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									Press release
Poznań International Fair

The first EURO-REKLAMA OUTDOOR EXPO confirms business upturn

The first edition of Euro-Reklama OUTDOOR EXPO, the largest trade show of advertising,
large format printing, visual communication and outdoor advertising is over. VISIBLY
THE BEST was the lead theme of the event held on the grounds of the Poznań
International Fair that attracted 149 companies from 7 countries. Their stands were visited
by over 14,000 professional attendees. Prestigious awards were presented, there were many
interesting conferences and meetings to exchange information and integrate the sector.The
conclusion is obvious – the out-of-home media market will be developing robustly and the
first specialist trade show for this sector was immensely successful.

Euro-Reklama OUTDOOR EXPO 2007 in figures:

   •   149 exhibitors from 7 countries
   •   total exposition area: 9,000 sq. m (gross)
   •   over 14,000 visitors
   •   216 accredited journalists from all over Poland and abroad

Euro-Reklama (27-30 March 2007) was held for the sixteenth time. But it was held as
OUTDOOR EXPO for the first time ever. The organisers’ decision to divide the International
Trade Fair of Advertising Goods and Services into two editions (OUTDOOR EXPO and
GIFT EXPO) was good. The spring edition attracted 149 companies, i.e. 100% more than
expected by the organisers. It means that such a specialist show for the out-of-home media
market is much needed and that there is much potential for development.

This year’s exposition was varied and abounded in interesting offers. Almost 150 exhibitors
from Belarus, China, Germany, Great Britain, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia presented
machinery and devices for manufacturing of advertisements, large format plotters, special
paper, fabrics and all things associated with visual communication: outdoor advertising
carriers, illuminated advertisements, signs, transit advertisements, POS displays, exhibition
systems, advertising photography, advertising and exhibition services, specialist magazines
and portals.

The leading LFP (Large Format Printing) suppliers, such as HP, Xerox, Konika, Minolta and
Oce were much visible at Euro-Reklama and the simultaneously held Poligrafia show. The
group of market leaders also included Reprograf, Signtech, Jet Media, Masterprint XL,
Spandex, Endutex, Polkos and Alma Trend.
Euro-Reklama exhibitors were very pleased – their stands were visited by 14,000 professional
visitors who signed many contracts in Poznań or prepared purchases of exhibited machinery
and other products in the fear future. OURTDOOR EXPO turned out to be an excellent
business platform for matching producers and distributors with their clients and contractors. It
also contributed to the integration of the sector.

Interesting             discussions              about               urban            marketing
At no other advertising show in Poland was the programme of events so interesting and rich.
It included a few large conferences, special events and vehicle advertising shows.
The CITY-COMMUNICATION-ADVERTISING Conference devoted to the promotion of
cities and regions in cooperation with outdoor advertising companies was the leading trade
fair event. It presented various proposals for cities prepared by outdoor companies,
advertising agencies and PR companies. All these offers could be directly compared. AMS,
Clear Channel Poland, Cityboard Media, Business Consulting, PLEON, Profile, ESKADRA
MarketPlace and foreign companies met for the first time in one place and at one time to
present their cooperation offers to local governments and to share a large portion of the
marketing                                                                             know-how.
“We are fighting the marketing war of locations”, said Grzegorz Kiszluk, the main architect
of Brief for Poland. Mateusz Zmyślony from ESKADRA MarketPlace made a similar point.
He presented new trends of place marketing and showed examples of a comprehensive
promotion strategy for large cities (Warsaw, Poznań) and smaller towns, such as Czaplinek or
Lubliniec. Other presentations held at the conference focused not only on large cities, such as
Wrocław or Warsaw, but also on smaller towns, such as Legnica, Hrubieszów and
Niepołomice, in line with a statement that smaller towns can also be proud of their image.
The turnout at the conference exceeded all expectations of the organisers – 150
representatives of local governments were expected. In reality, over 260 of them came to the
conference from the most remote corners of Poland. Many participants were heads of
promotion departments of large Polish cities and architects. This is a visible sign for the out-
of-home media market that local governments are eager to find out more about top quality
The CITY-COMMUNICATION-ADVERTISING Conference was organised by the Poznań
International Fair in cooperation with its scientific partners: the Outdoor Advertising Chamber
of Commerce, the Association of Polish Cities, “Brief”, “Brief for Poland” and “Press”. The
media partners included Gazeta Wyborcza Poznań, ”Visual Communication” Magazine and

Professional       discussions        about        digital     and     screen       printing
The Polish Association of Screen and Digital Printing organised open workshops THE
ZONE OF ADVICE in cooperation with the Poznań International Fair. The workshops
presented the latest developments in the screen and digital printing technologies to experts
from the advertising and printing sectors. They also presented specialist devices, software
solutions and case studies of screen and digital printing companies.

