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      Responding the International Year of Forest 2011 declared by the United
Nations to raise awareness on sustainable management, conservation and
sustainable development of all types of forests, the Vietnam Directorate of
Forestry – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam National
Museum of Nature – Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam
Association of Forest, Tropenbos International Vietnam, and sponsors through related
programs/projects organize the photographic contest “Forest of Vietnam”. The contest
aims to choose photos for the photographic exhibition “Forest of Vietnam” expected
in November 2011 in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh cities.
1. Organizer Board
      - Vietnam Directorate of Forestry – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural
      - Vietnam National Museum of Nature – Vietnam Academy of Science
and Technology,
      - Vietnam Association of Forest.
2. Patronize Board: Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists
3. Sponsors: UN-REDD Vietnam and Tropenbos International Vietnam
4. Participants: Vietnamese and foreigners
5. Work regulations
       - Contest photos are in color or white, digital with the size minimum 1800
pixels to maximum 2500 pixels, resolution 150 dpi, JPEG format. Each author can
send maximum quantity of 10 works (a photo set is a work; a photo set not exceeded
6 photos). The capacity of the file is not exceeded 1 Mb
       - Participants will register form in Word format together with the photos. The
register information is: author’s name, address, telephone number, email address. The
photo files are required to include a name for each file, a note about the photo,
achievement (if available), location, time, or event content.
     - Photo files and register form will be sent to Organizer board by two ways:
CD Rom or Email (see address list to send to end of announcement).
       - The contest photos are belonging to authors. The Organizer board is not
responsible for copyright dispute of works, authors, and not responsible for loss,
broken or out of date of photos, sent to the Organizer Board caused by sending or
       - Unrealistic joined photos are not accepted.
       - The original files or printed photos of award-winning works will be presented
for check if required, by the Organizer Board.
       - Graded results and selection of photos by Examiner Board is the final
decision. The Organizer Board will not resolve any complaint by participants.
       - Photos in violation regulations will be put out of the contest.
       - Award-winning photos and photos selected for the exhibition, the Organizer
Board will request authors to send files of photos or big-size printed photos to exhibit
(fee for develop photos will be paid by the Organizer Board).
6. The contest theme: as following:
        - Reflection of forest (natural forest, secondary forest, foggy forest, mangrove
forest,.. from North to the South, from low to high mountain);
       - Biodiversity in the forest (mammals, reptiles and amphibian, insects, etc,
especially endangered species in Red Data Book);
       -Reflection of humans with forest;
       - Activities of development and protection of forest;
       - Reflection of activities which impact on forest and forest resources (hunting,
exploiting, firing, destroying forest…);
       - Consequence of forest loss (climate change, flood, drought,..).
7. Jury Board: 5 people, professional photographers from Vietnam Association of
Photographic Artists, forest scientist and biologist.
7. Prizes
       + Single photo:
              01 first prize 10 million VND (500usd)
              02 second prize, each prize 7 million VND (350usd)
              03 third prize, each prize 5 million VND (250usd)
              05 encourage prize, each prize 2 million VND (100usd)
       + Photo set (series): 05 sets, each set 3 million VND (150usd)

8. Receiving Time – Address
       - Deadline: the end of 20 September 2011
       - Address received by CD Rom:
      Vietnam National Museum of Nature, 18 Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Cau
Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam. Contact person: Vu Van Lien (Mobile phone:
       - Receiving by Email:

        - Grading time and result announcement: end of September or early October
      - Award-winning photos and selected photos for the exhibition allow the
Organizer Board to have the right to use in propaganda.
9. Presentation of prizes and exhibition location will be announced at a later date
10. Interests and responsibility of authors
      - Award-winning photos from the third prize will receive the certificate from
the Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists and marks corresponding with the
        - Selected photos for the exhibition will be received 300.000vnd/photo.
                                          Hanoi, 01 April 2011
                                               Organizer Board


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