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					                                                                                     Monday, Oct. 19, 2009 at 2:30 p.m.
                                                                                       DCF District Administration Bldg #3
                                                                                      Inside Tacachale, 1621 NE Waldo Rd.
                                                                                              Gainesville, FL 32609
                                                                                        # 1-888-808-6959 Code – 9556246

                  BJBW Committee Meeting

      MISSION: Everybody Works. Growing business and jobs through a skilled workforce.
ITEMS                                                                PRESENTER            TIME                     ACTION
A.     Welcome and Introductions                                         Chair            1 min         No action required
                                                                                                                    Quorum – 4 Members
B.      Agenda/Minutes approval

        1.   Approve Agenda                                              Chair            1 min.           Correct/Approve Agenda
        2.   Members declare Conflict of Interest                        Chair            1 min.               Declare Conflicts
        3.   Approve minutes from 9/21/09 meeting                        Chair            1 min.           Correct/Approve Minutes
C.      Action Items

        1.   AE Quarterly Report (link)                                 AE Staff          7 min.             Approve / Disapprove
        2.   One Stop Quarterly Report (link)                           AE Staff          7 min.             Approve / Disapprove
D       Informational Items
        1.   Customer Satisfaction Survey (pg 3-5)                      AE Staff         10 min.            No action anticipated
        2.   Proposed Cuts to TANF Funding                              AE Staff          3 min.            No action anticipated
        3.   CONNECT Report                                             AE Staff          3 min.            No action anticipated
        4.   Monthly Service Provider Reports (pg 6,7)             Serv. Providers        5 min.            No action anticipated
        5.   August Performance Report (attached)                       AE Staff          5 min.            No action anticipated
         MEMBERS: Please declare any conflicts of interest prior to discussion of the related agenda item(s). The Committee encourages and will
         recognize input from the public during discussions. The Chair requests that members of the public keep their comments brief and discuss
         agenda items as each item is presented.

                     Next BJBW Meeting - Strategic Planning Session – Monday, November 16 at 1:00 p.m.

     Minutes of BJBW 9/21/09 Meeting                                                                                                B
     Location: Gainesville Job Corps Center, 5301 NE 40th Terrace, Gainesville, FL
     Members Present:                  Members Absent:          AE Present:                        Guests                       Appr
     Lydia Bush (phone) *              G. Zagaiski              Angela Pate (phone)                Ken McGurn                   oval/
     Lee Pinkoson (phone)                                       Jose Gavarrette                    Susan Brown (phone)          Disap
     Ross Chandler (phone)                                      Candace Phinney                    Dug Jones (phone)            prov
     Ester Tibbs                                                Meredith Montgomery                                               al
     Maggie Labarta                                             Amory Booher
     Tom Webster                                                Weida Tucker
     Edythe Robinson                                            Celia Chapman
     Kali Blount
     Paula Fussell
     Stephen Hess (phone)
     Pamela Scott (phone)
     Welcome and Introductions
     Chair Lydia Bush called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m. and had everyone introduce themselves.

