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					?With practically everything moving online,
why not art class? And we're talking fun stuff kids can do at


Enter the world of
href="">coloring pages, which
are available on countless sites on the Internet. It's a one-stop
shop where you can either download and print coloring pages as you

get in a conventional book store. No more trips to the corner store
or supermarket. Just pull out that old box of crayons and have


Available at the click of the mouse are
literally hundreds of pictures, stencils, silhouettes and shadows that
you can have fun with or pass the time while waiting for a friend to
log into chat.

The other option is to work on coloring
pages on the Internet with the tools provided in the templates. Here,
the coloring pencil or crayon is the mouse. All you need to do is open
and page from, say Ben 10 Alienforce, the Blue Dragon or the Birdman
Mask, to keep little Billy busy as you go about the day's


So you're convinced that virtual

pages are the best thing invented since the baby sitter. And hey, it's
free! What's more. IF you're child is fussy and doesn't want to
color any of the pages on the site, you can request a page with your
child's favourite character and it will be uploaded specially for
Imagine that magical moment when Billy
finds his favourite cartoon character in front of his very eyes, ready
and begging to be filled in.

Many sites with coloring pages offer
much more by way of fun. There are Activity Corners with loads of

to work out. There are word games, online flash games and brain

galore, just waiting to be tried out.

But there's more to these seemingly
simple and fun coloring pages and puzzles than just having fun.

to some child psychologists, encouraging your child to colour

eye-hand coordination as well as enhances the development of those

of the brain responsible for creative thinking.

Many adults doesn't think about the
benefits of coloring. Unlike adults, children perceive the world

colors. It's their way of exploring the world and environment around

Children react to colors instinctively
and they are a much stronger stimulus than you reaslie. Ever wondered
why toys or children's books sport bright colors. It's not just
to make them fun but because children interpret their surroundings
the world of color.

If you need any more convincing, all
you have to do is log into any website offering coloring pages and be
wowed. There's a range of things your child can do and learn from.
Apart from coloring sheets, there are mazes, crossword puzzles, hand
shadows, join-the-dots, picture makers, online flash games, and much
much more.

Some websites allow you to e-mail your
child's colored page. Think about it. Wouldn't grandma, who lives
hundreds of miles away, love to see just much young Kate has


Parents can also save and organise

children's drawings online, in chronological order and maintain a
progress record of sorts.

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