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									?According to a recent study conducted by the Whole Building Design Guide
(WBDG) Productive Committee, physical comfort in the workplace is critical to work
effectiveness, satisfaction, physical and psychological well-being of employees.
Uncomfortable working conditions—too hot, too cold, too noisy, too dark, too light,
too much glare—restrict the ability of workers to function to optimum capacity, and it
can even lead to job dissatisfaction and can increase work related illness symptoms.

During the facility design and development process, building projects need to adopt a
comprehensive and integrated perspective that aims to:
1) Provide furniture and equipment that will enhance worker comfort and
2) Provide a superior acoustic environment
3) Maintain optimal thermal comfort
4) Create a high quality visual environment
5) Provide user controls

While everything is very important, office furniture and equipment that will enhance
worker comfort and performance, ranks. What businesses should do, according to the
Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) Productive Committee, is provide the most
comfortable working environment for their employees:
1) Adapt furnishings according to the work that is to be done, not the other way
2) Specify furnishings that support good posture, body mechanics, and work
techniques for the tasks being accomplished (e.g. ergonomically designed chairs and
3) Provide workstations that allow users to adjust seating, computer equipment
placement, light levels, work surface heights, workspace layout, and ventilation.
4) Install glass panels in workstation walls to provide access to daylight and views
5) Design furniture configurations that allow workers variable views for visual

At MAiSPACE, we follow all of these guidelines and adhere to the strictest industry
standards. Before we embark on a project, we closely consult with our clients to
understand their specific needs, expectations, personnel profile, and clientele. We
make sure that office furniture reflects the company's mission, suits its employees,
and their function.

Our most important concern is the comfort of the employees, thus, ergonomics is a
priority for us. For instance, MAiSPACE's revolutionary chair, MAiCHAIR not only
supports the body in comfort from head to toe but also enforces correct posture. It is
more than a traditional reclining armchair; in fact, it is more than a chair. Its design
takes the human body as its guide and encourages motion. Compared to its expensive
alternatives, MAiCHAIR offers the best quality at an affordable price, and once you
sit on it, you wouldn't sit in any other chair.

Based on the human centered approach to office furnishing, we design individual
workstations that allow employees to control their work environment including
heating and cooling, sound level, and light intensity. We believe that being able to
make these adjustments affects both how people do their work and how they feel
about their workplace.

Another important concern for us is to make workstations ergonomically correct, and
the MAiSPACE system handles that through its off-modular design. M.D. Kim, who
heads up manufacturing at MAiSPACE, headquartered in Mt. Olive, NJ says, "For
example, the system is flexible and adjustable to meet individual preferences. The
user creates a comfortable environment by determining the optimal placement of
panel-hung components, adjustable at 1 inch increments; having flexible non-handed
orientation for the workstation, and curvilinear work surfaces with cascade edges."

Other features include height adjustable keyboard trays and tool rail tiles that permit
easy access to work tools. Features such as tackable acoustic tiles, work tool rails or
slat wall, white boards and non-handed components with off-modular capabilities,
allow workers to be both productive and express their individual identities. "Office
furniture workstations become a safe and comfortable workspace, and without the
cost penalties inherent in less-flexible designs," Kim adds.

Last but certainly not least, visual privacy is very important to us. Our office cubicles
with panel heights of four to five feet are optimum, while allowing some visual
privacy at a seated position, it also provides for some visibility to create a sense of
interaction in the workplace.

Our commitment to functionality, comfort, and simplicity and our state of the art
manufacturing techniques and processes exceed our customers' expectations. The
combination of on-going customer support, commitment to excellence, and
manufacturing expertise has contributed to MAiSPACE's overall success since 1993.
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