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Dysphagia checklist


									                         UWIC DYSPHAGIA CHECKLIST FOR STUDENTS

                       Level 1 (observation and information gathering)
                     ACTIVITY                             DATE     COMMENTS   THERAPIST
                                                        ACHIEVED              /STUDENT
Case history information extracted from medical
notes and from discussion with nursing staff, other
relevant professional staff, parents and carers

Observation of SLT conducting a clinical eating and
swallowing assessment

Observation of clinician giving feedback to client
and/or relatives

Tasting of nutritional supplements and modified
diets and practice thickening drinks

Observation of client at mealtime and at rest

Observation of MDT members or parent/carer
working with dysphagic client (inc Physiotherapist/
Occupational Therapist/ Nurse/Dietician)

Introduction to and observation of Videofluoroscopy

Introduction to and observation of cervical

Informed discussion with clinician on subject of risk
management and ethical considerations in

                        Level 2 (active involvement under supervision)
                     ACTIVITY                             DATE     COMMENTS   THERAPIST/
                                                        ACHIEVED               STUDENT
Take case history from client

Perform an oro-motor assessment

Actively contribute to evaluation of assessment
conducted by SLT and subsequent management
Experience being fed by others and feeding other
non-dysphagic people (in a range of positions)
Write draft SLT and/or other appropriate clinical
notes following an observed session

Write guidelines for nursing or other professional
staff/carers staff with assistance from Speech and
Language Therapy

Observation of SLT delivering swallow therapy
                               Level 3 (hands on dysphagia management )
                        ACTIVITY                             DATE              COMMENTS             THERAPIST/
                                                           ACHIEVED                                  STUDENT
  Carry out a DST (dysphagia screening test) with
  clinician present if swallowing status not known

  Undertake basic swallow assessment jointly with

  Lead a discussion about management of specific
  client’s dysphagia with clinician, giving appropriate
  consideration to ethical and risk management

  Informed discussion with clinician re. postures Vs
  manoeuvres Vs therapy in dysphagia management
  of client

Adapted from the Kings College Hospital Dysphagia Schedule for students informed by Kings College Hospital SLT
Team and revised by London Managers Dysphagia Working Group – Jan 04

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