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									landlord guide
a guide to renting property to University of
Brighton and University of Sussex students.


Welcome to the first joint University of         Why choose us?                                  Equal opportunities
Brighton and University of Sussex guide         Between them, the universities have             The universities have an equal opportunities
for landlords.                                  over 30,000 students in Brighton &              policy which sets out their commitment to
                                                Hove, Eastbourne and Hastings - most            value diversity and eliminate discrimination.
This year the universities are working          of whom live in the private sector. The
together to provide students and landlords      accommodation and housing offices                Owners must, therefore, ensure that
with an improved service. Students will         provide help and advice to students who         there is no discrimination in the provision
benefit from a greater choice of property        are looking for somewhere to live and to        and letting of accommodation and that
whilst landlords will enjoy enhanced            landlords who wish to let to students.          all tenants are treated respectfully and
coverage to over 30,000 students.                                                               fairly. Discrimination on grounds of race
                                                Student expectations of their housing           (to include colour, ethnic or national
The University of Brighton has two              are increasingly high, and these days           origins or nationality), sex, age or disability
accommodation offices which are located          students demand and expect the highest          may be unlawful as well as a breach of
on the Moulsecoomb campus in Brighton           quality of accommodation and furnishings.       university policy and discrimination on
and at Trevin Towers in Eastbourne. A local     Properties also need to offer value for         grounds of religion/faith, sexual orientation,
service is also offered to Hastings landlords   money and deliver high safety standards         appearance, marital or social status
from the University Centre Hastings.            and security.                                   represents a breach of university policy.

The University of Sussex Housing Office is       This booklet gives guidance on how to           Failure to respect the universities
located at Bramber House on their campus        register your property with the universities.   commitment to equal opportunities may
at Falmer.                                      It also contains information with regard to     result in owners/landlords being removed
                                                types of preferred property, landlord and       from the accommodation register.
Each office provides help and support to         tenant responsibilities and letting rooms
students looking to find accommodation           in your own home or in self-contained           Data Protection
with the aim of providing all our students      property.                                       Personal data, i.e. any information from
with good quality private sector properties.                                                    which a living person can be identified,
                                                                                                is covered by the Data Protection Act
The universities offer landlords the                                                            1998 whether it is stored manually or
opportunity to advertise their property via                                                     on computer. All personal information
an online database, see page 4.                                                                 provided will be treated strictly in terms
                                                                                                of the Act. This means that confidentiality
Contact details for all offices can be found                                                     will be respected, and that all appropriate
on page 14.                                                                                     security measures will be taken to prevent
                                                                                                unauthorised disclosure. The data which
                                                                                                we require is necessary for the proper
                                                                                                administration of our relationship.

                                                                                                We will not share information with other
                                                                                                parties unless required to by law or unless
                                                                                                authorised by the individual themselves

03   Studentpad
04   Registering
     House in multiple occupation
05   What property?
     Code of standards
     Accreditation schemes
     Rent guidelines
07   Letting self-contained property
     What to provide
09   Letting rooms in your own home
10   Tax and insurance
11   Responsibilities
14   Contacts

What is studentpad? is an online
database of properties available to
students at both Brighton and Sussex
universities. Students looking for a place to
live in the private sector can search for and
locate properties on the database.

To list your property on studentpad you will
need to register with us.

This will enable university students or
prospective students to see your property
details from wherever they are based. The
site is password protected so only those
authorised by each University are able to
see property details.

The main advantages

•   Your property can be seen by over
    30,000 students

•   The service is free to owners - there
    is no charge to register or advertise.

•   We actively market and encourage
    students to use the website.

•   Over the summer, the site receives
    an average of 13,000 hits a month

•   We manage and upload the data and
    photographs for your property

Registering requires the following:              When we have received your completed
                                                 registration form and all the required             House in multiple
1   If you have registered with us before        documentation and are satisfied that                occupation (HMO)
    we will send you a new form each year.       your property complies with the Code of
    If not, download a property registration     Standards we will advertise your property          Since April 2006 properties of three
    form from www.yourstudentpad.                on the site.                                       or more storeys occupied by five or contact the appropriate                                                                or more unrelated tenants sharing
    accommodation or housing office for           Please note that it is your responsibility         facilities have been required to apply
    the form to be sent to you.                  to make sure that applications                     for a licence from the local authority.
                                                 submitted for listing are complete.                However each local authority differs
    Please note: landlords with properties       We are unable to register properties if            in its implementation of the Housing
    in Brighton & Hove can contact               documents are missing.                             Act 2004 legislation so it is the
    either the University of Brighton                                                               owner’s responsibility to make sure
    accommodation office or the University        We inspect Studentpad properties on a              that the dwelling is fully compliant
    of Sussex housing office. Properties          random basis to ensure compliance with             locally.
    listed with either University will be able   the Code of Standards. However if we
    to be viewed by students at both.            receive a complaint about a particular             For further information on licensing
                                                 property we will need to investigate the           and to clarify whether your property
                                                 issues raised and may wish to inspect the          requires one, please contact the
2   Return the completed form                    property.                                          relevant authority, details on page 14.
    together with: landlord/home owner
      a    Current
           Gas Safety Record (see page           We do not advertise the street number              We will need to see the licence or
           12)                                   of your property so students will only             evidence of an application in order to
                                                 be able to view properties by making               register the property.
     b     Domestic Electrical                   an appointment directly with you or, if
           Installation Periodic                 you prefer, with the current tenants after
           Inspection Certificate or              seeking their permission.
           Report (see page 11)
     c     An Energy Performance                 Your property details will be will be
           Certificate (see page 11)              displayed until we are advised that the
                                                 property is let or until the certificates expire.
     d     A Code of Standards
           declaration listing applicable
           properties (see page 5)
     e     House in Multiple Occupation
           (HMO) Licence (if required
           by the local authority - see
     f     Up to six photographs in
           digital form

