Coldfusion programming as one of server side scripting language by iupon13


									?The Journey of ColdFusion from Macromedia to Adobe adds scalability in the
performance of web application development. As a part of the Adobe family,
ColdFusion 8 offers unique solutions to internet applications in the web world. As its
extensive features of simplicity to code and short span of time with high quality
service makes ColdFusion Consultant as the best option for web application
development solutions. Now it comes with the best features among the existing web
tools available in the market.

Apart from the other features, ColdFusion 8 provides some of the best known features
in ColdFusion Programming:

?ColdFusion 8 introduces the new server monitor and Multiserver monitor.
Developers can able to utilize the memory and able to get the information from the
server like requesting, queries, errors and other important services to reduce the
defects while interacting with users.
?ColdFusion 8 offers dynamically interaction with PDF forms or documents.
?ColdFusion 8 allows accessing the large volume of library of Ajax user interface
components with introducing new simple tags.
?Able to access Microsoft .Net assemble classes as CFML objects.
?ColdFusion 8 introduces new tags to interact with Microsoft exchange servers.
?Now it expands its platform supports to Mac OS X on Intel, JBoss, JDK 1.5, JDK
1.6, Microsoft Virtual Server and 64-bit support on Solaris.
?ColdFusion 8 improves interaction with Database.
?It comes with strong encryption libraries.

These all advance features of ColdFusion 8 becomes a powerful tools in the
ColdFusion Development life cycle. Now ColdFusion consultant is able to provide
day to day challenging of internet application development. With all the broad
features of ColdFusion, offshore providers are ready to provide offshore ColdFusion
development works at feasible price along with attained quality works

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