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                                                                                                                                                                                                   Monday, 11 April, 2011

                                                                     Art                                                               Environment

                                                     Philippine school                                       End to Japan nuke crisis
                                                       creates arts
                                                      ambassadors                                            is years, a fortune away
                                                                                                       (AP) -- Once Japan's                                                                                          to be used at Fukushima.
                                                                                                   leaky nuclear complex stops                                                                                          Once the reactors cool,
Pia Toscano                                                                                        spewing radiation and its                                                                                         heavily contaminated ar-
                                                                                                   reactors cool down, mak-                                                                                          eas could be entombed by
Pia Toscano tears up while discussing                                                              ing the site safe and remov-                                                                                      pouring concrete on top
her ‘amazing memories’ from ‘Ameri-                                                                ing the ruined equipment is                                                                                       and tunneling underneath
can Idol’                                                                                          going to be a messy ordeal                                                                                        to insert a slab to prevent
                                                                                                   that could take decades and                                                                                       seepage. Other tainted ar-
                   Kristi Coyne I                                                                  cost hundreds of millions                                                                                         eas could be locked down.
                   don’t think I’ll                                                                of dollars.                                                                                                       That would allow the ra-
                   keep watching...                                                                   Radiation has covered the                                                                                      diation to decay naturally
                   this was a terrible                                                             area around the Fukushima                                                                                         but put on hold usual tasks
                   shock. Maybe she’ll                                                             Dai-ichi plant and blanketed                                                                                      like dismantling parts of
                   go on to win an Os-                                                             parts of the complex, mak-                                                                                        the complex.
                   car like Jennifer                                                               ing the job of “decommis-                                                                                            “The best solution is to
                   Hudson! :-)                                                                     sioning” the plant - ren-                                                                                         entomb the site for 40, 50,
                                                    (AFP) - Tucked in the mist-covered slopes      dering it safe so it doesn't                                                                                      60 years,” said Arnold Gun-
                   Amy Brown I can’t             of Mount Makiling, the Philippines’ premier       threaten public health and                                                                                        dersen, who wrote part of
                   believe Paul is still         public school for the arts is busy moulding the   the environment - a bigger                                                                                        the Energy Department's
                   on the stage and Pia          country’s future cultural ambassadors.            task than usual.                                                                                                  manual on decommission-
                   has been eliminated.             The gifted scholars embark on a rigorous          Toshiba Corp., which                                                                                           ing and runs the U.S.-based
                   It does prove though          12-hour daily routine of academic study, mu-      supplied four of Fukushi-                       contain other radioactivi-          Getting a quick resolu-       environmental consult-
                   that no one is safe           sic, dance, theatre, visual arts and creative     ma's six reactors, includ-                      ty at the site.                  tion to the Fukushima cri-       ing company Fairewinds
                   without the votes. It         writing at the state-funded Philippine High       ing two on which General                           That timeline is far faster   sis would give a boost to        Associates.
                   still stinks!                 School for the Arts.                              Electric Co.                                    than those for other nucle-      a nation trying to recover          Decommissioning trou-
                                                    Surrounded by green woods, the atmosphere         collaborated, submitted                      ar accidents and contains        from the severe disasters        bled reactors tends to be
                                                 at the 13-hectare (32-acre) campus is far re-     a road map this past week                       a big caveat: The reactors       and to the tens of thousands     more drawn-out. Parts of
                                                 moved from the Philippines’ chaotic urban         to the plant's operator for                     must first be stabilized and     forced to evacuate commu-        Ukraine are still uninhabit-
                                                 sprawl.                                           decommissioning the crip-                       cooled, goals that have          nities near the plant and al-    able 25 years after the Cher-
                                                    A picturesque view of the Laguna de Bay        pled reactors.                                  eluded emergency teams           ready wearying of living in      nobyl nuclear plant's No.
                                                 lake below provides a calming scene from the         The study, done with three                   struggling with cascad-          shelters with no prospects       4 reactor exploded, while
                                                 cottages inside the campus, about a two-hour      other companies, projects                       ing problems in the month        of returning home.               neighboring Belarus be-
                                                 drive south of Manila.                            that it would take about 10                     since the devastating tsu-          With so much radiation        gan allowing some peo-
                                                    “Our dream and goal is to ennoble the Fil-     years to remove the fuel                        nami damaged their cool-         spread about, experts said a     ple to move into its no-go
                                                 ipino spirit -- that we are good, that we can     rods and the reactors and                       ing systems..                    combination of these is likely   zone last year.
                                                 excel,” the school’s executive director and Je-
Muammar                                          suit priest, Carmelo Caluag, told AFP.
                                                    “We are doing this because art and culture
Gaddafi                                          are the windows to the soul of the people, they                                          Challenge
                                                 nurture our spirit.”
OMG Facts                                           The school began as a more informal ha-
Due to the difficulty of translating Arabic to   ven for young artists in the 1970s.
English, there are over 100 possible ways           It was however only in 1989 that then-pres-
to spell the name of Libyan leader Muam-         ident Corazon Aquino signed an executive or-
mar Gaddafi. --> http://www.omg-facts.           der establishing it as an official public high
com/view/Facts/29490                             school for gifted children, a third-world rep-
                                                 lica of New York’s famous Juilliard.
                   Dawn Peterson:                   The students at Makiling are now carefully
                   Hahahahaha.                   chosen from thousands of applicants who au-
                                                 dition for just over 30 slots a year.
                                                    The rewards of acceptance can be huge --
                   Karen Burt Wine-              past graduates have become famous musicians
                   freak: Now thats              or artists or gone on to study abroad.
                   funny!                           The 145 students get free board and lodg-
                                                 ing, and the school appoints a special tutor or
                   Neelavarman Babu:             master for whatever discipline each of them
                   Lol i read some of            wants to pursue.
                   the names its con-               So deep is the government’s commitment
                   fusing . ;)                   to the school that despite the nation’s cof-
                                                 fers being nearly bare, it spends an average
                                                 of 300,000 pesos (6,976 dollars) a year on
                                                 each student.
                                                    This is about 30 times the amount allocated
                                                 for students at a regular public school.
                                                    While the Makiling students are afforded
                                                 every chance at success, the school’s only
                                                 hope is that they will pursue a career in the
                                                 arts to preserve and champion the Philippines’
                                                 rich culture.                                        A seven-year-old Philippine Eagle displaying its feathers at the Philippine Eagle Center. It is considered one of
                                                                                                      the largest and most powerful Eagles in the world.                                                         (AFP)
Megan Fox
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‘Passion Play’
Is Megan Fox an angel sent from heaven,                                                                                                 Technology
or a freak of nature? The former ‘Trans-
                                                    Bob Dylan to rock
                                                                                                       fighting malaria
formers’ star finds herself caught in a dan-
gerous love triangle with older men Mickey
Rourke and Bill Murray in ‘Passion Play,’           Vietnam in special
                                                                                                   with smartphone software
in theaters May 6. Check out the cool, ex-
clusive trailer…

