workshop.
                                     volleyball? That’s right!           Committee felt it was a             Each day, students got
                                     Police officers from Station        great way to continue to            biographical information on
                                     13 came over to the school          build positive relations            individuals. On Feb.18th
                                     on Tuesday Feb. 9th and beat        between students and                the committee organized a
                                     both the students and staff.        police. It was a fun                “spoken word” presentation
                                     Led by our Community                experience for everyone             for students and it was
                                     Officer, Giovanni Dilegge,          and we are planning more            inspiring.
                                     the officers definitely came        of this type of activity for
                                     over to teach us a thing or         the future.
                                     two about volleyball.               Other activities for the            Phil Clavel - Principal of
                                     The event was organized by          month included a steel              LaSalle Community
                                     Ken Stanislaus, a staff             drum being played during            Comprehensive High
                                     member, who sits on our             the lunch hours. There was          School

Congratulations to the Macdonald High            had the option of moving to
School robotics team, who participated in the    pull down the end of a
CRC Robotics Competition from February           teeter-totter in order to double
18-20 at École St-Maxime in Laval.               their points, taking into
The students on the team have been working       consideration that an opposing
very hard since last March. They have put in     robot could pull down on the
several hundred extra-curricular hours of        opposite end. The Mac High
work to produce a robot, display kiosk, and a    robotics team responded with a
bilingual video, website and a journal for the   tracked, steel monster of a
major cross-curricular project. They started     robot. Powered by 12V
their year with various courses on               automotive and drill motors, it
electronics, drafting, fabrication techniques,   drove and pivoted on a
welding and the construction of practice         continuous track drive system
robots that were put on display at our open      based on chains and sprockets.
house in October. They then put their skills     The robot used chain-driven
into practice by creating and decorating their   drawer sliders to elevate its pickup system    Robotics team was a finalist in every
kiosk and beginning the design, prototype        that then deposited balls into the troughs.    category except website. Their kiosk and
and construction phases of their robots, as      Finally, it was equipped with an 1800 lb       video finished in third place, the robot and
well as producing their video, website and       capacity winch and extra ballast on the        journal in fourth and they won the team
journal. Their theme was Star Wars, rather…      robot to pull down the teeter-totter and any   spirit award for helping over half a dozen
Mac Wars. They represented George Lucas          opposition trying to hold down the other       schools get damaged or non-functional
well with a kiosk modeled on the bridge of       side. Their robot was very competitive         robots back on track. Their reputation for
an Imperial Star Destroyer, various costumes     with those produced by nineteen other          their ability and eagerness in assisting
made from scratch, a video based on the          colleges, public, and private high schools     others preceded them as they were
original movie (with special effects no less)    who participated in the competition,           approached for help by other schools before
and of course their robot playing the role of    showing them what Mac pride is all about.      they had even unloaded their equipment
R2D2 (complete with rotating dome above          They headed home with three awards.            from their own truck on arrival!
it).                                             Although eliminated in the quarter finals      Feel free to check out their website at:
This year’s challenge required the robot to      of the game, they finished in fourth place
work with a partner from another school and      overall. This is a huge feat for a small        The students have every reason to be proud
be able to pick up balls off of the floor,       public high school amongst such high           of their efforts and are already planning for
maneuver across the playing field, elevate       caliber competition. Judging of each           next year. They may come from a small
and then drop the balls inside troughs at        aspect of the competition was done by          school, but have a big heart. Wish them
various heights on a wall. Each team then        professionals in each field. The Mac           luck for next year!
 Page 7                                                                                                       Volume IIX, No. 8

                                                                                                             PEARSON NEWS
  For the first time this year we             participated and also to the
  introduced a new event as part of           organizing committee who helped                     Do you have an article to
  our schedule of tournaments. Since
  it is an Olympic year we decided to
                                              make it a success.
                                                                                                   submit for the Pearson
  introduce Curling to our Grade 3            Peter Gilson - PEH Consultant                                News?
  students. Ten schools participated at
  3 different venues ( Baie d’Urfe
  Curling Club, Glenmore Curling                                                                   Please send your articles
  Club, Hudson Legion Curling                                                                         and pictures to your
  Club). The students who                                                                          Principal who will forward
  participated had a great time
                                                                                                          them to us.
  learning about curling and
  practicing what they learned at the
  rink. Many thanks to everyone who                                                                 Questions or comments?
                                                                                                    Email Daniela Scoppa at
                                       What a better way to get a            traditional Québecois meal with
                                       head start on spring than to          all its trimmings. The best part
                                       enjoy one of Quebec’s                 for most students, besides being
                                       favourite treats – maple syrup.       with all their friends, was the
                                       St. Charles celebrated Carnival       tire d’érable (maple taffy).
                                       this year by taking part in a         Thanks to all the parent
                                       school wide field trip to a           volunteers in organizing and
                                       Cabane à Sucre. It was a beau-        participating in what was a
                                       tiful spring like day and the         great Carnival celebration!!!
                                       students enjoyed a calèche
                                       ride, nature walk, outdoor free       Mme Coiteux - Principal, St.
                                       play and the most delicious           Charles School

