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Colour Printing Equals High Impact


									?Some consumers and businesses may shy away from colour printing because of its
added cost. But when you need your documents or marketing materials to deliver an
impact, colour printing is the only way to go. With that in mind, here are some tips on
how to get the best results at the lowest cost.

Cost versus Quality: This is perhaps the main issue that consumers and businesses
alike struggle with when it comes to colour printing. There is a simple truth when it
comes to cost versus quality—you can get high-quality results at very affordable rates
if you do your research before placing your order.

Online printing companies are a good source of production for any type of colour
printing. They can print flyers, poster, brochures, and even colour calendars. But the
level of quality they produce varies greatly from one online printer to the next. This is
where research plays a vital part in your decision-making process.

In order to avoid fly-by-night online printers, you should look for a few clues that will
reveal just how professional and prepared a company is to handle your colour printing
needs. All of this information can be found on their respective websites.

One of the first things you want to look for is the type of press that is used. Online
printing companies use a variety of presses and some of these are simply much better
than others. The quality of your colour printing project will largely be determined by
the press. If a company is using a high-end press, such as the Kodak NexPress system,
you can be assured this company understands quality. If an online printing company
seems vague about their press, chances are good they use substandard presses or they
outsource the work to someone else, meaning they do not even have a press, and they
are acting as middle-men for some other company.

In order to keep cost down, look for online printing services that offer
print-on-demand. This allows you to order the exact number of copies you need,
without having to fulfil a minimum order level. Don't order 1000 copies if you only
plan on using 500 of them? This one tip alone can save you a lot of money with your
colour printing projects, whether you are a consumer or a business.

Online printing companies that have been in business for some length of time will
often offer the best quality as well as the best prices. Retention rates are important to
these companies and they will work to keep rates low to ensure repeat business. Many
of these online printing companies will offer special discounts, which can be very
valuable if you take advantage of them.

The bottom line is colour printing does not have to be expensive and you do not have
to settle for low-quality results. You will find that a little research ahead of time will
go a long way to keeping you happy with your online printing company.

Mimeo ( ) is an online digital printer specializing in colour
documents such as brochures. For more information about Colour Printing, or to start
printing go to Mimeo's Products page ( )

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