Sentence_Combining_Practice by jfshay


									Sentence Combining
Use a variety of sentence-combining techniques to shorten each collection of sentences as much as
you can. Here are the techniques you should consider:
 Comma+FANBOYS.                                          Semicolons.
 AAAWWUBBIS phrases.                                     Remove unnecessary phrasing.
 Convert complete thoughts to appositives.               Rephrasing for clarity and concision.

Here’s an example:
   1. There is a creek in a forest.
   2. There are deciduous trees along the creek
   3. The area has been logged.
   4. Deciduous trees leaf out in late spring.
   5. These leaves create the green shade of summer.
   6. The leaves also create fiery brilliance in autumn.
   7. The leaves then create the desolation of winter.
   Combined: Along the creek and in logged areas, deciduous trees leaf out in late spring to create the
   green shade of summer, the fiery brilliance of autumn, the desolation of winter.

Set One
    1. There are jets.
    2. The jets are low-flying.
    3. These jets break the sound barrier.
    4. These jets shatter windows.
    5. They also create panic.

Set Two
    1. REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep occurs.
    2. REM occurs in cycles.
    3. These cycles occur throughout the night.
    4. It occurs roughly every 90 minutes.
    5. REM sleep relaxes muscles.
    6. REM sleep triggers dreams.

Set Three
    1. The Norsemen invaded England.
    2. They were adventurous.
    3. The Norsemen injected words.
    4. The words were Norse.
    5. The Norsemen influenced the sound structure.
    6. The structure was English.

Set Four
    1. There is a competition.
    2. It is held every four years.
    3. It is held in Moscow.
    4. It is called the International Tchaikovsky competition.
    5. The competition is among the world’s most demanding.
    6. It is one of the most prestigious tests.
    7. It tests musical talent.
Even More Extra Practice
Set Five
    1. It is characterized by the use of sequences.
    2. The use is Picasso's.
    3. The sequences are nightmare ones.
    4. Guernica remains a depiction.
    5. The depiction is timely.
    6. The depiction is vivid.
    7. The depiction is of war.

Set Six
    1.    A sundae provides relief.
    2.    It was covered by strawberries.
    3.    It was covered with whipped cream.
    4.    The relief is refreshing.
    5.    The relief is from the day.
    6.    The day is hot.
    7.    The day is humid.

Set Seven
    1. The Norsemen traveled far.
    2. The Norsemen were ninth and tenth-century men.
    3. The Norsemen ravaged Italy.
    4. They ravaged Greece.
    5. They colonized Greenland.
    6. They colonized Iceland.
    7. They discovered America.
    8. They discovered America before Columbus did.

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