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Gastro Illness



     Hand Hygiene is key to                    This fact sheet provides basic general information
      infection prevention                      only and is to be used as a quick guide, not as a
                                               complete resource on the subject. If you have any
                                                further questions, ask your own physician, local
                                                       health unit or health care worker.
How to wash your hands:

 •        Apply no rinse hand antiseptic
                         or                                                                             Gastro
                                                This information was obtained from the

                wet hands with water

                apply soap
                                                following sources:                                      Illness
            •   rub hands together for
                                                Chin, J. (2000). Control of Communicable
                                                Disease manual. 17th edition.
                15 seconds
                                                Simcoe County District Health Unit,
            •   rinse hands well      
            •   dry hands with paper

            •   turn off tap with used         Royal Victoria Hospital
                paper towel                    Infection Prevention and Control Department
                                               201 Georgian Drive
                                               Barrie, ON
                                               L4M 6M2
                                               Phone: (705) 728-9090 ext 66140                      Patient/Visitor
                                               Fax: (705) 7923312
     Thank you for your help and cooperation                                                         Information
Sept 07
                                                                                                  Treatment of Gastroenteritis
                                               What can be done to prevent
                                               gastroenteritis?                                   Viral Gastroenteritis cannot be cured by

   Gastro Illness                              There are many preventative measures. The

                                               single most important method of preventing         A bland diet consisting of clear liquids,
                                               the spread of infection is handwashing. It is      bananas, rice, apples, and toast may be
 What is gastroenteritis?                      important to wash your hands before and af-        recommended initially, as well as ade-
 Gastroenteritis is a diarrheal illness that   ter using the toilet, before preparing or eating   quate fluid replacement. Elderly or ex-
 affects both adults and children.             meals, after changing diapers and after being      tremely ill persons may have intravenous
                                               in close contact with animals.                     replacement of fluids.
 What are the symptoms of gastroen-
 teritis?                                      Patients experiencing gastro symptoms may          A variety of medicines, can ease the ef-
                                               be moved to a private room and put on              fects of stomach cramps and gas pains.
 Common symptoms include nausea,
                                               “Contact precautions” . All caregivers must        These agents may be effective in reduc-
 vomiting and diarrhea. Some may ex-
                                               wear gowns and gloves to prevent the               ing the fluid loss associated with diar-
 perience muscle aches, abdominal pain,
                                                                                                  rhea. Certain antidiarrheals may reduce
 fever and general weakness.
                                                                                                  the ability of your intestines to eliminate
How is gastroenteritis transmitted?            Are there any special concerns about
                                                                                                  an infectious agent and may prolong or
Transmission can occur by several meth-        gastroenteritis?
                                                                                                  complicate your condition. Ask your phy-
ods depending on the germ that is making       If you believe that you may have gastroen-         sician for advice.
you sick. Being in contact with infected       teritis, you should seek immediate medical
material or putting things into your mouth     attention. If you have gastroenteritis and you
that are contaminated with infected stool      are pregnant, you should promptly discuss
can transmit germs. Eating food or drink-      this with your health care provider.
ing water that is contaminated with germs
                                               Individuals with gastroenteritis, who provide
can also make you sick. Additional                                                                     Wash hands frequently with
                                               care services to others, particularly seniors or
spread may occur from an ill person to                                                                           soap and water.
                                               children are excluded from work while
others due to inadequate hand washing          symptomatic.
after using the toilet

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