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									      Cane Corso Vero
                                9705 Hwy 20
                               Ukiah CA 95482
                                707 391 6500
      Current contact information can always be found at:

 If for any reason (within the first 14days) you feel the pup
is not the correct fit for your home, we will refund the price
  of your puppy. No questions asked! We want all of our
 pups loved and cared for. No one is stuck with a pup they
     do not love. Buyer is responsible for all shipping &
   Below you will find the conditions of sale and guarantee agreement for your puppy.



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Terms of Sale:

   1. All Vero Cane Corsos are registered with the AKC-FSS or ICCF.
   2. For pups sold as “show quality”, papers are given at time of transfer or as soon as
      received by the registry.
   3. All puppies are guaranteed to be free of communicable disease at time of sale.
    The Buyer must have puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 7 days
    from the date of purchase. Seller accepts no responsibility for any communicable
    diseases after 7 days. If a serious health problem is noted during the above
    examination, Seller must receive a written statement from Buyers’ veterinarian
    within 7 days from date of examination. Buyer must return puppy to Seller. A
    refund of the purchase price will be given. Fourteen days after the Buyer has
    possession of puppy, Seller will no longer grant a refund of purchase price under
    any circumstances.
4. Cherry Eye and Eye Entropy is considered common to the breed and is not
    covered under this contract.
5. All puppies are guaranteed to be free of crippling hereditary defects up to 24
    months old. If a severe hereditary condition is present before 24 months old,
    which severely lowers your pups quality of life, another puppy will be given to
    you for free, when available. Written verification from Buyer’s veterinarian,
    along with his contact information is necessary. Seller’s veterinarian must agree
    with diagnosis and severity or replacement is not required. Penn HIP evaluations
    are required if there is a hip problem. Seller does not accept OFA results as sound
    proof of a hip problem If pup has ever been bred, all guarantees are null and
    void. Only one replacement is given, regardless of circumstances.
6. Under no circumstances does Seller accept liability for medial expenses,
    veterinarian fees, or any other expenses related to the care of your Cane Corso.
7. Buyer agrees to attend a Puppy Kindergarten class at 3 months of age and a Basic
    Obedience Class by 12 months old with a certified trainer, in a classroom setting.
    It is also recommended that you enroll your dog in a refresher course at 18
    months old. Under no circumstances should rough training methods be used on
    your Cane Corso. Proper socialization and training is a must for your puppy to be
    a well-adjusted, welcome member to your family.
8. Seller retains the right to visit, or have a representative visit, the dog periodically
    to check the dog’s welfare. If the dog is mistreated, abused, or neglected, Seller
    has the right of immediate possession without any reimbursement to Buyer.
    Registration papers will be surrendered within 7 days of possession of the dog.
9. Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges
10. Buyer agrees to provide yearly veterinarian exams and to keep the pup up-to-date
    on vaccines to keep pup healthy.
11. Seller will help in placement of the puppy if the Buyer is unable to keep it. Under
    no circumstances does the Seller want the pup surrendered to a shelter or an
    unapproved home. PLEASE contact the Seller.
12. Buyer agrees to notify Seller if there is change of address or telephone number.
13. Any and all legal actions are to take place in the county that the Seller is residing
    in at time of sale.
14. If the Seller decides it is not in the best interest of the puppy to sell to you, your
    deposit will be refunded.
15. Contract is not valid unless signed by both Buyer & Seller.
Buyer’s Name: ____________________________________

Buyer’s Signature: __________________________________
Date: ______________________

Seller’s Name: Anthony Faga Cane Corso Vero

Seller’s Signature: _________________________________
Date: ______________________

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