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					                               white dog farm
wine & olive oil sales
           White Dog Farm wines and olive oil can be purchased at the cellar door or by filling in the printable order form below.



Street Address:

State:                                                       Post Code




Description                               Bottle Qty         Case Qty                Price                                Total Price

2007 methode traditionalle                                                   $26.50 bottle
(sparkling)                                                                 $120.00 ½ case
                                                                            $199.00 case

2006 methode traditionalle                                                   $33.00 bottle
RESERVE                                                                     $180.00 ½ case
(sparkling)                                                                 $324.00 case

                                                                             $19.00 bottle
2007 Cabernet Merlot                                                        $102.00 ½ case
                                                                            $180.00 case

                                                                             $15.00 bottle
2010 Z Light Red                                                             $84.00 ½ case
                                                                            $144.00 case

                                                                             $16.00 375 ml
2009 Extra Virgin Olive Oil                                                  $25.00 bottle tin
                                                                                    1 litre
                                                                             $85.00 4 litre tin

Total Number of items                                    0              0

TOTAL WINE/OLIVE OIL PRICE                                                                                                              $0.

                                          Delivery to:
Freight:                                  Perth Metro - $8 per case (1-12 bottles)
                                          Country WA - $12 per case (1-12 bottles)                $
                                          Interstate - $24 per case (1-12 bottles)

TOTAL INCLUDING FREIGHT $                                                                         $
                                  PAYMENT DETAILS - Please tick payment option

                                               Credit Card                            Cheque                                 Money Order

                                  HOW TO ORDER

                                  Credit Card or Direct Deposit:
                                  If you are ordering via a CREDIT CARD or DIRECT DEPOSIT please print out this form and send via email to
                         or call to process your order over the phone.

                                  Cheque or Money Order – made payable to J & P Gunn
                                  If you are ordering via a CHEQUE or MONEY ORDER please print out this form and complete and send the form and
                                  total owing (including freight)

                 2035 Chittering Road, Lower Chittering WA 6084

Ph: (08) 9571 8880 email: web:
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