Comparing Television to a Computer Monitor

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					?When it comes to the appearance, a television (TV) looks exactly the same with that
of the computer monitor. Maybe the difference will only be in the design and size but
overall, similarities are certainly obvious. To give you a complete overview on the
similarities and/or differences of these two devices, here are the top 5 major

First, computer monitors such as Dell U2410 tend to have higher resolutions
compared to most television sets. This means the picture element or other known as
‘pixels' is designed and measured perfectly to provide a high quality output. Computer
monitors like Dell Ultrasharp U2410 are made using the modern method which means
it follows the newest technology trend. Aside from this, computer monitors provide
limited input options and comparing it to a TV set, it has a lot of input connectors
which are placed sometimes in front, others on the side.

Another cool difference between TV and computer monitor is that the latter one do
not have a tuner. All types of TV sets for whatever brand or model it may be, do have
a tuner. What a computer monitor can only provide is the adjustment menu buttons.
The Dell U2410 monitor is a good sample of an all-new computer monitor with
adjustment menu buttons.

Another major difference between these two devices is that the television set were
designed to have built-in speakers, while computer monitors do not. The function of
television speakers is to release the sound when something is played on the television
screen to give more life to the video.

Last but not the least, the fifth comparison between a computer monitor and television
set is that computer monitors tend to be much smaller compared to most modern TV
sets. Of course, it wouldn't be so comfortable if you have a very wide computer screen
to work on right in front of you. This is the main reason why most computer monitors
like Dell U2410 Ultrasharp is just wide enough to meet what our eyes can bear.
However, there are some computer nowadays which are built to work as a computer
monitor and as a TV set at the same time.

So if you think you need to have a monitor that you can work on and has a nice
resolution, it's best for you to have a computer monitor. But if you're looking for a
much wider screen for video and movie viewing purposes, then the latest television
set is the best choice.

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