Outdoor                      advertising                      in                    practice
The latest practical knowledge about creation and planning in outdoor advertising was offered
to participants of the conference entitled “Outdoor advertising – visible, surprising,
effective” organised by Marketing w Praktyce. Speakers from AMS, Zero,2 Inżynieria Marki
and Laboratorium Komunikacji i Reklamy focused on the identification of targets for outdoor
advertising and on outdoor advertising of the future.
Large                 format                     –              large               topic
Świat Druku Publishing House has organised a few interesting trade fair events. Large
Format Advertising workshops and presentations were devoted to large format quality,
efficiency, new materials and solutions, as well as to the design and planning of outdoor
campaigns. The discussion pertained to how to make “large format” denote not only
dimensions but also top quality solutions. How to save time without compromising quality.
The workshops were accompanied by live shows – modern plotters were in operation while
experts provided answers to difficult questions.

VEHICLE                                  ADVERTISING                                  SHOWS
The wrapping of vehicles with self-adhesive films was presented at a few stands on four trade
fair days. The shows were organised at the stands of Polski Drukarz Publishing House and
Visual                                Communication                                  Magazine.
TUPLEX and HESPERUS, co-organisers of shows at the VC stand, conclude: It involves not
only inscriptions and photos – it is art in the form of full-colour advertisements that create a
dynamic advertising message. The shows were very popular among advertising agencies and
companies that specialise in large format advertising. Many questions were asked about films
and their application. Hesperus and Tuplex employees offered advice and assistance when
choosing the right material for a given surface. They also shared their tricks of the trade as
regards        wrapping         difficult         surfaces,       such        as        moulds.
The shows proved that a vehicle is not just a means of transport, but also an excellent solution
for a cheap advertising space without any rental fees. Moving billboards in the form business
vehicles disseminate advertising messages and make excellent advertising carriers.

Prestigious competitions, awards and distinctions

PIF                                  Gold                                    Medals
On 28 March 2007, during the industry evening for exhibitors at the Euro-Reklama
OUTDOOR EXPO International Trade Fair of Advertising Goods and Services, prestigious
awards     were      granted   to  participating    exhibitors    and     producers.
PIF Gold Medals, awarded in recognition of the highest product quality, were granted
to the companies listed below:

   •   ATRIUM Centrum Ploterowe Sp. z o.o. from Opole for the wave print technology
       with intelligent interweaving, MUTOH EUROPE N.V., Belgium (Pavilion 3A, Stand

   •   InfoTEC Paweł Terlikowski from Poznań for the CNC InfoTEC 3020 FS milling
       machine (Pavilion 3, Stand 28)

   •   Extend Vision Sp. z o.o. from Krakow for its FAST WALL "mobile wall" system
       (Pavilion 3, Stand 61).

The PIF Gold Medal is the highest trade fair award for a product exhibited at the show. It
helps in market competition, symbolises the product’s advantages, top quality, technological
advancement and innovative character. It is presented following a thorough evaluation of
products entered into the competition by the Expert Team and the Competition Jury including
renowned specialists from relevant sectors. The companies that have gained the right to place
the sign on their products confirm its marketing significance. They have recorded a 10-30%
growth in sales, increased trust in the product and the company both in Poland and on foreign

ACANTHUS                                                                             AUREUS
In addition, awards were granted to exhibitors, stand designers and stand constructors enrolled
in the PIF Acanthus Aureus contest organised by Poznań International Fair since 2003.
Acanthus Aureus statuettes were awarded to those stands which represented the finest design
and were best suited to realise the company’s marketing strategy during the trade fair, i.e.:

   •   Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo Produkcyjne LAMBDA Sp. z o.o., Poznań

Designers:        Przemysław         Wróbel            and         Aleksander          Skibiński
Stand constructor: Biuro          Wystaw i          Reklamy    „    ALLPO”      s.c.     Poznań
Pavilion 3A, Stand 38

   •   3M Poland Sp. z o.o., Nadarzyn

Designer:                            Danuta                         Słomczyńska
Stand constructor: Pracownia Projektowo–Dekoratorska Danuta Słomczyńska, Poznań
Pavilion 3, Stand 95

   •   EUROPEAN MEDIA GROUP Sp. z o.o., Poznań

Own       design     and      construction     in      cooperation     with     sub-exhibitors
Pavilion 3, Stand 48

