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									                                      Teacher: Chuah Kee Man

Subject                :   English Language
Class                  :   Form 4 A (41 students)
Duration               :   1 period (40 minutes)               Date: 14 June 2006 (Wednesday)
Level                  :   Intermediate and above
Topic                  :   Social Issues – Facing Teenage Blues
Skills focus           :   Writing
Language content       :   logical connectors and punctuation (use of colon)
Previous knowledge     :   The previous two lessons managed to expose students with the
                           relevant knowledge about the topic of “Teenage Blues”. They were also
                           introduced to new vocabulary. They had been taught about the
                           structure of argumentative text in the previous topic.

Curriculum             :   2.2 Process information for various purposes by:
specifications             b) extracting main ideas from print materials
                           Level 2
                           vii) identifying main ideas in a simple text
                           viii) identifying supporting details in a simple text.

                           2.3 present information to different audiences by:
                           j) using appropriate format, conventions, and grammar when
                              presenting information.

General objectives     :   Upon successful completion of the lesson, students will be able to:
                              i)    demonstrate general understanding of the generic structure
                                    and language features of an argumentative text.
Specific objectives    :   Upon successful completion of the lesson, students will be able to:
                              i)    identify the generic structure of a model argumentative text
                                    and distinguish its language features.

Teaching aids          :   worksheet
Moral value            :   Awareness of current issues
References             :   Form 4 KBSM textbook.

Lesson development

    Stage                        Activity and content                                Rationale
Set Induction    1. Teacher starts the lesson by highlighting the current
 (5 minutes)        trends among students – study for examination.             - to introduce the
                 2. Students are asked to give their views on                  subject matter of the
                    examination. Do they think is necessary? What if           lesson. And to activate
                    they can come to school without worrying about             students’ previous
                    examination?                                               knowledge.
                 3. Teacher will generate as many responses from the
                    students before proceeding into the next stage.

 Presentation    1. Students will be told to refresh their memory on the
 (15 minutes)       structure of argumentative text (taught in the             - argumentative text
                    previous topic on “Reaching out” before school             is introduced again in
                    holiday)                                                   this topic to allow
                 2. Teacher draws the structure box (appendix 1) on            students to apply it in
                    the board and asks students the “label” of each box.       different context
                 3. Students are then given a model text (on Students
                    study just to pass examination).                           - model text is given
     Form 4A                                  Page 1                                 Lesson 09
                                      Teacher: Chuah Kee Man

                   4. The students are required to the read the text          to serve as a guide for
                      silently.                                               students to follow.
                   5. After they have finished reading, teacher will ask
                      some general questions based on the text, to check
                      on their understanding.
                   6. Teacher then draws students’ attention to the use of
                      logical connectors and colon (punctuation) in the
                      text. Refresh students’ memory on the function of
                      both items.
                   7. Teacher should also spend time to explain any
                      unfamiliar word asked by the students.
   Practice        1. Students are then told to identify the “structure” of
 (15 minutes)         the model text by filling in the label boxes on the
                      left.                                                   - to check if the
                   2. They may discuss with their friends while               students manage to
                      completing the task.                                    identify the structure
                   3. Upon completion, teacher will discuss with the          of an argumentative
                      students and explain to the students the right way      text.
                      to write an argumentative text (especially if many
                      are still confused).
   Closure         1. Teacher informs students that they are going to         - to make an overview
 (5 minutes)          write an argumentative text based on what they          of what the students
                      have learnt in the following lesson.                    have learnt and also
                   2. Teacher sums up with by instilling the moral value.     to instil moral value.

Self reflection:


     Form 4A                                  Page 2                                Lesson 09
                            Teacher: Chuah Kee Man

Appendix 1: Structure Box


 Argument for:
 (Main Point 1)


 Argument for:
 (Main Point 2)


 Argument for:
 (Main Point 3)



      Form 4A                       Page 3           Lesson 09
                                           Teacher: Chuah Kee Man

Model Text/Worksheet (Teacher’s Copy)

Argumentative Text
Purpose: to state one’s stand on a certain issue.

                              Students study just to pass examination. Do you agree?
State your__                 I fully agree with the above statement. I am a student and I study just to pass
stand______           examinations. It seems the same with my schoolmates. We are all only concerned
                      with examination. We do not have time for other things.

Body                         The reason that we do not study other things is because we have no time for
Argument 1:           them. School subjects take up all our time in school and much of our time out of
Too many__            school. Lessons continue one after the other with hardly a break. Our brains switch
subjects___           from history to geography to mathematic and to science continuously. We manage
                      most of our time, but sometimes it gets too tiring that we cannot concentrate in

                              In addition, examinations are considered as very important and cannot be
Argument 2:
                      taken for granted. Since very young, we have been taught this: passing an
Exams are
                      examination is good, failing is bad. We are expected to pass. Our parents, teachers
considered as
                      and all grown-ups congratulate us when we pass. If we fail, we are made to feel
                      worthless. We are often forced to do well in examination by our parents, teachers
                      and even friends. The pressure is high as our concern is to excel in the examination.

Argument 3:                   Moreover, no one wants to be labeled as worthless or be punished for
Scared of             failure. This makes us obsessed with examinations. We study because we do not
failure               want to fail. I have heard some teachers say that we should study to acquire
                      knowledge. It is all very well to say such things but I do not see anyone practicing
                      it. The only knowledge that I acquired in my years in school is that if I fail I am

Conclusion                    In a nutshell, I strongly agree that students really study just to pass
Conclude and          examination. Some of them study very hard indeed. For them, passing means
restate your          success in the world and failure is unspeakable. The fact remains that they study not
stand                 for the sake of knowledge but only so that they can pass the next examination. I am
                      no different from them.

       Form 4A                                      Page 4                                Lesson 09

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