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					                              Vietnam at a Glance
                                                                                          Official Name: Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Geography and                                                                             Government: Communist
                                                                                          Capitol: Hanoi
                                                                                          Independence: September 2, 1945
Location: Southeastern Asia, bordering
the Gulf of Thailand, Gulf of Tonkin, and                                                 Party: Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV)
South China Sea, alongside China, Laos,         The median age is 27.4 and
and Cambodia.                                                                             Executive Branch:
                                                 57% of the population is
                                                                                          President: Nguyen Minh Triet
Area: total: 331,210 sq km (slightly larger        below the age of 30!                   Prime Minister: Nguyen Tan Dung
than New Mexico), land: 310,070 sq km,                                                    Communist Party Secretary: Nong Duc Manh
water: 21,140 sq km.                          Population: 89,571,130 (July 2010 est.)
                                                                                          Legislative Branch: National Assembly
Climate: tropical in south; monsoonal in
north with hot, rainy season (mid-May to                                                  Judicial Branch: Supreme People’s Court
mid-September) and warm, dry season                U.S- Vietnam Relations
(mid-October to mid-March).                   After a 20-year break in diplomatic ties,   Administrative subdivisions:
                                              President Clinton removed the trade         59 provinces, 5 municipalities (Can Tho, Hai
Religions: Buddhist, Catholic, Hoa Hao,       embargo on Vietnam and normal               Phong, Da Nang, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh).
Cao Dai, Protestant, Muslim, none             diplomatic ties were established on
                                              July 11, 1995. In December 2001 the         U.S. Ambassador: Michalak, Michael W.
Ethnicities: 54 ethnic groups of which        Bilateral Trade Agreement came into         (Hanoi)
Kinh (ethnic Vietnamese) 86.2%, Tay           effect, dramatically increasing
1.9%, Thai 1.7%, Muong 1.5%, Khome            economic exchange between the two           U.S. Consul General: An Le (Ho Chi Minh
1.4%, Hoa 1.1%, Nun 1.1%, Hmong 1%,           nations. Overall bilateral links continue   City)
others 4.1% (1999 census)                     to grow steadily. Vietnam joined the
                                              WTO on January 11, 2007.                               *Above statistics taken from:

                               Vietnam at a Glance
                                                                                          Best Prospects for
Vietnam is one of the most dynamic
                                                        Economic Statistics                     American Exporters
markets in the world. Consistently strong
economic growth combined with a more           Currency: 19,500 VND = $1.00             A. Agricultural Products
open, market-oriented trade policy is          (December 2010)
fueling major trade and investment                                                      1. Soybean Meal
opportunities for U.S. companies. With the     GDP: 93.16 billion USD (2009 est.)       2. Bulk Cotton
economy currently growing at 7%-8% a                                                    3. Wheat and Wheat Flour
year and industrial production expanding       GDP per capita: $2,900 (2009 est.)       4. Livestock Genetics
at twice that rate, Vietnam’s economy is on                                             5. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
the path to doubing in size over the next      GDP real growth rate: 5.3% (2009)        6. Snack Foods, Packaged Foods, Canned
decade.                                                                                 Foods
                                               GDP by sector: Agriculture (21.3%),      7. Forest Products, Hardwood Lumber
                                               Industry (40%), and Services (38.8%)     8. Beef and Poultry Meats
                                               (2009 est.).
                                                                                        B Non-Agr cu t ura Products &
                                                                                        B.. Non-Agriicullturall Products &
                                               Consumer Price Inflation: 7%             Serviices
                                                                                        Serv ces
                                               Labor Force: 46.51 million (2009 est.)
                                                                                        1. Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution
                                                                                        2. Telecom Equipment and Services
                                               Principal Exports: crude oil, marine
                                                                                        3. Oil and Gas Machinery and Services
                                               products, rice, coffee, rubber, tea,
                                                                                        4. Computer Hardware / Software Services
                                               garments, shoes
                                                                                        5. Airport and Ground Support, Air Traffic
                                                                                        Control Systems
                                               Main Destinations of Exports:
                                                                                        6. Environmental and Polution Control
                                               1. USA 2. Japan 3. China 4. Australia
  * Economic statistics taken from CIA World   5. Germany
 Factbook and U.S. Department of Commerce
                                                                                        7. Packaging Equipment
                                                                                        8. Medical Equipment
                                               Main Imports: machinery equipment,
                                                                                        9. Safety and Security Equipment
                                               petroleum products, fertilizer, steel
                                                                                        10. Education and Training Services
                                               products, raw cotton, grain, cement,
                                                                                        11. Franchising


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