From February 13th to February 16th,        other participants. Where everyone      life ambitions.
2010 we were in Halifax, Nova Scotia        was fighting to get French noticed,     We also got to
where we attended The French for the        we are in a place where there is        meet amazing
Future National Ambassadors Youth           French all around us. We discussed      people that have
Forum. We learned about the                 how French is incorporated into our     had the
advantages of knowing two languages,        school life and whereas most of the     opportunity to
such as how we can have more friends        ambassadors don’t have very much        learn French and
and a wider variety of job opportunities.   French in their school we have it all   have used this
We also learned about the Acadian           around us and it is a mandatory         language to bring
people and their history.                   class.                                  more possibilities
Over the course of the four-day             We were honoured to meet the            to their life. We learned that French can
conference, we discussed ways to get        Minister of Acadian Affairs, Mr.        be used to make your dreams come true
the French language more apparent           Graham Steele, as well as fortunate     at a greater level than you would have
between us and our friends, or in our       enough to have him talk to us about     thought.
communities. This was actually very         the importance of French in a
interesting because the two of us were      person’s life and how it gives you      Matthew Morgan & Haley Diamant,
in a situation very opposite of that of     more opportunities to further your      Lakeside Academy Sec IV
     Page 8                       PEARSON NEWS

                    In a few days, it    entering a completely        The field of education is so    this school board does.
                    will be exactly      different work environ-      vast and so incredibly          Watching and learning from
                    one year since I     ment than what I was used    interesting that I don’t        my fellow colleagues has
                    started at the       to. But as the months kept   think I’ll ever stop learning   been a great experience.
                    school board as a    passing by, I found I was    about it. I feel so fortunate   They work tirelessly to
                    Communications       learning more and            to be able to take my past      make sure students get the
                    Officer. And         becoming more                experiences in the fields of    best education possible. I
                    what a year it has   comfortable.                 media and communications        am proud to say I work for
       been! From going through the      I was recently asked to      and be able to apply them       the Lester B. Pearson
       Major School Change               speak to some grade eight    to my job here at the           School Board and I look
       consultation to organizing the    students at Lindsay Place    school board.                   forward to what the next
       LBPSB in the St. Patrick’s        High School about the        Working in education is         year will bring me in my
       Day Parade, every day has         career path I chose. One     rewarding in so many ways       role as communications
       brought a new experience.         student asked me what I      and I wake up every             officer.
       When I first started, I           loved most about my          morning looking forward
       remember feeling a little         current job. My answer to    to my day. Each day             Daniela Scoppa –
       frightened because I didn’t       that student was that I      brings something different      Communications Officer
       have a background in              really enjoy learning        and I have been lucky to
       education and I was               something new every day.     see first-hand all the good

                                              families and followed up by visit-          the situation of homelessness here in
                                              ing classes. Their final tally              Montreal.
                                              was733 pairs of new socks!!! A              This population, that many times
                                              representative from Welcome Hall            goes overlooked and neglected,
                                                                                          needs our support if these people
                                              Mission will be visiting Mount
                                                                                          are ever going to make their way
                                              Pleasant on Friday, February 12th           back into society.
                                              to pick up the socks and speak to           Your students may not know how a
                                              the entire school.                          new pair of socks is appreciated by
                                              We are very proud of their efforts          the homeless. The warm weather
                                              to date and look forward to their           during the day and cold at night is
                                              next project…whatever that might            the worst time of year, their feet get
                                              be. Below is a letter of thanks             soaking wet during the day and at
Mount Pleasants’ Student Council         Mount Pleasant received from the                 night they cannot keep warm.
consists of students from grades four to Welcome Hall Mission.                            So THANK YOU to all of your
                                                                                          students who were involved in this
six. They are elected by fellow students
                                                                                          gesture which will mean so much too
and work together to better the          Jane Malone - Teacher Representative             so many.
community and school. This year they
have been hard at work. Their first      Dear Ms. Malone,                                 On behalf of the hurting and
initiative was to organize a “New Toy                                                     homeless of Montreal, again,
Drive” for the Welcome Hall Mission      When young people learn about the                Thank You!
for Christmas. It was a big success.     plight of others in our society at a young
                                         age, there is hope for a new generation
After that project, they decided to                                                       Cyril Morgan
                                         that will stand up for the hurting and
continue to work for the Welcome Hall homeless of our society.                            Président / Directeur général
Mission and had a “New Sock Drive” to The majority of the time homelessness               Chief Executive Officer / Executive
support the needy in Montreal. Their                                                      Director
                                         is not a choice but a result of bad
goal was 350 pairs of new socks. They choices and circumstances of life.                  T. 514 523-5288 poste 301
                                                                                          F. 514 523-6456
wrote letters home to Mount Pleasant     Welcome Hall Mission is here to change
 Page 9                                                                                Volume IIX, No. 8

                                                                                     PEARSON NEWS
On Tuesday, March 16th            building, had their coats
Allion hosted its annual St.      checked and were escorted to
Patrick's Day luncheon for        our gym - amazingly
grandparents and other            decorated for the
seniors in the community.         occasion where they
This has been a tradition for     were served a delicious lunch
over 20 years at Allion. Each     and entertained by Irish
year 200 seniors are invited to   singers and dancers.
a luncheon where the              Mary Rutherford -
graduating (grade 6) students     Spiritual Care and Guidance
take care of everything. After    and Community
weeks of planning, seniors        Involvement Service, Allion
were welcomed to the              Elementary

For the second year in a   of Dans La Rue. In just     and Community Life”
row, the Secondary One     three weeks, we             which is connected to
and Two students in my     collected 255 pairs of      the Ethics and Religious
Ethics and Religious       new socks beating last      Culture Program. Way
Culture classes            year’s total of 194!! The   to go ERC
participated in a “Socks   socks were distributed to   students!
for Pops” Drive. The       Montreal’s                  Tamara Beach -
students generously        disadvantaged youth         Cycle 1 ERC
bought new pairs of        during the winter. This     Teacher
socks which were           initiative reflects the
donated to Father          QEP’s broad area of
Emmett Johns (“Pops”)      learning “Citizenship