B1:  Maggie Labarta moved to approve the agenda. Edythe Robinson seconded the motion and it carried at 2:31 p.m.
B2:  There were no conflicts of interest.
B3:  Ross Chandler made a motion seconded by Lee Pinkoson to approve minutes of the August 17th meeting; carried at 2:32 p.m.
C:   Action Items
C1:  WIA Adult Follow-up Review
     Amory Booher reported that a follow-up to the WIA Adult Review showed a lower error rate of 13.8% as compared to the 16.4%
     previous rate and there were fewer areas with error rates above 10%. A Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) was submitted for
     each of those areas. Staff recommends approval of the PIP.
     Action: Maggie Labarta made a motion, seconded by Edythe Robinson, to approve the PIP. Motion carried at 2:42 p.m.
C2: Out of School Youth Positive Outcome Rate
Jose Gavarrette reviewed the Out-of-School Youth Positive Outcome Rate. Currently the rate is 60%, as the Board negotiated with
WFI. We feel that our partnerships with CROP, Job Corps and Foster Kids Program and the summer program experience will help our
performance. Staff recommends revising the rate to 70%.
Action: Ester Tibbs made a motion to accept staff recommendation to change the Youth Positive Outcome Rate from 60% to 70%.
Maggie Labarta seconded the motion and it carried at 2:44 p.m.
D: Informational Items
D1: CONNECT Report – Jose Gavarrette reported that CONNECT is meeting at the SFC campus downtown (the CEID Center) through
September. The meeting tonight will host four employers offering interviews.
D2: Strategic Planning Session – Lydia Bush reported that we have scheduled a Strategic Planning session for the November 16 th
meeting. We will look at a broader view of the Committee’s mission and direction. The meeting will run from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. at
the DCF offices inside Tacachale.
D3: Monthly Service Provider Reports
NFRCC – Susan Brown reported on events in Bradford County; Presidents Breakfast on September 18, the Friday Fest on August 28 had
great attendance. Meetings continue with a prospective employer with 150 jobs. Dr. Sasser has called a meeting on how to bring
more jobs and employers into Bradford County.
GACC – Angela Pate reported that FloridaWorks submitted an application to the Chamber for Business of the Year. The Chambers
have been very helpful in getting letters of support for our grant applications. The GACC Retreat for strategic planning will be
reported on at the FloridaWorks Annual Meeting in January.
FMS – Angela reported that we received a $450,000 youth grant and we will focus on outcomes for DJJ and Foster Care kids. The
FJFW Committee will recommend who of several organizations who applied for the original ARRA funds will be funded. Kali suggested
we need to collect information on why kids drop out.
Customer Satisfaction – Ester Tibbs asked for more measurable data information rather than just comments. Jose responded that in
September we started using questionnaires and will report the results in October.
D4: July Performance Report
Angela noted that the wage rate for the universal customer is low because of the economy – people in the higher level positions are
staying put so the jobs being posted are lower wage jobs. The number of jobs posted and the number of new job listings is still good
due to our relationship with the Chambers. Jose reported on precautions being implemented around the flu season.
Angela thanked Ester Tabs for her two years of service as Chair of the BJBW Committee and presented a token of our appreciation.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

       The AE Quarterly Report can be accessed here: AEReport

       STAFF RECOMMENDATION:       Approve
       ACTION NEEDED: Approve/Disapprove

       The One Stop Quarterly Report can be accessed here: OSReport
       STAFF RECOMMENDATION:       Approve
       ACTION NEEDED: Approve/Disapprove
D1      Proposed Cuts to TANF Funding
        A report will be given at the meeting.

        CONNECT Report
D2      The CONNECT Report will be given at the meeting.

     Monthly Service Provider Reports
D3   See Page 6 for GACC and Page 7 for NFRCC Business Services Reports.

     FloridaWorks One Stop Customer Satisfaction Reports
     Beginning on September 1st 2009, FloridaWorks implemented a new customer satisfaction survey. This
     survey is used universally throughout the One-Stop and asks the same questions to all of the customers.
     This survey also allows for tracking of the service provided by individual staff. All responses are
     submitted to a single database to provide trending and comparison of any two points of data. This allows
     for analysis of specific problem areas in customer service in the organization.

     Furthermore, the new surveys have answers that are rated 1-5 instead of 1-10 for simplification for the
     customer. “Strongly Disagree” is scored as 1, “Disagree” as 2, “Neither Agree nor Disagree” as 3,
     “Agree” as 4 and “Strongly Agree” is scored as 5. The survey questions and answers are show below.

     In the month of September, the WIA customer satisfaction score was 91.2% and the Wagner-Peyser
     customer satisfaction score was 90.7%. Both programs exceeded the required score of 75%.

     Below is a chart that breaks down these scores into both programs and respondents scoring of each
     question asked. At the bottom of the chart is the name of the question asked (knowledgeable,
     professional, satisfied, timely, helpful and recommend). The dotted line is the average score for the

                                                  Customer Satisfaction Categories
                                                         September 2009





    4.52                                                                                          WIA Average


















                                             Customer Comments
     All of the comments for the WIA program are included below. The Wagner-Peyser program is separated
     between customers who scored FloridaWorks below 75% and those who scored FloridaWorks above that
     level. There were only 5 comments from customers who had a poor experience. All of these are listed.
     There were 134 comments from customers who scored FloridaWorks above 75%. Below is a random
     sampling of 10 of the comments from that group.

