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									Jesuit Graduate Business Programs:
     Are They Mission-Driven?

              Presented by:
    Nancy Chase, Gonzaga University
    Mirjeta Beqiri, Gonzaga University

       CJBE 9th Annual Conference
                July 2006
           Jesuit Education

  Critical thinking and effective communication

  Development of personal potential

  International and global perspective

  Justice

  Leadership

  Pursuit of excellence

  Respect for the world

  Service for others
     Research Questions
Are the Jesuit education dimensions
articulated in the graduate business
program mission statement?

Is the graduate business mission
statement carried out in the MBA core
Mission Statement Matrix

   Graduate School of    Graduate School of
    Business / MBA        Business / MBA
       “Manifest”             “Latent”

    School of Business   School of Business
        “Manifest”            “Latent”
Graduate School of Business/MBA

      John Carroll University
      Loyola Marymount University
      Loyola University of New Orleans
Graduate School of Business/MBA
        Gonzaga University
        Le Moyne College
        Loyola University of Chicago
        Marquette University
        Rockhurst University
        Saint Louis University
        Seattle University
        Springhill College
        University of Detroit Mercy
        University of Scranton
        Wheeling Jesuit University
School of Business

 Boston College
 Canisius College
 Creighton University
 Fairfield University
 Fordham University
 Gonzaga University
 Rockhurst University
 Saint Joseph’s University
 Seattle University
School of Business

 Georgetown University
 Loyola College in Maryland
 Santa Clara University
 University of San Francisco
 Wheeling Jesuit University
 Xavier University
                           John Carroll University
                            Boler School of Business
                      Mission and Goals of the MBA Program
Prepare advanced students to       Leadership and Managerial
become managers and                Skills
                                   Ethics and Business
Utilize skills and abilities in    Environmental Issues
making a contribution to their
organizations and to global        Corporate Strategic
well-being                         Management
Mission is implemented in the
Jesuit tradition

Educate individuals for
managerial leadership

Understanding to successfully
operate modern business
                  Loyola Marymount University
                 College of Business Administration
                              MBA Program Mission
Provides high-quality                Management and
graduate business education,         Organizational Behavior
consistent with Jesuit and
Marymount traditions                 The Legal and Ethical
                                     Environment of Business
Fosters development of each
student’s potential to create        Integration Course
value, handle risk, and
manage change to serve
both business and society

Develops ethical leaders
possessing the skills to
effectively manage
organizations in a diverse,
global economy
               Loyola University of New Orleans
                  Master of Business Administration
                                Our Mission
To prepare students for             Management and
advancement to high-level           Organizational Behavior
management positions in
private and public sectors of       Human Resources
the global economy                  Management
To prepare leaders to               Global Strategy
manage organizations in the
coming century

To develop specialized
knowledge and skills
necessary to become
effective, socially
responsible business and
community leaders
                             Gonzaga University
                       Graduate School of Business
                                 Home Page
Understanding ethical                Business Ethics
implications of decisions
                                     Management Skills
Ability to merge theory and          Development
practice in creative ways
                                     Strategic Management
Appreciation for the value of
diverse perspectives

Skills necessary to manage
effectively in a changing

High level of professional
competence and understanding
of the international
environment of organizations
                            Le Moyne College
                     Goals of the Le Moyne College
                                   MBA Program
Critical thinking processes to         International Economic
thrive in a constantly changing        Perspectives and Issues
global business environment
                                       Business Ethics
Perform ethically and creatively
in global organizations                Human Resources
Emphasizes technical excellence,
effective communications and           Strategic Management
service to others over self

Combine the art and science of
leadership in a global

Be knowledgeable of socio-cultural
                    Loyola University of Chicago
                   Master of Business Administration
Prepare successful leaders whose      Organizational Behavior
core values include business
ethics and social responsibility      Business Ethics
Provide a solid foundation in         Strategy and Leadership
management and leadership

Integrate business disciplines

Develop critical-thinking skills

Explore business issues in a global

Develop values-based leaders
                      Marquette University
          Why Come to Marquette’s MBA Program?

Stresses excellence                Couldn’t find courses

Builds leaders

Improve skills by becoming more
involved with the business

Jesuit tradition of learning HOW
to think, not WHAT to think
                         Rockhurst University
                              The MBA Program

Competent, confident leaders           Couldn’t find courses
with management skills necessary
to lead successful organizations in
dynamic, rapidly changing

Emphasis on applied, practical
                           Saint Louis University
                      John Cook School of Business
                           Graduate Business Programs

Prepare current and future             Ethical and Values-Based
business professionals, leaders,       Decision Making
and educators to perform
effectively and ethically in today’s
fast changing global                   Global Business
environment.                           Environment

Strengthen leadership skills           Strategy and Practice

Grow both personally and
                         Seattle University
          Albers School of Business and Economics
                  Graduate Programs: Welcome to …

Jesuit tradition of educating for   Business Ethics and Social
leadership and service              Responsibility OR
                                    International Ethics /
Challenged with ethical issues in   Cultural Issues

Service projects incorporated
into classes
                              Springhill College
                        MBA Program: Objectives …

Understanding internal operating       Organizational Behavior
environment of organizations
                                       Business Strategy and
Knowledge of interaction of            Policy
organizations with broader
external environment

Develop negotiation skills, oral and
written presentation skills,
teamwork, leadership, …

Receive integrating experience

Work successfully in management
                 University of Detroit Mercy
                      MBA Distinctive Features

Broad based integrative          Strategic Management

Global perspectives

Strong ties to business

Quality and convenience
                           University of Scranton
                        Kania School of Management
                                Programs of Study: MBA

Emphasizes set of skills and            Organizational Behavior
perspectives needed to succeed in
fast-paced, global and
technology-oriented business

Business knowledge and practical
decision-making abilities

Vision to handle a variety of
leadership positions
                      Wheeling Jesuit University
                   Master of Business Administration

Develop the capacity to make and    Leadership Skills
implement successful leadership
decisions in an increasingly        Ethical Environment of
complex and fast-changing           Business
business environment

Explore the internal and external
forces which strengthen and limit
businesses and the ethical
implications of organizational
Jesuit Education Dimensions

     Critical thinking and   John Carroll University
   effective communication   Loyola University of New Orleans

     Development of          Loyola Marymount University
    personal potential       Loyola University of New Orleans

                             John Carroll University
    International and
                             Loyola Marymount University
    global perspective
                             Loyola University of New Orleans

         Justice             Loyola University of New Orleans
Jesuit Education Dimensions (cont’d)

                            John Carroll University
        Leadership          Loyola Marymount University
                            Loyola University of New Orleans

    Pursuit of excellence   Loyola Marymount University

    Respect for the world   John Carroll University

     Service for others     Loyola Marymount University
    Conclusion: Web Content and
         MBA Core Courses
The majority of Jesuit graduate business
programs do not explicitly articulate their
mission statement
The three most common dimensions:
   Leadership              Yes
   Business ethics         Yes
   Global perspective      Maybe
Other dimensions:
   Diverse perspective     Yes
   Service to others       ?
 Conclusion: Jesuit Education Dimensions
and Graduate Business Mission Statements
  The most articulated dimensions:
     International and global perspective
     Leadership
  The least articulated dimensions:
     Pursuit of excellence
     Respect for the world
     Service for others
Thank you!

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