Commercial tile cleaning by iupon13


									?Keeping your office or shop in the commercial establishment is quite a difficult. In
spite of regular cleaning and removing the stainsstill keeping them is a tough task. To
maintain the new classy looks of the commercial tiles here are some easy tips that
need to be followed by you.

? Clean the tile flooring everyday by a good quality damp mop. This will prevent
dirt from collecting at the joints and on the tile. Further this will help in giving good
appearance to the tile.

? Have the basic tools like vacuum cleaner, mop, soft cloth, and neutral cleaning

? Everyday maintenance of the floor tiles is very important. If you find liquid or
food spilled over the tile, immediately clean it. This will prevent spilled matter from
leaving any stain.

? If there any stains on the tile, then use a nylon scrub pad or a hard scrub brush
with a cleansing powder. Before using the cleanser powder test it on a portion. If you
sense any problem, just don't use it further. This will help you in completely removing
the stains without damaging the looks of the tile.

? Here is the word of caution: do not use bleach as a cleaner, as it will lighten the

? For stubborn stains, buy a branded commercial tile cleaner. Carefully follow the
direction label. Never mix two different tile cleaners, as poisonous and harmful gas
may be emitted by their mixture.

Beside the regular maintenance of the commercial tiles, it is important to get them
cleaned by a floor tile cleaning company. But before any company ask them

* Does your commercial floor tile require a general machine scrub or will it be
required to be stripped down completely?
* Will the tile require a sealed or several coats of wax?
* How frequently will your commercial tile flooring need to be re-finished?
* What will be the best continuing maintenance plan for your floor tiles?
* Which cleaning agent will they be using? Are they certified or not? (If you are
allergic to some ingredient, tell them in advance.)

Some handy dos and don'ts for commercial tile cleaning

?   Check out the ingredients list, before buying the product.
? Check the cleansing agents in a very small area before using it over the complete
floor area.

? Carefully read cleansing product directions before using it.

? Always use clean mop and clear water to clean the tile.

? Never mix ammonia and bleach together as poisonous gas could emit.

? In no way use acids like hydrofluoric or muriatic on tile.

? Steel wool or colored cleansing agents can permanently damage the tiles. So do not
use them.

?Use of detergent, animal fat-based, petroleum cleaners, can permanently damage the

? Don't wax your tile to give a shine. Regular and right tile care program is enough to
maintain the glossy looks.

Hope these tips would have been handy to you. Happy Tile Cleaning!

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