     WIA Comments

        Excellent, helpful empathetic, caring
        Tony was great!
        So happy I came today! He is full of knowledgeable. Thank you so much!
        Mrs. Jenkins is extremely friendly. She provided me with so much valuable information to help me
         with my job search. Our appointment is excellent!
        Thank you for administering the youth work program.

     Wagner-Peyser Comments -- Negative

        Came in for unemployment benefit history. When explained to her and showed cop of printout form
         unemployment website and that it was what I needed, she directed me to comp. lab associate and tried
         to give same statement tome. I told her I had already and didn't need, "Needed payment benefit
         history". Had also state to myself and husband that "who he was" and he said my husband was
         waiting for 1 hr. and she stated "really, your husband" making us feel because we're and interracial
         couple that couldn't be true.
        Early Learning Coalition
        Front desk clerk was rude and would not assist us in vet help her attitude was wrong.
        Tracy was friendly, numerous interruptions, many delays was disappointing.
        Would like more help.

     Wagner-Peyser Comments -- Positive

        Jerry is a keeper! Great attitude, helpful, patient.
        Everyone was really friendly from the check in person to departing the office. Thank you.
        Very helpful.
        Mrs. Georgie has a stressful job up front assistant may be needed.
        So lost in the door and she's on the computer floor. Best yet -- she could set me on the right path and
         steps to take for a useful direction at my work center.
        Great customer service.
        The people here at FloridaWorks was very helpful and very nice and pleasant.
        I will recommend FloridaWorks to other as long as Ms. Diane is here. She is knowledgeable and
         helpful. Before she came I would of state the complete opposite. I am very grateful for her and her
        Great Job!
        Keep up the good work. Smile.

     August Performance Report
D4   Attached as a separate document.

                                                                                                                                                                 October 2009
                                                                                                                                              Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                                                                                              Business Services
  Goal: Leverage the public and private sector efforts to develop, recruit, hire, train, promote and retain the highest quality workforce Community Impact: Enhanced economic growth through
  workforce development


Progress       Performance Measures 09-10 (numbers reported by GACC Business Services only)                          Final        ¼ Goal             July          Aug     Sept    Cum. ¼      Status
On-track      No. of new employers posting with FloridaWorks                                                         80           20 (7)             15            9       14      38          38/-42
On-track      No. of job seekers registered with vocational certifications, 2 year degree or above (shared all) *    1320         330 (110)          301           268     235     804         804/-516
On-track      No. of individual job openings posted (shared GACC & NFRCC) ~ ^                                        2145         536 (179)          237           169     165     571         571/-1574
On-track      No. of job orders posted with salary over $25,000 (shared GACC & NFRCC)                                390          99 (33)            104           63      67      234         234/-156
TBA           Number of individual job openings filled (shared)      ~^                                              1050         262.5 (87.5)       96            179     194     469         469/-581
Off-track     Projected program income to FloridaWorks Business Services/First Phase HR Services                     $3200        $800               0             0       0       0           0
TBA           Percent of Employers that will be satisfied with services (shared GACC & NFRCC)                        74%          74%                TBA           TBA     92%     92%         92%
On-track      Targeted Hiring Events                                                                                 24           6 (2)              7             2       6       14          14/-10
On-track      CONNECT professional networking event                                                                  12           3 (1)              4             4       4       12          12/12
On-track      Employer Education Event                                                                               8            2                  0             0       0       0           0

               *EFM ~ MMR ^FMS Dashboard
              The ABRWB Board Staff pulls reports documenting all activity tracked in the EmployFlorida Marketplace (EFM), MMR (state report) and Dashboard (FMS report)

              Performance Updates
                    9/23 GACC Biz Service team staff quarterly training on EFM, job orders, green jobs and ONET coding
                    155 employers contacted for customer service survey, 39 responses: 15-exceeded expectations, 21-met expectations, 3 - did not meet
                        o Customer service follow up with 3 employers
                        o Staff drafting employer engagement plan to improve and maintain contact within 30 days of each new job order
                    9/8 Coordination meeting WIA and Business Services programs