                                    The Central Parents’ Committee of the Lester B. Pearson School
                                      Board, on behalf of all parents throughout our elementary and
                                    secondary schools, would like to take this opportunity to express
           our gratitude to all the Administrative Assistants throughout the board for the things
             you do each day. Our school system benefits from the dedication you show each
                                   and every day. We couldn’t do it without you.
                                                        Thank you,
                                        L.B.P.S.B Central Parents’ Committee
     Page 10                        PEARSON NEWS

                 PARENT                        ANNUAL REPORT                                 Ministry of Education concerning the
                 COMMISSIONER                  The LBPSB Annual Report for 2008/2009         application we made for 5 additional
                 RESIGNS                       was presented just prior to the March         wards. Should the Minister react favorably,
                 Parent Commissioner Judy      22nd meeting of the Council of                we will have the map redesigned to include
                 Mrenice advised the Board     Commissioners. We remain the only             any additional wards that are accorded.
                 on March 15th that she        Board to produce its report exclusively in    The final draft electoral map for the next
                 would be resigning her        electronic format. This allows the Board      school board elections should be approved
                 position on Council for       to save the considerable expense              by the Council at the June meeting and
personal reasons, effective the date of the    associated with printing hard copies of the   then submitted for approval to the DGEQ.
notice. The Council thanks Judy for her        report. This format also allows the Board
dedication and commitment to all students      to present a lot more information than is     COMPLAINT EXAMINATION
and to the Board. Her stay on council was      available in the print format, including      PROCEDURE POLICY
brief but her enthusiasm and desire to learn   detailed reports from the Directors of        THREE YEAR PLAN OF
and to contribute were immediately             each of the Board’s departments. New          ALLOCATION OF IMMOVABLES
apparent. We wish her well.                    technology also allowed for much more         2010/2011 – 2012/2013
                                               graphics to be included in the report.        These two consultations are underway. We
NEW PARENT COMMISSIONER                        The Annual Report is available for            remind everyone that the responses are due
NAMED                                          viewing by accessing the Board’s web          back to the Board in Mid-April for
In the light of the resignation of Parent      site at and then              consideration by the Council at the regular
Commissioner Judy Mrenice, the Central         following the link to the Annual Reports.     meeting of the Council in April.
Parents Committee proceeded immediately
to seek a replacement. After a consultation  STRATEGIC PLAN                                  NEW SCHOOL UPDATE
with its members, Mr. Domenic Pavone was     The consultation on the 2010-2015               Representatives of the Board attended a
named as the Parent Commissioner,            Strategic Plan was launched at the March        public hearing in St-Lazare as the Town
Elementary effective with the Council        22nd Council meeting. The new plan is           Council consulted its residents on zoning
meeting of March 22nd. Council welcomes      built on the previous Strategic Plan and        changes that would allow the construction
Domenic and we look forward to working       updates the Board’s goals, targets, and the     of new schools in that municipality. Senior
with him.                                    means by which those plans will be met.         Director (Finance) Carol Heffernan made a
                                             There are a number of measurable objec-         twenty minute presentation reviewing the
MAJOR SCHOOL CHANGE (MSC)                    tives that will be reviewed and reported        plans for the new school and the history of
FOLLOW-UP                                    on annually.                                    the evolution of this file. Others present
Plans for the implementation of the changes The draft plan is being distributed to all       from the LBPSB were Bruno Côté,
voted in at the MSC meeting on December consultative partners with the intention of          Director of Equipment Services, Board
21st are moving ahead to ensure that much having the final 2010-2015 Strategic Plan          Chair Marcus Tabachnick; and the three
of it is in place for the start of the       adopted at the June 2010 meeting of the         off-island Commissioners: Angela Nolet
2010/2011 school year. The Equipment         Council. The documents are available for        (Board Vice-Chair); Danny Olivenstein;
Services department is studying the needs in viewing on the board’s web site.                and Susan Bartlett-Lewis. Board members
all MSC cases and is expected to bring                                                       answered questions from residents for
recommendations to the April meeting of      REVISION OF THE LBPSB                           about an hour. Many questions were
the Facilities Committee and then to         ELECTORAL MAP                                   focused on long term urban planning issues
Council, if all is found to be ready.        As per my report last month the Board           and those were responded to by the Mayor
There have been some rumors that the         has proceeded with having a plan drafted        and some Municipal Councilors.
Board is backing away from the plans for     for the revision of the Board’s electoral       The LBPSB very much appreciates the
the Vocational Training centres. The fact is wards. We are expecting the preliminary         efforts of St-Lazare Mayor Pierre Kary and
that all plans are being developed as        plan to be delivered to us in the next few      thanks him for inviting us to be part of the
adopted. The BHS/Gordon Robertson plans days and the Governance and Ethics                   public consultation.
are ready for consideration in April; the    Committee will meet during the month of
others are more complicated and will be      April to review the suggested new 10-           COUNCIL OF COMMISSIONERS
brought forward in the coming weeks. The ward electoral map. Following the com-              MEETING DATES 2010/2011
Riverdale/WICC plans changes will occur      mittee review, the plan will be sent to the     The Council gave provisional approval to
over a couple of years and the Beurling/     Director General of Elections of Quebec         the calendar of dates for the Council of
PACC plans are still awaiting decisions      (DGEQ) for technical review and once we         Commissioners’ meetings for the
from the Ministry of Education, Leisure,     receive approval to proceed, the plan will      2010/2011 school year. The proposed dates
and Sport.                                   be distributed for general consultation.        are:
                                             We are still awaiting news from the             (CONTINUED ON PAGE 11)
 Page 11                                                                                                           Volume IIX, No. 8

