Graduation Transitions 2011

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Name Here…
Your Instructions
   Use the following PowerPoint as a guide only to meet the requirements for
    graduation transitions. You are welcome to keep the titles…no other information
    should remain on the slide other than your own!
   Creativity, originality, pictures, video, and any additional info you would like to add
    only adds value and depth to your presentation!
   ALL info requested must be included!
   Your PowerPoint should be approximately 10 minutes in length. Most information
    given can not be covered in one slide (Example: Completed information from the
    Who am I? slide could take as many as 5 slides). Use as many as is necessary within
    your time limit.
   Make sure you have completed all requirements as listed on the official checklist at
    the end of the PowerPoint (keep this slide as a part of your presentation as it will
    be evaluated by your interviewers).
   You must have everything checked off to successfully pass Graduation Transitions.
   All Documents requiring submission are handed in at the interview. If you are
    concerned about losing valuable documents, you may keep your folder in my office.
    Just ASK!
Who Am I?
   Include: Personality, Interests, Strengths
   Reflect on your personality traits that you or others have identified. Choose your strongest
    personality traits and relate these to your career/life plan. Example: I am extremely creative, and
    produce advertisements and page layouts part time for our local magazine. I plan to study graphic
    design and photography so I am able to open my own studio. Example: I love being around people,
    hosting social events and speaking in front of others. I plan to study public relations and work for a
    large international marketing firm. Example: I am conscientious, and attend to fine details and
    structure. I plan to study engineering or medicine. (There are MANY options here and you are
    encouraged to expand…these are very brief examples!)
   My passionate interest…(reflect on one activity you love to do and relate this to your career and life
    plan). My other interests…(reflect on other activities you enjoy doing and relate these to your
    career/life plan).
   My Strengths…(reflect on strengths that you or others have identified. Choose your greatest
    strengths and relate these to your career and life plan).
   My Skills…(reflect on skills that you or others have identified. Choose you greatest skills and relate
    these to your career/life plan.)
   My Values…(the three most important values you live your life by and are helping guide you
    career/life plan are…).
   USE PICTURES…..sometimes they really are worth a thousand words!!!
Where am I Going?
    Often in life we need to give ourselves options…just in case! You will create 2 separate
    career/life plans. Your 1st choice will be Plan A, and your 2nd choice is Plan B. Below is the
    format you will use:

   PLAN (A or B):
   My plan is…
   The career research I have done is…
   The career/life path I have chosen is…
   The courses/certificates/training I have taken so far to support this plan are…
   The skills I have to support this plan are…
   The educational credentials (post secondary schooling) I plan to pursue are…
   I am able to receive this education at…..(locations)
   The costs of this educational program are (including tuition, books,
My Physical Activity
   Provide a brief Physical Activity Description (How
    do you complete the 150 minutes/week of required
    physical activity? Example: Sports teams, gym,
    dance, ski, mountain bike, skateboard, running,
    climbing, etc). You do not need to include specific
    times of day...just demonstrate you have met the
   Pictures strongly encouraged!
Long Term Personal Health Plan
   You must include a plan that illustrates how you will maintain
    a healthy lifestyle with regards to the four following areas:
   Sound nutritional habits (e.g. using the Canada Food Guide
    as a resource)
   Regular exercise routines (e.g. weight training,
    cardiovascular, leisure, sports, etc.)
   Emotional health management (e.g. ways to manage stress,
    relationships, etc.)
   Positive health choices (e.g. lifestyle (tobacco, drug, alcohol
    use), medical/dental checks, prevention resources, etc.)
   SEE Example on NEXT slide.
  Long Term Personal Health Plan
A mind map example…be as creative as you like!
Financial Plan
   Insert/paste a copy of the Excel Financial Plan
    found on counseling website after it is completed.
   You will be asked to explain this at your interview
    so please make sure it is as accurate as possible.
    Remember it is only an estimate!
Community Connections
   What did you do for your 30 hours or work and/or
    community service?
   Provide a description of the duties you performed,
    the connections between the experience and the
    employability/life skills, and the benefit to the
    community and to you.
   Example: Through my work experience/volunteer, I
    have contributed to my community and others by….
   Reflect on and include what you are most proud of..
     In class
     Extra-curricular

     Community activities

     Volunteer

     At home

     Etc…….
Checklist for Success
                                            Included in PowerPoint
   Who Am I? (All Parts)
   Where am I going? (Plan A & Plan B)
   My Physical Activity
   Long Term Personal Health Plan
   Excel Financial Plan
   Community Connections
   Accomplishments!
                                               Submitted at Interview
   Proof of 30 hours of work experience and/or community service. May be a letter of reference, pay stub,
    tax form, etc.
   Current Resume
   Cover Letter (may be for a real job, or created for this presentation)
   Completed Application form (job application or post-secondary education application, depending on your
    future plans). This is designed for you to go through the process of locating and filling out an application.
    You are NOT required to actually apply, you ONLY need to fill it out!
            Each of the above items must be 100% error free and ALL components MUST be complete.