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Sometimes endings can be tough. We hold on to things, friends, ways of being, that no
longer give us what we need or want, or have become outdated and hold us back.

In some ways it's like having to put a beloved pet to sleep. We know that it's the best
thing to do, but want to keep them around for our own benefit. Having to come to
terms with what's best for the pet is really tough.

There are many things in life that become outmoded--hair styles and fashion are a
good example. Perhaps you've saved all those leisure suits or bell bottoms. Just as
these look crazy on us at a certain point, there are things we do that can become

In sales, and in persuasion, there are two outmoded, I might even say embarrassing,
things that will hinder your progress and hamper your results.

Cold calling.

At a recent seminar a potential student asked how the process of eliciting criteria can
be applied to cold calling. As a general rule, it can't.

Cold calling is not selling. It's marketing. Learn how to market, spend money on
marketing and actually market your product or service. Forget about cold calling as a
sales technique.

If cold calling is a part of the business that you're involved in, supplement it with real

I understand there are a few business that have to cold call. With real estate, for
example, cold calling is still a part of doing business that actually works.

Stock brokers sometimes have to prospect by telephone due to compliance issues and
this method actually works in this scenario as well.

In these cases maybe cold calling is all there is, the only option. If this is the case, just
know that cold calling is marketing, not selling.

In sales, in persuasion, even in relationships, we are looking for someone with a
raised hand. Cold calling is getting someone to raise their hand (marketing). Once
their hand is raised, criteria and sales become the issue.

Unless you LOVE to cold call and unless your business requires it, I'd advise to stop
at once. There are less painful, more productive ways to market which create steady,
reliable streams of traffic.
It's time to let this one go. Sorry old pal, your time has come. As with 'features and
benefits', our time together must come to an end.

Kenrick Cleveland teaches techniques to sell to affluent clients using persuasion
strategies. He runs unique public and private seminars and offers home study courses,
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