                                                                                                                 PEARSON NEWS
            2010                        2011                       2010                        2011
  Monday, August 30          Monday, January 31         Monday, July 5               Monday, January 24
  Monday, September 27 Monday, February 28
                                                        Monday, August 23            Monday, February 21
  Monday, October 25         Monday, March 28
                                                        Monday, September 20 Monday, March 21
  Monday, November 29        Tuesday, April 26
                             (exception)                Monday, October 18           Monday, April 11
  Monday, December 20        Monday, May 30
  (exception)                                           Monday, November 22 Tuesday, May 24
                             Monday, June 27                                                                      YOU CAN SIGN UP
                                                        Monday, December 13 Monday, June 20
  This By-Law is now subject to public                  (exception)
                                                                                                                    TO HAVE THE
  consultation and should return for approval by                                                                   PEARSON NEWS
  the May Council meeting.                              This By-Law is now subject to public                         DELIVERED
                                                        consultation and should return for approval by              DIRECTLY TO
  EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING                           the May Council meeting.
                                                                                                                    YOUR INBOX
  DATES 2010/2011
  The Council gave provisional approval to the          Marcus Tabachnick - Chairman of the Board                  EVERY MONTH.
  calendar of dates for the meeting of the LBPSB                                                                      VISIT THE
  Executive Committee for the 2010/2011 school                                                                    ‘PEARSON NEWS’
  year. The proposed dates are:                                                                                   SECTION ON THE
                                                                                                                 BOARD’S WEBSITE:
The Meadowbrook                         importance of hygiene in food           development of a cookbook, which
Cooking Club is currently in its 3rd    preparation as well as learning to      we hope to sell at the end of the year
year. This                                                  work as part of a   as a fundraiser for the club.
program was                                                 team. They          This very successful program would
originally                                                  share duties        not be possible without the budget
developed to                                                such as table       and materials that we have received
teach life skills                                           setting, washing    from the nutrition department at our
to our high                                                 and drying          school board.
needs students.                                             dishes, sweeping
However due to                                              as well as          Miriam Silverberg and Terri Reid
its popularity we                                           leaving their
have extended                                               environment in
the opportunity                                             the same or
to include                                                  better condition
students from all 3 cycles.             as they found it. This helps instill
Each week we make a healthy meal,       a sense of pride in themselves and
which conforms to school board          their work.
nutritional policy, from a variety of   Meadowbrook’s cooking program
food groups. Students are 100%          reinforces many aspects of the
involved in the preparation of the      student’s curriculum – science,
meal. Senior students act as helpers    math, reading, writing, computer
for the younger children as they        skills and nutrition. Students
learn to cut, chop, mix and cook        receive a nutrition activity book
foods. In addition, they are learning   which they work on while food is
cooking terms and measurements.         baking or cooking. In addition,
Our students are learning the           they are participating in the
    Page 12                  PEARSON NEWS

On February 16th 2010 the grade 10 and 11        were exposed to activities they had never seen
students of Lakeside Academy had the             before. They were in awe of the experience!
opportunity to experience fitness in a whole     This opportunity allowed them to see that
new light. The physical educators at Lakeside    there is so much more to fitness then they
Academy; Nicole Jones and Kyle Peterdy           ever could have imagined.
wanted to expose their students to a variety     Giving students the opportunity to partake in
of different activities with the hopes of        a wide variety of activities results in a greater
sparking an interest in them. The third          number of students wanting to pursue fitness
competency states “students will adopt a         on their own! Adopting a healthy active
healthy active lifestyle”. In order to ensure    lifestyle is the ultimate goal of physical
students pursue fitness beyond the school        education therefore educators must do what it
walls they need to be aware of what else is      takes to fully achieve this goal.
out there.                                       Beyond the fact that most students were sore
Eighty eager students were bused to              for two days, this was a wonderful experience
Mansfield Athletic club, where they              for our students that they will forever
participated in an afternoon of fitness. Each    remember!! We are grateful that the
student experienced yoga, indoor cycling as      wonderful staff at Mansfield opened up their
well as a circuit training class. The students   arms to our students!!

                                     It might not be Vancouver                                      There was the singing of “Winter
                                     but Riverview’s got game!                                      Games” and a reading of the Olympic
                                     On a crisp Monday morning                                      oath. The school resounded with the
                                     Riverview Elementary started                                   singing of “Oh Canada” and a
                                     off the day in the spirit of the                               wonderful procession of white doves
                                     Olympics parading 83 flags                                     made by the first graders represented
                                     into the gymnasium to the                                      the opening of the games. We are
                                      music of the 2010 Olympic                                     proud to note that our physical
                                      Anthem. By the direction of                                   education teacher Scott Lambton has
                                      physical education teacher                                    two players of his Dawson-Blues
                                      Scott Lambton and two creative                   Women’s Hockey team, which he coaches, on the
                                      integration aides, Janice Young and Susan        Olympic team this year. We are thrilled to see the
                                      Morrow, the lively display of flags,             kids get excited about their country and the
                                      mascots, and a very original Olympic             world’s joining for this great event. Who knows
                                      cauldron, raised enthusiasm and                  we might have a future Olympian among us even
                           excitement for the goings-on in Vancouver.                  now!

