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Siebel vs Other CRM Packages


									Siebel Vs Other CRM
Overview of CRM
Siebel Web Architecture

 Siebel Web               Web Server

                                                     Siebel Gateway
               Siebel Servers
                                                      Name Server

    e Server
                                       Siebel File
Siebel Vs Sales Force

  Salesforce is an on demand, web based,user
  friendly, off- premise solution that does not
  require any software to be loaded on user’s

  It is a pay-per- license/month solution,
  operational with existing internet access.

  Rapidly configured and deployed to best fit a
  company’s business needs. offers a company the benefit of
  enabling users to modify the system without
  grossly incurred consulting and IT support

   Siebel is a web-based, user friendly, on
   premise solution that requires server,
   database, and component systems,
   support, and implementation and
   routine maintenance.
   Salesforce uses its          Siebel implementation
    minimal resource              requires a Database
    requirement.                  Administration ,
   System is hosted at the       technical administrator, offices        Tools developer
    and therefore does not
    require the IT support
    of other resources
    necessary for a Siebel

Follow a NO Software          Requires Software,
Model                         multiple servers ,
   Sales Force is charged       Siebel Implementations
    at the time of contract       can take anywhere
    procurement for the           between three to six
    per month or per year         months for discovery
    licenses.                     thereby forcing longer
   Easy to implement             implementation times
   Model a rapid                 upward of a year in
    application deployment        most cases
    methodology that
    allows easy
 does          Siebel enables the user
    not move target selling       to draft proposals or
    through the entire            presentations based on
    process of prospecting        the Quote.Siebel
    to acquisition because        enables the user to
    there is no quoting or        draft proposals or
    ordering capability to        presentations based on
    associate the proposed        the Quote within the
    product or service.           application.
   Pricing configuration in                       Siebel allows customers is                               to set up a price
    limited to a standard                           list,volume discounts,
    price, list price, sales                        price matrices,etc
    price on the                                   Product Configuration in
    opportunity only and                            Siebel can be as complex
    total price on the                              as having components to
    opportunity only                                a product and selling
   Product Configuration is                        each component
    limited to the                                  separately or as a bundle.
    opportunity object .

Salesforceconfines the user to associate the    Siebel enables field service representative
product only to the opportunity which does      assignment and tracking through a
not effectively demonstrates how the product,   comprehensive scheduling mechanism.
quantity measure is derived. and Siebel
offer varied functionality
and extreme differences in
the assessment of time,
money, and resources.

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