Competing in the Retail Industry

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					?Part of running a successful retail store or boutique is being able to compete with
other stores or even online web sites that sell products identical to yours. You have to
find something that makes you unique and push it. You dont necessarily need
expensive advertising or marketing to make a name for yourself, but you do need to
promote yourself in different ways.

1) Make sure that people are aware of what makes you special. You may want to put
signs in your front window displaying what special brands you carry. The
manufacturers will often send you free promotional material if you ask. If you run
newspaper ads, magazine ads, or other types of paper communication, make sure that
you include details about your store in the print. Be careful not to only mention a sale
and forget that a new customer might be reading and need to know why they should
come to your store as opposed to going online and finding your products at a discount.

2) Promote yourself socially. There are several social web sites that can help you to
become popular. Not only will you notice jumps in search engine rankings, but youll
notice that its easy and free to communicate with your customers. Holding contests or
having give-aways are great ways to get new fans. People that talk about you to their
friends are immensely valuable and social sites are the easiest way to make that

3) Give your customers something to talk about. People love to get a good deal. How
many times have you complimented someone on their shirt, shoes, handbag, or
accessories only to hear a response that tells you how they came about owning them?
You rarely hear, Oh yes, these shoes are very well made. More often you hear
something along the lines of I got the best deal on these! People are excited to share
their shopping experiences, whether they are good or bad. So, make sure that each
person that enters your store has a great experience, even if they didnt buy a thing.

4) Pay attention to the little details that can make people happy to shop in your store.
No one likes to dig through cramped racks or bins. They also dont want to be smashed
up against other customers while they shop. Use a slatwall display system to keep the
store nice and neat. When items are displayed on slatwall or slatwall panels, they are
highly visible and easy to browse. You can easily maneuver slatwall accessories to
accommodate different inventories at different times of the year, with very little effort.
Spotlights can give texture to the space while increasing product pop and deterring
theft. Dont blast music so loud that it gives people a headache. Make sure that your
staff always exhibits unwavering customer service skills and always goes above and
beyond for your customers.