To raise money for the people in Haiti,      fundraiser took place on
the Gordon Robertson Career Centre           February 11th and in addition to the
for Beauty donated all proceeds from         proceeds from the services being
the beauty services offered at the           donated, students at the school also
school to the Free the Children Haiti        held a bake sale for clients, a raffle
Earthquake Relief Fund. The school’s         and they even had a karaoke section
students offer clients a variety of          where anyone who wished to do so
beauty services from hairdressing            could sing a song for a donation. An
services, to manicures and pedicures to      amazing $2,000 was raised!
facials. The ‘Caring for Haiti’
 Page 13                                                                                                      Volume IIX, No. 8

                                                                                                             PEARSON NEWS
                                                certificate to his salon. Other lunch-time     The discussion focused on the devastation
                                                activities included Jeopardy Trivia, a         caused by the earthquake in Haiti and the
                                                soccer tournament and the popular staff        Church’s role in helping with the relief
                                                versus students’ volleyball; where, for the    effort. Through this episode of PACC
                                                first time, the students were defeated three   Talk, students raised $335 for Haiti relief.
                                                games to two.                                  The PACC Choir, led by Choir Director
                                                PACC students were inspired by guest           Cleopatra Marshall, dazzled everyone with
                                                speaker Alvin Powell, former NFL player,       a Tribute to Haiti concert. Performances
                                                who spoke of drug awareness and                include a repertoire of negro spirituals.
  As part of its focus on inclusion and respect prevention. Also, as part of a community       Black History Month celebrations closed
  for diversity, PACC Adult Centre              partnership with L’Octogone Library,           with a delicious Taste of the Caribbean
  celebrated Black History Month with a         students were invited to an interactive        lunch held in the student lounge.
  multitude of activities for all students and  mock trial of Marie-Joseph Angelique, a        These events would not be possible
  staff to enjoy.                               slave accused of setting fire to her owner’s   without the dedication and creativity of the
  We kicked off Black History Month with a home in Montreal.                                   Black History Month Planning Committee
  lunch-time hair braiding competition.         Some of the student-led activities included    (Orville Burrows, Charis Declou, Patricia
  Traxx of TRAXX Salon judged the               a special edition of PACC Talk where           Denison, Hepta Deslandes, Sophia Gittens,
  gorgeous hairstyles and awarded Shantoi       students interviewed Reverend Emmanuel         Andrew Mescheder, Shiela Sachdeva).
  Tomlison with a seventy-five dollar gift      Ofori of the United Church of Canada.          Thank you to all!

For the very first time at Macdonald High      Canada in an interactive manner that             Without Black history we wouldn’t
School, Glenn Clarke and his band “The         fully engaged the students.                      have ANY multi-cultural schools.
Exotics” performed for the grade 11 class.     One of those students Turell Daye was             Don’t get me wrong life still isn’t the
The Performance consisted of African           asked: Why is it important to have Black         way Martin Luther King Jr. wanted it
drumming mixed with dance and salsa            History Month? His response is                   to be. There is still discrimination and
moves. Students and teachers were              presented here:                                  a lot of it too. That’s another reason
invited to get up and dance along with a       Black history is important simply because        why we shouldn’t forget where we
professional dancer while learning new         it represents who we are as a people and         came from because it helps us
moves! According to Mark Padilla a             what we have achieved. It shows us how           remember what we’ve been through, it
grade 11 student “I honestly enjoyed the       we got to where we are today.                    helps us remember what we went
presentation because it was a rare              Without black history we would be lost.         through to be accepted and it helps us
opportunity to see musicians play, sing        Lost without a place in this world. Lost         to remember what we did to be so
and dance….” Yishan Guo a recent               simply because we have no idea how we            strong as a people today.
student from China said…”the show is a         got this far and no idea how to continue          Black History is what made us who we
quite a good way to make people know           to progress in a positive manner.                are today.
more about black culture” Another stu-         Black history is filled with more than just
dent said “I would love for them to come       a bunch of pain and suffering, filled with
back because for me it was very Zen and        more than just people with dreams. It is
calming and the music and dance were so        filled with emotion, filled with blood,
cultural.”                                     filled with courage and filled with pride.
Students enjoyed this very unique              Without this we are nothing. Without
performance and were eager to have Glen        heros such as Rosa Parks, Harriet
Clarke and the “Exotics” visit our school      Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr. and
again for Black history month.                 Malcom X we would still be slaves. We
Grades 7 through 10 were entertained by        would still be in fields picking cotton. We
Macdonald High school Teacher Sonia            would still be singing songs with hidden
Barnes who is a Black history educator in      messages. Without them, Macdonald
the Montreal community. She was able to        High School wouldn’t have Indians,
relate the history of Blacks in Quebec and     Asians, White and Black people.
    Page 14                PEARSON NEWS

  Congratulations to a group of grade        guidance of the school art teacher.
  10 and 11 students, Teagan Smith,          The students and schools will then
  Sabrina Hancock & Karina                   use these murals to raise funds of
  Gelencser, Eric Nadeau, Nicole             FTC.
  Desmangles, and Nora Frauley -             John Rennie's own mural and many
  Elson, who painted a wonderful             others done by other schools can be
  mural for the "Free the Children"          seen at Les Salles Touristiques which
  fundraiser which took place at the         is located at the Olympic Stadium.
  Olympic Stadium, Thursday,                 Congratulations once again to all the
  February 25th.                             students who participated in creating
  The art project is an annual contest       the magnificent mural.
  where a group of selected students in
  Canada design and paint one canvas         Noah Lima & Shiva Kaffash
  mural per school on a theme proposed
  by FTC and PNMW with the

