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									?India is a country, famous for its educational institutions, across the world. The
schools and colleges in India are of great standards and have matched with the global
infrastructural facilities. No college in India is less than the standards of global
institutes. Students all across the world compete to take admission in the colleges of
the country and the value of Indian students is more than the educational product of
any other country. Colleges all over India, be it in any state, has tried to achieve and
facilitate its students with the global standards of education. The institutes are
equipped with the latest technological features, to help the students understand the
practical aspects of their respective fields.

The largest city of central India and the third most populated city of the country is
also filled with a number of colleges, providing students with the courses in almost all
the education fields. The students of Nagpur, feel great to be a part of the city, with
the city possessing great standards of education. The colleges in Nagpur are mostly
affiliated with the University of Nagpur and many other private colleges in
universities are also there in the city. Nagpur University enjoys the status of being one
of the oldest universities of the country. There are hundreds of colleges, which are
affiliated to the University of Nagpur, hence imparting education to millions of

Nagpur holds the pride of having the only Fire College of the country, called, National
Fire Service College. The college provides engineering courses in fire at graduation
level. The schools and colleges of Nagpur are run by the government as well as by the
private bodies. Below is the list of some of the popular colleges in Nagpur, with
respect to the educations streams they provide courses in.

Engineering Colleges in Nagpur

?   Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology

?   Priyadarshini College Of Engineering and Architecture

?   Kamnaveer Dadasaheb Kanmavar engineering college

?   Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering

?   Laxminarayan Institute Of Technology

?   G.H Raisoni College of Engineering

?   Nagpur Engineering College

?   Ramdeobaba Kamla Nehru Engineering College
Medical Colleges in Nagpur

?   Government Medical College and Hospital

?   N K P Salve Institute of Medical sciences -

?   Indira Gandhi Medical College

?   Government Dental College Nagpur

?   Lata Mangeshkar Medical College

?   Dental College and Research centre

?   Shri Ayurvedic College

?   Nagpur Ayurvedic College

?   Nagpur Homeopathic and Biochemistry college

Arts and Science Colleges in Nagpur

?   C P. and Beror college of Arts and Commerce

?   Mathur Seva Sangh Womens College Of Social science

?   Dr. Ambedkar College

?   Central Indian Institute Of Mass Communication Nagpur

?   Hislop College Nagpur

?   Tirpude College Of social science

?   Vasantrao Naik college of art and Social sciences

?   P W S College of Arts and Commerce

?   Shrimati Kaushalyadevi Maheshwari College Of Arts

?   Lady Amrutbai Daga College Of Women

?   Dharampeth M P Dev Memorial Dharampeth science college
?   Anjuman Hani Islam College Of Arts

?   Jashbhai Jeergibhai Patel science College

There are many other polytechnic and physical education colleges in Nagpur. Thus,
we can say, that Nagpur provides a variety of options to its students to choose and opt
for his career field. The students of Nagpur possess great future due to the quality of
educational standards provided in the city. The major population of the city gets
involved in the commerce and trading field, so we can say commerce and arts is the
most favoured subject in the city. Also, the government is a major employer for the
job seekers in the city. Also, some more private institutions have bonds with some
major employers of the country, providing a promising career for the students.

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