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					?If you recently installed Windows Vista on your PC and feel that you have
committed a mistake, this piece of information can help you to a significant extent. In
this article, we will be reading about common issues in Windows Vista and how to
tackle them.
Windows Vista, which was released worldwide by Microsoft on 30th January 2007,
was presented before the world as an upgrade to the still-popular Windows XP. In the
initial stages, this operating system was received wholeheartedly from all quarters but
since it was in the Beta version and PC users were so accustomed to XP, complaints
start pouring in. Vista was made free from some of the features in the XP version.
Network related functionality, NetMeeting, MSN Explorer, Windows explorer
features, and "Luna" visual theme were some of the missing features.
With passing times, Windows Vista started gaining popularity but a majority of the
"satisfied" PC user population was happy only because their PCs boasted of a high
memory, which is one of the biggest reasons why most users still prefer XP over Vista.
It is worth noting here that most of the applications, games, and programs on Vista
powered computers hold well only if the PC is high on memory. If not, it is all about
the blame and defense games.
Anyways, we are here to discuss easy solutions for common issues in Windows Vista
and we should not lose the focus.
Some experts are of the view that most PCs with Vista do not work good because of
system problems and not because of Vista. One of the biggest problems faced was
corrupt or overflowing Windows registry (unwanted and redundant) and PC users had
no effective registry cleaners to sort this issue on their own. Secondly, most Vista
users had enabled "Clear Page file at Shutdown", which means that the system will
take more time than normal to shut down. Again, a self-created failure! Some users
installed wrong drivers or applications that led to unresponsive PC, slow PC and
Internet speed, problems while booting, etc.
It is evident from the above statements that most Vista issues are actually created by
users themselves and not by this operating system. However, no operating system is
perfect and Vista is no exception. Let us find out how to get rid of Vista errors without
compromising on solutions.
The best advice for PC and Laptop users, in case of an issue with Vista operating
system, is to seek professional online PC support. This may be in the form of remote
technical support provided by a company having expertise in PC support service or
computer troubleshooting service.
By hiring these specialized services, you can even get your PC repaired without a PC
technician visiting your home or office. This advanced technology, remote technical
support, can be accessed for an affordable fee at any point of time and from any place
in this world. The best part is that you can even ask for customized PC support service
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