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									Character References: Information for the Applicant

                           Cox Farms requires that each applicant provide three character references.
                           It is your responsibility to find three adults who are willing to serve as character
                           references for you by completing and returning the necessary form.

                           Do NOT send your reference forms in with your application; your references must
                           return completed forms directly to Cox Farms.

Choose your references carefully.
Character references must meet the following criteria:
         -the reference must be an ADULT
         -the reference must NOT be related to you (no family members)
         -the reference must be someone who knows you well (so that s/he can adequately evaluate you and
         complete the form)
Examples of appropriate character references might include:
         -Employers, past or present (this may include people for whom you have provided babysitting, lawn/mowing service, etc.).
         -Teachers or school counselors
         -Other instructors or coaches
         -Neighbors or family friends who know you well

Directions: This form may be completed and returned as a “paperless” reference, or printed
copies may be completed and returned via mail or fax.
   1.    Complete and sign the top portion of the reference form.
         -For paperless reference forms, complete the top box on the following page.
         Save this document with your name in the title (for example,
          “Reference for John Doe.PDF”), then email this file as an attachment to each of
         your references. Your reference may then complete the form and return it via
         email or print the form and return the completed form via mail or fax.
         -If you prefer to distribute printed forms, print out three copies of the following
         reference form page, fill in and sign the top box on each form, and then
         distribute one form to each of your references.
   2.    Remember to list the name and phone number of each reference on the main
      page of the application.
   3.    The person providing the reference (not the applicant) will submit the
      reference form directly to Cox Farms; completed forms should NOT be returned to
      the applicant. Return instructions are on the reference form.

HINT: Because it is your responsibility as the applicant to make sure we receive these references (and because we
can't move forward with the application/hiring process until we have received them), make the process easier for
your references. Remember, they're doing you a favor. Ask in advance if s/he would be willing to serve as your
reference, and ask what format (printed form, email attachment) s/he prefers. Give him/her the form as soon as
possible so s/he has ample time to complete it. If you distribute printed reference forms, provide an envelope that
is already stamped and addressed to Cox Farms (see address below), especially if your reference doesn't have a fax
machine. Call or email to follow up, to ask if they've sent out your references… and remember to THANK them if
and when they do!

           Questions or concerns? Contact Aaron at (703) 203 5100 or
Applicant: Please complete this box prior to giving this form to your reference.

Name of Applicant:                                                                   Applicant's Phone Number:

I                                  , am requesting this written reference as part of the application process to work
at Cox Farms. By signing below, I waive my right to see my references when they are completed, and I understand
that the information my references provide will be confidential, to be viewed by Cox Farms management only.

                          Applicant's Signature                                                                            Date

Reference: The above applicant has requested that you serve as a character reference.
Please complete and return this form directly to Cox Farms as soon as possible (return instructions below).

Reference Name:

Relationship to Applicant:                                                        How long have you known the applicant?

Are you comfortable providing information regarding your experience/knowledge of this person?
                    Yes                  No                     Do not know applicant well enough to evaluate

If Yes, please continue. If you are not comfortable or able to provide a reference for the applicant, please indicate above and return the
form to Cox Farms (instructions below).
This job involves working outside in a family-friendly environment, including retail, entertainment and customer service. Based on your
experience and knowledge, please use the scale provided to rate the applicant on the criteria below.
                1=no/poor, 2=below average, 3=somewhat/average, 4=yes/good, 5=very/excellent, n/a=unable to rate
                                                                    Below        Somewhat/                           Very/
                                                  No/Poor                                  Yes/Good                                      Unable to rate
                                                                   Average        Average                          Excellent
Have you known the applicant to be:
Responsible?                                        1                2               3                4               5                   N/A
Reliable?                                           1                2               3                4               5                   N/A
Trustworthy?                                        1                2               3                4               5                   N/A
Hard working?                                       1                2               3                4               5                   N/A
Outgoing and Enthusiastic?                          1                2               3                4               5                   N/A
Comfortable interacting with adults?                1                2               3                4               5                   N/A
Comfortable interacting with children?              1                2               3                4               5                   N/A
Able to work as part of a team?                     1                2               3                4               5                   N/A
Overall, do you believe this person would
                                                    1                2               3                4               5                   N/A
be a valuable addition to our team?

Signature of Reference:                                                                                         Date:
We greatly appreciate any additional comments you can share regarding this applicant. Feel free to include additional comments via
email, or use the back of this form to provide more information about why you do or do not believe this person to be a good candidate for
a position at Cox Farms.

References should return completed forms directly to Cox Farms, not to the applicant.
                   Paperless Forms: return via email (use the “Submit by Email” button on the form, or send as an
                   attachment to
                   (The “Submit by email” button may require users to enter email account information, and depending on your email settings, you may need to log
                   in to your email account in order for the file to be sent.)
                   Printed Forms: Return by mail or fax.                                                                              Submit by Email
                   Mail: 15621 Braddock Road, Centreville, VA 20120-1140 Fax: (703) 830-6329
                   Questions? Contact Aaron: (703) 203-5100 or                                                       Print Form

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