              Outreach, Recruitment, Fee for Service
                       9/11 Veteran's Info Fair @ SFC
                       9/12 Head Start Men's Initiative
                       9/15 UF Volunteer Showcase @ Reitz Union
                       9/18 Athlete Connections, Dan Cross - outreach event at Country Inn and Suites
                       9/22 GACC Education Roundtable
                       9/23 Infinite Energy 15 Year Celebration
                       9/24 Heart of Florida Healthcare Steering Committee
                       9/24 BANNER Center for Agriculture, Clay Martin and KTV
                       9/25 Chamber Golf Tournament
                       9/30 Professional Development Expo @ SFC CIED, Business Start Up resources

                                                                                                             September 2009
                                                                                                            Business Services
                                                                                              North Florida Regional Chamber of Commerce
Workforce –Susan Brown / Pam Whittle

Progress      Performance Measures 09-10                                                                       Final      Monthly    July     Aug       Sept     Oct     Cum.
On track      No. of new employers posting with FloridaWorks                                                   36         3          2        2         3                4
On track      No. of job seekers registered with vocational certifications, 2 year degree or above (shared)    1320       110        16       16        18               32
On track      No. of individual job openings posted (shared)                                                   2145       178.6      4        26        42               30
On track      No. of job orders posted with salary over $25,000 (shared)                                       390        32.6       3        12        20               15
On track      Number of individual job openings filled (shared) (PLACED)                                       1050       87.5       0        11        18               11
On track      Projected program income to FloridaWorks Business Services/First Phase HR Services               $2000      166.67     756.00   616.00    756.00
On track      Percent of Employers that will be satisfied with services (shared)                               74%        74%        98%      95%       96%              96.5%
FloridaWorks participated in:
Pam Whittle attended the HSHW meeting at the GACC on September 09; a presentation was given jointly by the Chambers in regards to Economic Development.
Bradford County Development Authority meeting was attended by DeAnna Adams and Pam Whittle on Thursday, September 10, this is an opportunity for FloridaWorks to
cooperate with the group in Bradford County that is responsible for encouraging business in the County and bringing in new business to the area.
Pam Whittle, Tony Mangol and Jackie Timmons met on Wednesday. September 16, to plan an appreciation lunch for the employers that participated in the Summer Youth
Employment Program. The date set for this event is October 27, 2009 at Starke Golf and Country Club.
Presidents Breakfast for employers on September 18, 2009, at IHOP, the many programs of FloridaWorks and the opportunities available free of change through FloridaWorks
were discussed with sixteen (16) different employers. A sign in sheet is used to document this event and also for follow up contact with the employers.
Susan Brown called in to the BJBW committee meeting on Monday, September 21, 2009, An oral report was given by Susan via the phone.
September 22, 2009, staff attended a BASH (Business and Social Hour) sponsored by Timbuktu from 5:00 – 7:00 PM. This is a business that is under new management and it was
an opportunity to familiarize the new owner with FloridaWorks and the services provided.
Communications Committee meeting was cancelled for the month of September.
Friday Fest/Cruz In, September 25 from 5:00 -9:00 pm held in Downtown Starke, Free Train Rides and Bounce House is sponsored by FloridaWorks. Twelve (12) downtown
businesses were given a packet of information and trained on the programs of FloridaWorks on an individual basis through employer visits. All 12 businesses then cooperated in a
special evening promotion of extended hours to promote their business and improve knowledge of their business, encouraging local shopping. This is an effort to support our local
employers and keep jobs in place downtown.
Congressman Cliff Stearns held a Town Hall Meeting at the Gov. Charley E. Johns Conference Center on Saturday, September 26 from 2:30 – 4:00; this meeting was attended by
Pam Whittle.
September 28, Pam Whittle attended the Workforce Board meeting held in Alachua, informative presentations were made to the board and staff. Bradford County employer Aleca
McMillan with the Starke Recreation Department gave a presentation on behalf of Bradford County in regards to the Summer Youth Program. Service providers did not give oral
reports at this meeting due to time constraints.
FBAT testing for Dept. of Corrections continues to be administered, 35 individuals were registered with a service and 18 placements were made at over $25,000 for the month
of September.