  Greg Shulkin, Olympic                 attack. The complications led                week long period of
  torch-bearer, shared his incredible   to kidney failure and                        activity-packed events.
  story of survival, determination,     blindness. Despite the                       Jubilee students
  and hope with the students at         incredible hurdles he faced                  participated in activities
  Jubilee Elementary School.            Greg shared his positive                     which supported a sense
  Students listened to Greg’s           attitude and life lessons with               of healthy competition as
  inspiring message and then were       students who were incredibly                 well as fair play.
  welcome to ask many questions         attentive and engaged.                       Go Jubilee Go!!
  about living with a disability, and   This exchange kicked off an                  Go Canada Go!!!
  persevering in the midst of           afternoon of outdoor                         For more information on
  incredible challenge.                 activities. Our Olympic                      Greg Shulkin go to http://
  Greg Shulkin was an avid athlete      opening ceremonies,                
  until he became ill with              orchestrated by Jubilee Phys.                Elisabeth Tosi - Parent,
  meningitis; he fell into a coma for   Ed. teacher Walter                           Jubilee Elementary School
  weeks and then suffered a heart       Makowski, launched a two

Congratulations to Vincent        rather challeng-
McCarty, Secondary 2 IB           ing words. He
student, who represented          was a great
Pierrefonds Comprehensive         representative of
High School in the Canwest        our school.
Canspell Competition held
at McGill University on           Miss R.
February 21, 2010. In the         Maclaren -
photos, you can see how           teacher sponsor
thrilled Vincent was to be
part of the competition - he
really took a lot of initiative
in practicing and
memorizing how to spell
 Page 15                                                                                                Volume IIX, No. 8

  ALAN SHAIN VISITS BEURLING ACADEMY                                                                  PEARSON NEWS

  Our Cycle 1 students were treated to a      individuals face on a daily basis. Alan
  special performance by Alan Shain.          achieved this by giving the students a
  Alan Shain is an actor, writer, stand-up    live theatrical one hour performance
  comic and disability activist who has       right in the school’s auditorium. The
  Cerebral Palsy. Alan’s play, “Still         students remained attentive right into
  Waiting for that Special Bus” is a semi     their lunch hour!
  -autobiographical story about a man         “Still Waiting for that Special Bus”
  who is getting ready for his date.          connected well with the QEP’s Broad
  However, he is dependent on the             Area of Learning, “Citizenship and
  accessible bus which has to pick him        Community Life” in which students
  up.                                         are encouraged to promote cultural
  Alan not only entertained all of the        harmony and acceptance so that all
  cycle 1 students but also provided the      individuals are valued in society.
  students with a greater awareness of
  the types of obstacles that disabled        Tamara Beach - Cycle 1 ERC Teacher

  The physical education             students participated in the         parent volunteers and the
  teachers, Joanne O’Reilly and      different stations.                  Olympic Torch Carrier.
  Robert Turcotte, organized an      At one of the stations - students
  afternoon of activities that       were served hot chocolate            Sheila Showers - Daycare
  began with Ms. Cheryle             complete with marshmallows           coordinator for St. Anthony
  Cavener – an Olympic Torch         and a mini cupcake. The
  Carrier leading the students in    daycare students had made 400
  their final kilometer of their     mini cupcakes, icing them in
  simulated run from Montreal to     the Olympic colors and
  Vancouver. The entire school,      displayed them in rings. As
  363 students, gathered in the      well the daycare students had
  school yard and formed the         created a mural depicting the
  Olympic rings to start the         Olympics.
  festivities. Six stations had      It was a truly amazing day that
  been setup in the adjacent park,   included participation of our
  manned by parent volunteers        principal, all teachers, students,
  and grade 6 students. All

It was a Multicultural event for Haiti       Free the Children.                         evening was highlighted by showcased
that was attended by seven                   The organization assists artists in        artwork, Guest of Honour, Yolande
Macdonald High School seniors with           Africa, Chad, Ethiopia, Kenya, and         James the Minister of Immigration and
their art teacher Shannon Ellah.             Haiti in selling their work                Cultural Communities, Maasai dancers
The grade 11's had participated in           internationally and using the profits      and fabulous music.
painting and designing a seven foot          raised here to build schools and art
long mural that spoke to the rights of       institutes in their local communities.     What an experience!
children. Close to thirty students lent      The project was the first of its kind in
a hand on the artwork that was               the Lester B Pearson School Board and
organized by "Painting A New                 the gala proved to be very educational
World" as a pilot project linked with        and moving for all who attended. The
    Page 16                 PEARSON NEWS