Display                               SuperstarPOLAND                                     2007
28 March, the second day of the Euro-Reklama OUTDOOR EXPO trade fair, saw the Award-
giving Ceremony in the SuperstarPOLAND 2007 contest. For the second time in Poznań, the
best POS displays were evaluated by a group of industry experts, selecting winners in several
The jury granted awards for the best advertising displays in 2006 in the following categories:
permanent display, temporary display, international display, as well as "the best design”, “the
highest technical quality” and “the most innovative solution”. Winning companies are listed
Permanent display 1:

   •   Bronze Superstar: Ergo, client: Nivea
   •   Silver Superstar: Alrec Sign & Display, client: Handwork Communication
   •   Gold Superstar: Willson & Brown, client: Nestle Poland

Permanent display 2:

   •   Bronze Superstar: Ergo, client: Brown Forman
   •   Silver Superstar: Willson & Brown, client: Procter & Gamble
   •   Gold Superstar: Magit, client: Bottonova
Temporary display 1

   •   Bronze Superstar: Willson & Brown, client: Unilever
   •   Silver Superstar: Willson & Brown, client: Diageo
   •   Gold Superstar: SCA Poznań Display, client: Kraft Food Polska

Temporary display 2

   •   Bronze Superstar: Anvis, client: Lorenz Bahlsen Snack World
   •   Silver Superstar: Extend Vision, client: ITI Neovision
   •   Gold Superstar: Anvis, client: Polmos Lublin

International display:

   •   Bronze Superstar: Willson & Brown, client: Pepsico International
   •   Silver Superstar: Alrec Sign & Display, client: Sony Ericsson
   •   Gold Superstar: Willson & Brown, client: Nestle

The best design:

   •   Gold Superstar: Magit, client: Bottonova

The highest technical quality:

   •   Gold Superstar: Magit, client: Bottonova

The most innovative solution:

   •   Wilson & Brown, client: Nestle

Organisers of the SuperstarPOLAND 2007 competition were Display GmbH Hamburg and the
Poznań International Fair. Similar contests have been held for several years in Germany, Italy
(Milan), Russia (Moscow) and Spain (Madrid). Winners of the SuperstarPoland contest can,
therefore, use the award to effectively promote their products not only in Poland, but also

New                     offers                  at                    the                    fair
New offers are an inherent part of the show. They convince the public and mass media to visit
the fair, which was also the case this time. The exhibitors registered 28 new products,
including super fast plotters; printers for direct UV printing on PVC, plexi, metal sheet,
cardboard, wood, glass and other rigid surfaces; the world’s first sublimation printer that does
not leave unpleasant odour on printed materials; frontlits, backlits and modern display
The most sensational products included pleasantly smelling 5D Promotion displays exhibited
by Higher which can reach the client by harnessing five senses; GOTV multimedia vests that
work as private mobile television and a mobile billboard; and Taxi News – Poland’s first taxi
We could also see new outdoor advertising carriers – such as beach screens with large
advertising area, the so-called Stand-Beach. There were also some new signs: for instance – a
sign                 system                offered                  by                LINART.
MAGIT showcased LED HB advertising illumination system, while Miranda presented flag
fabrics and knitted fabrics that could be printed with rotary or flatbed printing.
Other new offers included rollups and display banners, new types of plotter films and the
latest                     LFP                       finishing                      solutions.
It is worth mentioning that Euro-Reklama featured the European launch of ColorSpan 5460
UV 5400                                      hybrid                                    plotter.
Apart from new offers, the visitors were also amazed with still rare equipment exhibited at the
VISUAL COMMUNICATION stand – local digital signage network, original interactive
gates with plasma screens, a gigantic plasma screen, large gates and pneumatic

Special                  events                 at                   the                show
A press breakfast in a London bus? This unique opportunity was given to journalists invited to
OUTDOOR EXPO. The bus was parked in the PIF Eastern Lobby and could fit over 20
people. The future of outdoor advertising, the market situation, the robust development of the
LFP segment and non-standard out-of-home forms were discussed here on the second trade
fair day. Lech Kaczoń, President of the Outdoor Advertising Chamber of Commerce, was one
of the speakers. The Mobile Design Gallery with works of the world’s greatest designers and
finished projects was presented. The event was very popular among numerous journalists
from specialist magazines who got on the bus.

Euro-Reklama OUTDOOR EXPO 2008
The organisers have already started preparations for the next edition of the fair. The upcoming
Euro-Reklama OUTDOOR EXPO will be held on 12-14 March 2008.
For more information visit
Even before that the autumn edition of Euro-Reklama GIFT EXPO will be held. It will be
devoted to advertising gifts, Christmas presents and toys.
Join us at the show!

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