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 Is time travel possible?
Can time run backwards?
Section A

   A child’s conception of time
   Natural time keepers
   Newton’s idea of time
   Relativity
   Twin paradox
   Quantum mechanics

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Section B

   Is time travel possible?

   Can time run backwards?

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A child’s conception of time

   Stage I (age6/7)-child believes that
    the speed of the measuring motion is
    affected by the motion they have
    been asked to time

   Stage II-able to divide motion of
    clock into units

   Stage III (age 8/9)-transform units
    into true units of time
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Natural time keepers

   Daily passage of the sun

   Babylonian civilisation

   Aristotle’s beliefs
    ‘time does not exist, for the past no
    longer exists and the future does not
    yet exist’

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Newton’s idea of time

   ‘absolute true, mathematical time, [which]
    of itself, and from its own nature, flows
    equably without relation to anything
   Equations of motion:
                       v  u  at
                       s     u  v  t
                       v 2  u 2  2as
                       s  ut  at 2

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Newton’s basic law of

          d r
      F m 2

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Galilean transformations

   x  x  vt
   y  y
   z  z
                      V V v
                       x      x

   t  t
                      V V
                       y      y

                      V V

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Velocity of light

   Michelson and Morley
    experiment-found no change in
    the speed of light

   Should we abandon the
    Newtonian ideas that have
    existed for many years?
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Albert Einstein

   The laws of physics are the same in
    all inertial frames
   The velocity of light is c in all inertial
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Time dilation

          t 
                       1 2
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Twin paradox

   Just seen that all observers that
    move relative to themselves
    appear to run more slowly

   Can now see that they also
    regard people who move
    relative to themselves as ageing
    more slowly too!
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Is time travel possible?
   Many reasonable space-times that permit
    travel into the past have been found which
    are allowed by relativity

   Time dilation allows time travel of one
    observer relative to another.

   Faster than light travel (only managed
    particles to reach 99.99%speed of light)

   Warp space-time (wormholes)

   Worrying implications
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Can time run backwards?

   Newton’s equations suggest it
    would be possible

   Strange concept-bull in a china

   likely then there is a far greater
    chance that the china will go
    from being unbroken to broken.
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Quantum mechanics

   Conflict with classical view
   ‘for all observers in the universe, the
    past and future boundary conditions
    of any region of space-time are the
    boundary conditions in the
    mathematical sense, which together
    determine the reality inside the
   Present determined by past and

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If we do eventually find that
the present is determined by
the future then we would
expect one day time’s arrow
is likely to change and time
will go backwards!

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