                                               discussion on “The Use of Technology in          have the facility to accommodate a good
                                               Elementary Schools”. Wilder teachers             number of students with our: up-to-date lab
                                               (Helene Constantin, Amale Bteich, and            of 31 computers, SmartBoards in each
                                               Myriam Carama) and teachers representing         classroom, mobile lab of 30 Toshiba 10”
                                               other Boards were invited to participate.        computers and wireless internet throughout
                                               Although all other participants were             the building.
                                               physically present within the classroom          Phase three of the project gives the U of M
                                               setting, our teachers chose to use technology    students a practical class assignment.
                                               and participated via video conferencing - thus   Professor David has asked his students to
                                               truly demonstrating that technology is part of   create interactive SmartBoard activities.
  We are totally excited and pleased with a    everyday life in our school.                     Wilder Penfield teachers have provided the
  special “Collaborative SmartBoard”           The second phase brought U of M students to      students with subject matter being covered in
  project that connects Wilder Penfield        our school. Wilder teachers gave an inservice    the classrooms, thus making the final product
  teachers and University of Montreal          focused on the components of SmartBoard          a pertinent one. These students will also be
  students. Thanks to the efforts of Professor technology. The goal was to enable these         producing a pod cast.
  Robert David and kindergarten teacher        students to build interactive programs.          Professor David and Wilder Penfield staff
  Helene Constantin, the project allows for a Thanks to our teachers opening up their           look forward to continued collaborative
  win-win situation for both educational       classrooms, the students were thrilled to be     projects that enhance learning for all of those
  institutions.                                able to have a hands-on experience using our     involved.
  The first phase consisted of a class         electronic equipment. We are fortunate to

Lakeside Academy has always            Olympic freestyle wrestling team.       Bradley
enjoyed a wealth of team sports        Volunteer community coach Toni          Bomberry.
where athletes compete against         Ronci Jr. trained a team that would     Due to our
other schools in the GMAA. It          far exceed our expectations;            unusual degree of
occurred to me this year,              demonstrating that a little hard work   success so early
however, that we lacked                and dedication goes a long way. Our     in the program’s
individual sports for those athletes   team, though small in numbers and       development, we
that prefer an independent             experience, was big in heart. We sent   anticipate a large
competitive experience. We chose       4 wrestlers to the GMAA city finals     leap in enrollment
to add several options, among          at Kahnawake Survival School in         next fall for the
them were cross country,               February where all four medaled in      winter season
swimming, and track and field.         their respective weight categories.     beginning in November.
The athletics department grossly       This effort included two bronzes for    Congratulations boys, keep up all
underestimated how popular and         Zach Zachary and Isaih Philips, one     the hard work!
successful these sports would          silver for Kylan Bomberry, and one
become but our biggest surprise        gold awarded to Lakeside’s              Kyle Peterdy - Lakeside Athletics
came in the form of our upstart        undefeated Secondary three sensation

The training session that took    our website.                       sure it is meeting the needs of questions, please contact Senior
place at the end of January       All schools and centres were       the school community. Chairs Director Steve Balleine at
was well attended by              sent several copies of the         were sent a letter to this effect
governing board members and       fourth edition of the Governing    in mid-March and the board is
principals. Participants          Board Resource Manual, which       requesting responses by May
received information on the       reflects the recent changes to     14.
new provisions of the             the law. It is also available      You are encouraged to visit the
Education Act since the           online.                            governing board section of the
adoption of Bill 88. The          A reminder that this is the time   board’s website for pertinent
material presented that           of the year when governing         information relating to various
evening is available through      boards are asked to review         aspects of this committee.
the governing board link on       their composition and make         Should you have any
  Page 17                                                                                                       Volume IIX, No. 8

                                                                                                                 PEARSON NEWS
Additional Governing Board Member               PCHS Roof, Fire Alarm System and            public consultation for 30 days and will be
for Gordon Robertson                            Ceilings Project                            given final approval at a regular or adjourned
Council modified resolution 2010-02-#2          Council awarded the contract for the        meeting of the Council of Commissioners.
by the addition of Betty McKinnon as a          Roof, Fire Alarm System and Ceilings        The meetings will be held in the Board Room
socio-economic and community group              Project at PCHS to the lowest tendered      at 1925 Brookdale Avenue in Dorval and will
member on the Governing Board of the            bid Construction Maju Ltée for the          begin at 7:30 p.m. The dates are as follows:
Gordon Robertson Centre for a term              amount of $726,000 (plus taxes).
ending June 2010.                               QESBA 2010 Annual General Meeting                    2010                     2011
Group Purchasing for Grocery                    Voting Delegates                            Monday, August 30        Monday, January 31
Products – Contract Extension                   Council approved Commissioners
Council approved a two-year extension to        Suanne Stein Day, Frank Di Bello and        Monday, September        Monday, February 28
the participation of the LBPSB in the           Rosemary Murphy act as proxy for            27
Purchasing Group (Grocery Products_ for         LBPSB commissioners not present at the      Monday, October 25       Monday, March 28
the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 school              QESBA Annual General Meeting on
years.                                          March 27, 2010.                             Monday, November         Tuesday, April 26
NSBA 2010 School Law Seminar                    Consultation on Strategic Plan 2010-        29                       (exception)
Council named Commissioner Craig                2015                                        Monday, December 20 Monday, May 30
Berger to represent the LBPSB at the            Council approved that the draft of the      (exception)
NSBA 2010 School Law Seminar being              LBPSB Strategic Plan 2010-2015 be
held in Chicago from April 8-10, 2010.          distributed for consultation to the                                  Monday, June 27
MSC – Professionals – 90 carré Jubilee          parents’ committees and to the school       By-law 1E (2010) day/time/place of
in Pointe-Claire                                board’s other consultative partners         Executive Committee Meetings 2010-2011
Council approved that the engineering           during the week of March 22, 2010.          Council gave provisional approval to By-law
firm Genivar and the architectural firm         Responses are to be returned to the         1E (2010) setting the day/time/place of the
ABCP be hired for the professional              Director of Secretariat no later than May   Regular Meetings of the Executive Committee
services required for the facility located at   21, 2010. The final LBPSB Strategic         for the 2010-2011 school year. The By-law is
90 carré Jubilee in Pointe-Claire under         Plan 2010-2015 will be submitted for        subject to public consultation for 30 days and
Major School Change.                            adoption at the Council of                  will be given final approval at a regular or
Clearpoint Elementary – Doors and               Commissioners’ Regular Meeting of           adjourned meeting of the Council of
Windows Project                                 June 28, 2010.                              Commissioners. The meetings will be held in
Council awarded the contract for the            Financing of the Eco Energy Project         the Board Room at 1925 Brookdale Avenue in
Windows and Doors Project at Clearpoint         Council approved a request to the           Dorval and will begin at 5:30 p.m. The dates
to the lowest tendered bid, Amro                Minister of Education, Leisure and          are as follows:
Aluminium Inc. for the amount of                Sports to authorize a loan to finance the
$66,400.                                        Eco Energy Project, to a maximum of                  2010                      2011
St-Charles Elementary School Bus                $9,573,078, contracted through              Monday, July 5           Monday, January 24
Drop-Off Project                                Financement Quebec and repayable over       (exception)
Council awarded the contract for the            the next fifteen years.
Bus-Drop-Off Project at St-Charles to the       Discharge (Main levée) for 10 des           Monday, August 23        Monday, February 21
lowest tendered bid, CTI Construction for       Sources                                     Monday, September        Monday, March 21
the amount of $113,842.74 (plus taxes).         Council approved a discharge for all the    20
Beacon Hill Roofing Project                     LBPSB’s rights, privileges, mortgages
Council awarded the contract for the Roof       and warranties created in its favour in a   Monday, October 18       Monday, April 11
Project at Beacon Hill to the lowest            deed registered in Montreal for an                                   (exception)
tendered bid, Couvreur Gariepy & Léger          immovable located at 10 boulevard des       Monday, November 22 Tuesday, May 24
2002 Inc. for the amount of $148,000            Sources.                                                        (exception)
(plus taxes).                                   By-law 1 (2010) day/time/place of
PCHS Cafeteria Service Line Project             Council of Meetings 2010-2011               Monday, December 13 Monday, June 20
Council awarded the contract for the            Council gave provisional approval to By     (exception)
Services Line Renovation Project at             -law 1 (2010) setting the day/time/place
PCHS to the lowest tendered bid, Les            of the Regular Meetings of the Council
Constructions Berka Inc. for the amount         of Commissioners for the 2010-2011
of $123,700 (plus taxes).                       school year. The By-law is subject to
  Page 18                               PEARSON NEWS

