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					  SO DON’T LET THE KIDS MISS                                    Kids Tennis Foundation is proudly sponsored by

OUT…BECOME A “FRIEND OF KIDS                                   Principal Sponsor


   YES, I/We would like to support the work
                 of Kids Tennis Foundation.
                                                                               Kids Tennis Foundation
                                        Postcode:                                   Chairman: Paul McNamee
                                                                                     President: Eric Campbell
 Ph:                      Email:                                             Chief Executive Officer : Susie Norton
                                                                              National Co-ordinator: Kate Szabo
 Signature:                             Date:                                              HEAD OFFICE:
                                                                      Suite 206, 620 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Vic. 3004
        Please find enclosed my/our tax                                     Ph: (03) 9510 9165 Fax: (03) 9510 9166
            deductible donation of:
                                                                              NSW Administrator: Willie Quan
                                                                            4 Moya Crescent, Kingsgrove, NSW 2208
          $25              $100             $200                                        Ph: (02) 9554 9818
                                                                                       Fax: (02) 9554 3917
          $500             $1,000           Other $_______                    WA Administrator: Lisa Craddock
                                                                             15 Harvey Road, Shenton Park, WA 6008
                           AND/OR                                                       Ph: (08) 9381 5481
                                                                                       Fax: (08) 9381 5481
 Method of payment:
                                                                                 SA Administrator: Peter Clark
       Cheque made payable to “Kids Tennis Foundation” for                    27A Britton Avenue, Tranmere SA 5073
                                                                                         Ph: 0419 034 303
       $__________________ enclosed, or
                                                                            QLD Administrator: Stephen Murphy
                                                                           74 Mary Street, East Toowoomba, QLD 4350
       Please debit my:   Amex       Visa       Mastercard                              Ph: (07) 4638 4952
                                                                              NT Administrator: Sandra Smiles
 Card number _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _                          1/23 Brayshaw Crescent, Millner, NT 0810
 Name on card:                                                                          Ph: (08) 8948 0621
                                                                                       Fax: (08) 8985 5611
 Signature:                                                                    ACT Administrator: Colin Mason
                                                                               9 Hammett Place, Spence, ACT 2615
 Expiry Date: ____/____                                                                  Ph: 0417 750 755
                                                                              TAS Administrator: Kim Robinson
 PLEASE FORWARD TO:                                                            15 King Street, Devonport, TAS 7310
 Suite 206, 620 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, 3004                                          Ph: (03) 6424 9300
                                                                       KIDS TENNIS FOUNDATION Board Members:
                                                                          Eric Campbell, Victor Eke, Joshua Frydenberg,
                                                                  Damian Grave, Peter Johnston, Paul McNamee and Helen Pryer
WILL BE ABLE TO PUT RACQUETS IN THE HANDS                      Jane Anderson, Mary Eke, Louise Higgins, Lesley McNamee, Mary Miller,
                                                             Judy Norton, Susie Norton, Julie O’Sullivan, Kate Szabo and Gianna Trovato.
                                                                                                                                           Giving Disadvantaged
          THROUGHOUT AUSTRALIA                                                                        Kids a Better Shot.
WHAT IS KIDS TENNIS FOUNDATION?                                                                          YOU CAN HELP “BRIGHTEN THE LIVES”
• A unique Australian charity founded by Paul McNamee                                                    OF DISADVANTAGED CHILDREN
• Provides regular weekly tennis coaching for financially and socially disadvantaged children
                                                                                                         • By becoming a “FRIEND OF KIDS TENNIS FOUNDATION”
  throughout Australia
                                                                                                           today. Your annual donation will help KIDS TENNIS
• A social welfare program using tennis to help build self-esteem and self-confidence whilst also          FOUNDATION continue its wonderful work in the
  helping to develop other social and communicative skills                                                 community and expand its programs throughout Australia.
• Aims “to provide every child in every disadvantaged primary school in Australia with the opportunity
  to play tennis”                                                                                        • By spreading word of
                                                                                                           KTF activities
• An introduction to tennis, a sport children can play and enjoy for life
• Tennis lessons conducted in a fun, safe, encouraging and non-competitive environment                   • By donating used tennis
• A program promoting a healthy lifestyle through tennis                                                   balls, racquets and other
• Participation in physical activity for children who have limited access to tennis because of social,     equipment for use in KTF
  economic or geographic factors                                                                           programs. (Contact
                                                                                                           Administrator in your

                                                                                                         DID YOU KNOW THAT…
                                                                                                         • $25 will provide one weekly tennis lesson for an entire class
                                                                                                         • $100 will purchase one portable tennis net
                                                                                                         • $250 will provide weekly coaching for an entire class for
                                                                                                           a school term
                                                                                                         • $500 will provide weekly coaching for an entire class for
                                                                                                           half a year
                                                                                                         • $1,000 will provide weekly coaching for an entire class
                                                                                                           for a whole school year

                                 KIDS TENNIS FOUNDATION FACTS & FIGURES
                                 • In excess of 200 programs Australia wide with approx 4,000
                                   children receiving coaching each week
                                 • Has already introduced tennis to more than 220,000 children
                                   throughout Australia since its inception in 1983
                                 • Programs conducted in metropolitan, regional and rural areas of
                                   Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia,
                                   Northern Territory, Queensland and Tasmania
                                 • Programs conducted by over 70 coaches Australia wide
                                 • Provides tennis racquets, balls, portable nets and clothing for
                                 • Programs conducted through “disadvantaged” primary schools each
                                   week during school hours
                                 • Provides “participation” certificates for all children involved

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