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Siebel 8x Enhanced Features


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									               Oracle Siebel 8.0
              Enhanced Features

             Zero-downtime Siebel

Using GoldenGate·s technology which enables parallel
active-active Siebel environments that allow for phased
 migrations and user switchover with reliable fall-back,
               resulting in zero downtime.
                               Oracle Siebel 8.0
                              Enhanced Features
Increased Flexibility

‡Siebel Workflow Tasks (Task Based UI) New Feature
    ‡ Guides the end user through the execution of a series of tasks using a wizard like UI,
    reducing navigational complexity, automatically executing decision logic, presenting data
    and descriptive information when and where needed, and enforcing standards and
    regulatory requirements

‡Siebel Business Rules Engine New Feature
    ‡Oracle Siebel 8.0 is integrated with a third-party tool, Haley Authority, which provides
    natural language business rules to automate decisions declaratively rather than
    implementing those decisions programmatically, as with a script.
                                  Oracle Siebel 8.0
                                 Enhanced Features
Improved Enterprise Usability

‡   UI Client Enhancements - Enhanced
     ‡   Siebel 8.0 provides businesses with a new look-and-feel that is available across Siebel
         product lines. Some of these features are : Simpler Visual Style, New Action Pane to access
         frequent actions & information, New Utility Links & Menus etc.

‡   Siebel Data Quality - Enhanced
     ‡   New features include Data Matching, Data Management and Universal Data Quality
         Integration Framework

‡   Siebel Audit Trail - Enhanced
     ‡   Introduced Enterprise wide Audit Trail, and Read Audit Trail

‡   Siebel Search & Query Enhanced
     ‡   Faster performance, more intuitive search interface, advanced search capabilities, search
         extended to integrated applications through pre-built connectors, Case & Accent insensitive
                                   Oracle Siebel 8.0
                                  Enhanced Features
Improved Enterprise Usability (continued )
‡   Customer Order Management - Enhanced
     ‡   Exposes the flexible component functionality of application engines as Web Services. (e.g., Catalog
         Services, Configurator Services, Shopping Cart Services, Asset Based Ordering Services)

‡   Siebel Sales - Enhanced
     ‡   Enhancements to Forecasting, Territory Management, Portfolio Management Process

‡   Partner Lifecycle Management - Enhanced
     ‡   New features are focused around automation of tracking of Partner s Agreements & Entitlements.

‡   Siebel Marketing - Enhanced
     ‡   Enhancements to Marketing Server, MRM, Siebel Loyalty

‡   Siebel Universal Customer Master - Enhanced
     ‡   Features include Privacy Mgmt, Hierarchy Mgmt, new Web Services

‡   Siebel Mobile Solutions - Enhanced
     ‡   Enhanced features included in Siebel Handheld, Siebel Remote, & Siebel Wireless platforms.
                                     Oracle Siebel 8.0
                                    Enhanced Features
Improved Reliability & Security

‡   Multi-lingual Upgrades - Enhanced
     ‡   Faster and easier to upgrade multilingual deployments by automating a number of steps that required
         manual execution in previous versions.

‡   Siebel Test Express - New
     ‡   Provides robust test automation tools, supported integration access to the Siebel Repository to streamline
         script creation, increased test coverage, and reduced script maintenance.

‡   Application Deployment Framework Enhanced
     ‡ New functionalities are built upon ADM to include new utilities such as Export Tools,
          Packager Tool, Deployment server, Integration APIs

‡   Siebel Diagnostic Console New
      ‡ A robust, centralized console through which Siebel Administrator can closely monitor the
          health of the Siebel Applications deployment, automate its management & operation, and
          quickly identify and correct the causes of performance or availability issues.
                                   Oracle Siebel 8.0
                                  Enhanced Features
Improved Reliability & Security (continued )

‡   Siebel Configuration Manager - New
     ‡   Ensures consistent configuration across multiple servers and environments

‡   Server Memory Management - Enhanced
     ‡   Reduction in the number of CPU calls & reduction in CPU consumption

‡   Database Connection Pooling - Enhanced
     ‡ Reduce the number of database connections by 20-40% while achieving equivalent or
         better performance than prior Siebel 7 releases.

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