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In today's office environment, workers are sometimes subjected to direct sunlight and
heat produced by the sun. Depending on the workstation or reception area placement,
sunlight can present many problems. Not only can heat gain and glare produce an
uncomfortable work environment, harmful UV light can pose a safety risk that can be
eliminated through the proper use and installation of window tinting to the glass area
that is affected.

These days everyone is tied to a computer to some extent in the day to day operation
of their business. Glare from sunlight can make seeing a computer monitor difficult at
times. Window tint is specifically designed to eliminate this problem and add a level
of comfort to the work place. In many office buildings one side may be subjected to
more intense sunlight than the other areas of the complex. This produces "hot spots"
that really only give you one of two choices. Either increase the load on your air
conditioning unit to compensate for the hot area, or install blinds to try and minimize
that amount of solar radiation that is transmitted through the glass. This solution in
itself creates other problems.

 By lowering your thermostat to compensate for the "hot spots", you will in turn
create a colder working environment for personnel that are not directly subjected to
the direct sunlight.

Installing blinds will reduce the glare problem, but will not stop the heat that is
transmitted through the glass. The perfect solution for this problem is the use of
window films designed to address both problems. Not only does window tinting
reduce glare from intense sunlight, it has heat rejection and UV protection properties
that take care of excessive heat gain and potential skin problems that can occur as a
result of over exposure to the sun.

Commercial glass tinting products come in a variety of darkness's and colors.
Through the proper use and installation of window tinting to your office glass, you
will increase worker productivity and efficiency by making the work area more
comfortable and user friendly by cutting down glare and rejecting heat gain into the
area that is affected. This successfully eliminates the need to add to your air
conditioning costs and lower your thermostat setting, leveling the inside temperature
by using window tint in all areas of the office. Window tinting provides all these
benefits and will eventually pay for itself over time by reducing you energy costs to
heat and cool the interior of your work place.

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