                   Terry: spoiled                                                                      (Reuters) - A team of grad-                                                                                   having to upload data for
                                                                                                   uate students has created a                                                                                       processing elsewhere.
                                                                                                   new smartphone application                                                                                           However, once the data
                   Roberto Rodriguez                                                               they say will allow health-                                                                                       stored in the phone is up-
                   Vazquez: super hot                                                              care workers in remote lo-                                                                                        loaded, it can be used to
                                                                                                   cations to diagnose malar-                                                                                        spot disease trends, Gibeau
                                                                                                   ia cases on the spot.                                                                                             said.
                                                                                                       But first, the students hope                                                                                     He said he is working on
                                                                                                   their application wins this                                                                                       smart phone applications to
                                                                                                   weekend's Imagine Cup 2011                                                                                        detect sickle cell and oth-
                                                                                                   national finals in Seattle.                                                                                       er diseases and also plans
                                                                                                       The 9th-annual Imagine                                                                                        to make the software eas-
                                                                                                   Cup, sponsored by Micro-                                                                                          ily adaptable to lab-based
                                                                                                   soft, asks student entrants                                                                                       microscopes.
                                                    (AP) -- After nearly five decades of sing-     to "imagine a world where                                                                                            The smart phone ap-
                                                 ing about a war that continues to haunt a gen-    technology helps solve the                                                                                        plication was the idea of
                                                 eration of Americans, legendary performer         toughest problems." Tristan                                                                                       team member Wilson To, a
David Arquette                                   Bob Dylan is finally getting his chance to        Gibeau, 25, a graduate com-                                                                                       25-year-old graduate student
                                                 see Vietnam at peace.                             puter engineering student                                                                                         in comparative pathology
Congrats to David Arquette, who is cele-            The iconic American folk singer and song-      at the University of Cen-                                                                                         at the University of Cali-
brating 100 days sober                           writer was set to play a special concert in the   tral Florida in Orlando, said                                                                                     fornia at Davis. It builds
                                                 former Saigon on Sunday evening, where he’s       his team's application fits                     7-equipped Samsung Fo-           malaria, and it actually noti-   upon a mobile microscope
                   Sandra Renee Keys             expected to belt out some of his classic an-      the bill.                                       cus smart phone modified         fies you how many it found,"     concept that To and a dif-
                   Simpson: Awe-                 ti-war tunes, nearly 36 years after the Viet-         "It's going to make a dif-                  with a microscopic camera        Gibeau said. Although mi-        ferent team created to win
                   some!!!                       nam War ended.                                    ference in trying to contain                    lens. Gibeau said the soft-      croscopic lenses are already     last year's Imagine Cup na-
                                                    Dylan’s music during that tumultuous era       the outbreak of malaria,"                       ware application can take a      available for smart phones,      tional finals.
                   Kim Wiget: CON-               helped define a generation, touching thou-        said Gibeau, the project's                      picture of a blood sample,       Gibeau said the software            Gibeau said the team is
                   GRATS DAVID!!                 sands of young people who took to the streets     software designer.                              process the data to detect       takes the concept's useful-      working toward patenting
                   SO HAPPY FOR                  demanding that Washington stop the war in             "In the big picture, it'll                  malaria parasites, quantify      ness to another level.           and marketing the new appli-
                   YOU!!:)                       Vietnam.                                          hopefully help in the fight                     how much malaria is in the          It would enable a doctor      cation. "From different con-
                                                    The concert’s promoter has said that about     against most diseases out                       sample and point the parasites   or nurse working, for exam-      versations we've had with
                   Christine Chapman             half of the 8,000 seats at Ho Chi Minh City’s     there and make everybody's                      out to the phone user.           ple, in an African village       investors, we feel that this
                   Myers: awesome,               RMIT University were sold to a mix of young       life a little easier." His team's                  "It actually draws a red      lacking Internet access to       definitely is a money-mak-
                   keep it up!!                  and old fans, both Vietnamese and Western.        prototype is a Windows                          box around the clusters of       make a diagnosis without         er," he said.

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