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									   The Roloff Family
       Little People, Big World

Matt     Amy   Jeremy and Zach   Molly and Jacob
                        Matt Roloff
• Matt’s dwarfism is the result of the third most common
  cause of short stature known as diastrophic dysplasia.
• Matt stands just over 4 feet tall.
• As a child Matt spent a great deal of time in the hospital
  recuperating from numerous surgeries on his legs
  because of his diastrophic dysplasia.
• While recuperating in the hospital Matt spend a great
  deal of time daydreaming about what he missed during
  his childhood. As a result, he established the Roloff
  farm. It is a 34 acre farm located just outside of
  Portland, Oregon. The Roloff farm includes attractions
  such as a Pirate Ship, a Tree House, and a Western
                  Matt Roloff
• Matt makes use of crutches or a motorized
  scooter to get around.
• Matt founded his own company called Direct
  Access Solutions intended to assist those
  afflicted with dwarfism staying at hotels.
• Matt belongs to the Little People of America
                   Amy Roloff
• Amy is 43 years old and works part-time as a preschool
• Amy’s dwarfism is the result of the most frequently
  diagnosed cause of short stature, achondroplasia (one
  per 26,000 to 40,000 births), a genetic condition that
  results in disproportionately short arms and legs. Amy
  has not suffered any complications as a result of her
• Amy is also an active member of Little People of
                Jeremy and Zach

•   Jeremy and Zach are 16 year old twins
•   Jeremy is average height
•    Zach has achondroplasia, like his mother.
•   Zach has had numerous medical complications
    including having a shunt placed in his head to
    drain excess spinal cerebrospinal fluid
             Molly and Jacob

• Molly is 13 years old and is average height
• She enjoys playing volleyball
• Jacob is 9 years old and the youngest of the
  Roloff children.
• Jacob is average height and enjoys playing soccer
  on a team coached by his mother.
• Achondroplasia is a type of genetic disorder that
  is a common cause of dwarfism. People with
  this condidtion have short stature, usually
  reaching a full adult height of around 4 feet.
  The average adult male and female heights are
  51.8 and 48.6 inches tall.
• Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is a clear bodily fluid
  that occupies the subarachnoid space in the
  brain (the space between the skull and the
  cerebral cortex). It is a very pure saline solution
  with microglia and acts as a “cushion” or buffer
  for the cortex
              Assistive Devices
• As a result of diastrophic dysplasia, a condition
  that negatively affects bone and joint structure,
  Matt must use assistive devices to aid his


                      Motorized Scooter
          Direct Access Solutions
• Focuses on mobility and accessibility products for little
• The key product is the Short Stature Accessibility Kit, a
  product marketed to hotel chains that provides the
  tools little people need for a safe hotel room stay.
• These products include custom stepstool, reach
  grabber, closet rod adapter, security latch adapter, and
  push-pull tool.
• Hotels that carry the Short Stature Accessibility Kit
  include Marriott Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Country Inn and
  Suites, and Radisson Hotels and Resorts.
Mobility and Accessibility Products
        Closet rod adapter

                                Reach grabber

       Custom stepstool

                                    Push-pull tool

       Security latch adapter
        Little People of America

• Little People of America (LPA) is a nonprofit
  organization that provides support and
  information to people of short stature and their
• LPA provides a variety of resources including
  medical, discussion, support groups, and events
  and conferences.
• Matt, Amy, and Zach Roloff are members of
  LPA. Matt has also served as President.

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