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									?Printers and Smart Chip Technology

Today, companies like Epson and Canon have installed a smart chip in their ink and
toner cartridges. This smart chip technology allows printer users to keep track of the
amount of ink that is left in the printer cartridges. When a printer cartridge is out of
ink, the printing process stops and would not resume until the empty cartridge is

What are the Reasons Why Printers Do Not Recognize a Full Cartridge?

There are a number of reasons why even there is a full print cartridge installed, the
printer would not be able to recognize it:

Use of refilled or generic cartridges. Generic printer cartridges are manufactured
through the use of previously discarded printer cartridges. These are then cleaned,
inspected for damages, refilled and repackaged. However, many of these printer
cartridges would require the smart chips to be reset for this to be considered usable. If
this is not done, such as in the case of refilling the cartridge on your own, the chip
attached to the cartridge would still have the data that the cartridge is empty.

Faulty original printer cartridges. Some original printer cartridges that are sold in
computer stores and office supplies stores can be damaged due to improper handling
and shipping. A damaged chip can cause the printer unable to read the chip, even if it
is an original printer cartridge. Thus, the printer would still recognize this as an empty

Faulty printer. Printer drivers come install what is called an internal memory cache
system which allows the printer to determine if the printer is loaded with a full
cartridge or not. This usually resets whenever a new printer cartridge is replaced.
Sometimes, it fails to do so.

Resetting Your Printer

One way you can solve this problem is by resetting your printer by following a few
simple steps:

Turn on your printer and re-install the old empty printer cartridges

Wait for the printer to finish its cycle for recognizing the printer cartridge.

Turn off your printer and unplug it from the power source.

Clean your printer head and the electrical connections of the new printer cartridge. Be
careful if you have already tried to install this prior since the ink may run.
Plug back the printer into the power source and turn on the printer.

After the printer has warmed up, do the normal process of installing your new printer

When All This Fails…

If after you have tried to reset your printer and it still does not recognize your printer
cartridge, it could be that the printer cartridge is faulty. Bring the printer cartridge, its
box and the receipt to the office supplies store or computer store where you purchased
this and ask for a replacement, explaining the problem.

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