                    Below is a list of Commissioners along with their home telephone numbers and school board locals.

                                                                                            Home           422-3000
Ward        Communities                                          Commissioner               Phone #         Local
  1         Verdun/Nuns’ Island                                 Douglas Flook            514-293-2417        4001
  2         LaSalle South                                       Sergio Borja             514-368-1001        4002
  3         LaSalle Northeast                                   Ruben Fazio              514-365-1638        4003
  4         LaSalle West/Ville St-Pierre                        Frank di Bello           514-951-5834        4004
  5         Lachine                                             Patrick Whitham          514-637-5209        4005
  6         Dorval                                              Barbara Freeston         514-636-9315        4006
  7         Dollard-des-Ormeaux East                            Rosemary Murphy          514-620-8012        4007
  8         Roxboro/Pierrefonds East                            Craig Berger             514-421-6570        4008
  9         Pointe-Claire East                                  Allan Levine             514-683-6671        4009
 10         Pointe-Claire West                                  John Killingbeck         514-695-3787        4010
 11         Dollard-des-Ormeaux Center                          Marcus Tabachnick        514-684-6429        2322
 12         Pierrefonds/Île Bizard                              Susan Williams           514-620-4745        4012
 13         Dollard-des-Ormeaux Center/West                     Martin Sherman           514-684-2742        4013
 14         Dollard-des-Ormeaux W./Kirkland E.                  Joe Zemanovich           514-624-2376        4014
 15         Beaconsfield North                                  Don Rae                  514-697-9878        4015
 16         Kirkland West                                       Suanne Stein Day         514-630-9824        4016
 17         Pierrefonds West                                    Luisa Bulgarelli-Vero    514-694-0475        4017
 18         Ste-Anne/Baie d’Urfé/Beaconsfld S./Senneville       Judy Kelley              514-697-7619        4018
 19         Île Perrot                                          Susan Bartlett-Lewis     514-453-6650        4019
 20         Les Cèdres/Vaudreuil-Dorion                         Angela Nolet             514-453-5462        2229
 21         Hudson/St-Lazare                                    Daniel Olivenstein       450-458-1413        4021
CPC         Secondary Representative                            Conny Held               514-909-6306        4026
CPC         Elementary Representative                           Domenic Pavone                               4027

The following meetings will take place at 1925 Brookdale, Dorval (unless otherwise indicated)
Central Parents Committee                                   April 8th, 2010             7:15 p.m.       Board Room
Transportation Advisory Committee                           April 13th, 2010            5:30 p.m.       Rm. 123
Executive Committee                                         April 19 , 2010             7:00 p.m.       Board Room
Special Needs Advisory Committee                            April 28 , 2010             7:30 p.m.       Rm. W219
Council of Commissioners                                    April 26th, 2010            7:30 p.m.       Board Room
            ***Webcast begins at 7:30 p.m. on

                                             Check out your Commissioner’s Monthly Newsletter at
                                           Click on link for Commissioners (left side LBPSB web site
                                           landing page) then click on the individual Commissioner’s

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