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					Finding a Niche for your AutoBlog: The easy 5-Step guide

When trying to create an AutoBlog you’ve probably gotten to a point where you really don’t
know what niche to try.

If you expect to get at least some quality traffic, then you’ll need to find keywords that offer
low competition but provide at least 800 searches a month.

What we’ll go here is through the exact process of getting those keywords.

Step 1: Keyword External Tool

1 – Write a common word in the search box. In this example we’ll use “window” and do a

2 – You can see right away that there are several keywords related to windows that have over
800 searches. However, something with over 2000 probably has too much competition for an
autoblog to handle, so we’ll stick with words from the 800-2000 range.

3 – Take a look at the list I made:

Keyword                                          Monthly Searches
tax credit for windows and doors                 1 300
energy efficient replacement windows             1 000
windows scrappage scheme                         1 300
schuco windows                                   1 900
simonton window reviews                          880
Step 2: Domain Match

4 – We’ll now look for the exact domain match on each of those. Getting an exact match will
allow you to get into #1 ranking much easier. Go to NameCheap and place the exact keyword.
Search for .com only, since they tend to be easier to rank for.

Keyword                                          Avaliable?
tax credit for windows and doors                 Yes
energy efficient replacement windows             No
windows scrappage scheme                         No
schuco windows                                   No
simonton window reviews                          Yes

5 – Forget those keywords that are already taken. We’ll focus on analyzing the competition on
the remaining ones.

Step 3: The Competition

6 – Search for each of the keywords on Google. You’ll want to reach top 3 positions, so let’s
focus our efforts on those.

7 – Use a tool like SEOToolbar to go into each of the top results. Look at the results from these

8 – This is what you should avoid. High Page rank and plenty of links. Unless you’re going crazy
on backlinking (in which you risk getting sandboxed and off of Google), you’ll have no change
into getting their spot.
9 – Let’s take a look at the other keyword which had an available domain name:

10 – You can see that it’s mainly forums. If you look at those websites with the same tool,
you’ll see that they have N/A or low PR and not many backlinks. With a little SEO (you don’t
want to spend too much time on SEO with your autoblogs) you’ll be able to easily rank #1.

Step 4: Similar Keywords

11 – Ok, you got your main long tail keyword but why stay there? Searching on the keyword
tool provided you’ll see that there are many related keywords with low competition you can
start ranking for!

12 – Make a list, check your competition and get ready to dominate.
Step 5: Build your autoblog, create backlinks and repeat

13 – Now it’s time to build your own autoblog. There are several tools for that and those are
not the point of this little guide. To create backlinks, make sure you use some automation such
as Scrapebox. Then repeat for other websites and watch your profits go through the roof!

Thank you for buying the e-book, hope you enjoyed it!