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									?People who are looking at espresso machines will either look at them for 1. their own
personal use, or 2. For business use like in a coffee shop. When you're looking for a
commercial espresso machine for sale, you need to understand the differences
between a home machine and a commercial machine.

Typically a commercial espresso machine will be one that is priced higher than $1,000.
Although this is one of the determining factors between a home espresso machine and
a commercial espresso machine, you must pay attention to the other factors because
there are some really expensive home espresso machines that will be in this same
price range.

The biggest difference that sets commercial espresso machines apart from the home
espresso machines, other than the large price, is the features that you can find in the
super-automatic commercial espresso machines. Every step of the espresso making
process is completed automatically and within about 40 seconds with one of these
machines. With a commercial espresso machine, all you have to do is add the coffee
beans to the hopper as needed, and make sure there is a cup underneath the pour spout
to catch the espresso when it comes out.

Another difference in these espresso makers is the size. You will find that most of
your home espresso machines are closer to the side the actual coffee pot. Your
commercial espresso machines are normally quite a bit bigger than these. The larger
size is necessary to keep it busy making one cup after another without having to refill

There is also the option for a direct water hook up on most commercial espresso
machines. Espresso machines for home use need to be filled by hand. The constant
water supply from a in-line hook up keeps the tank on commercial espresso makers
filled so that there is always a consistent supply available.

If you own a coffee pot, you know that there are some that will automatically shut off
the burner after a certain amount of time. This is a pretty necessary option to keep the
burner from frying. If a coffee burner goes bad it isn't only a fire hazard, but it's not
very helpful when you're trying to keep your coffee hot. The same thing applies to a
home espresso machine. Commercial machines though, don't have this problem.
Commercial espresso machines are made that way in that they are explicitly designed
to stay on for long periods of time without causing themselves any harm.

The quality of the espresso that comes out of a commercial espresso machine is
probably the best benefit. These commercial machines are made to provide excellent
cups of coffee every time one is made. The quality of each cup stays the same day
after day.

Manufacturers provide commercial a special machines in the same types and styles as
your home espresso machines have. You can choose the antique style manual version
or the semi-automatic versions. If you're running espresso shop though, within the
super automatic versions are going to be the ones that give you the best benefits in the
most bang for your buck.
There are quite a few different types of commercial coffee makers available on the
market. To see some good listings of espresso makers for sale follow the link.

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