what type of property
Location is very important. Although              Code of standards                             Compliance with the code will ensure that:
some students have cars, it is best if the        Both universities have adopted a              • both landlords and tenants enjoy the
property is near to public transport, either      Code of Standards for private sector             benefit of good standards of
on main bus routes or near railway stations       accommodation. The purpose of the code           housing management and practice
if applicable. Ideally the property needs to      is to enable landlords and tenants to agree   • misunderstandings and disputes are
be close to good transport providing easy         a set of undertakings about how they wish        reduced
access to campus sites.                           to do business with one another.              • where problems occur they are
                                                                                                   promptly resolved.
Furnished, self-contained flats and houses         The criteria in the code have been chosen
are the most popular types of property            to reflect a balance of common sense           Compliance with the code of standards is
for students – particularly houses that           obligations and responsibilities between      mandatory for all dwellings advertised on
can accommodate groups of three to five            landlords and tenants and set standards       studentpad. The code is actively promoted
students.                                         that are achievable without significant        amongst students searching for housing.
                                                  expenditure of time and money and without
Shared houses for groups of students              prejudice to their respective legal rights.
should normally provide a single study-
bedroom for each student with a shared
kitchen, bathroom and communal area.

Accommodation which shares communal
facilities with the landlord is useful for first              code of
year students and international students
who appreciate the home comforts that a                    standards
                                                           s    d
family can provide. Single rooms are always
the preferred option.

As we also have a number of students
on exchange programmes we are always                       better homes for
interested in hearing from landlords who
are willing to let to students on a short-stay

In summary the code of standards requires:
                                                                                  Local authority
 1      Current landlord/home owner Gas Safety Record                             accreditation schemes
        (required by law and when registering)
                                                                                  The universities support
 2      Domestic Electrical Installation Periodic Inspection Report               accreditation schemes for properties
        (required when registering)                                               in the private rented sector as their
 3      An Energy Performance Certificate                                          aim is to improve property standards
        (required by law and when registering)                                    and to recognise landlords who
                                                                                  follow best practice. Properties need
 4      A Code of Standards declaration listing applicable properties             to comply with written maintenance
        (required when registering)                                               standards and landlords must
 5      House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Licence - if required                  comply with listed management
        (required when registering)                                               standards.

 6      Adherence to the equal opportunities policy                               If you are interested in joining one of
 7      Deposits registered with deposit protection                               the schemes, please contact your
        (if assured shorthold tenancies)                                          local authority for more information.

 8      Furnishings that comply with the Furniture and Furnishing (fire safety)
        Regulations 1988
 9      A fire blanket and fire door in the kitchen
                                                                                  Rent guidelines
 10     Carbon monoxide detectors for each gas appliance if in different rooms
 11     Gas appliances to be serviced annually (apart from cookers)               The University of Brighton and the
                                                                                  University of Sussex have removed
 12     A minimum of one smoke detector on each floor ideally interlinked mains    any specific rent guidelines to
        powered Grade “D”                                                         provide greater choice and flexibility
 13     A five-lever mortice deadlock or multilock system with thumb turn on the   to owners and students. It is the
        inside                                                                    owner’s responsibility to ensure that
                                                                                  the rent reflects the quality, location,
 14     Locks to windows accessible from the ground floor with keys available      amenities and decoration of the
 15     Adherence to repairs and maintenance guidelines                           property.
 16     Copies of tenancy agreements provided to students
                                                                                  For information the average rent
 17     An inventory                                                              exclusive of bills for a shared house
                                                                                  in Brighton & Hove is £80 per person
 18     A rent book if your tenant pays weekly                                    per week and in Eastbourne and
                                                                                  Hastings £75 per person per week.
 19     HHSRS risk assessment for non-licensed premises

letting self-contained
If you are letting rooms in a property          Deposits and inventories                       Disputes are resolved by an Alternative
separate to your own home, you will             From 6 April 2007, all deposits taken by       Disputes Procedure where possible within
automatically be giving someone a tenancy,      landlords for assured shorthold tenancies      28 days. Deposits should be returned to
even if nothing is agreed in writing.           in England and Wales must be protected         tenants if there is no dispute within 10
                                                by a tenancy deposit protection scheme.        days. For more information and frequently
Assured shorthold tenancy                       From this date landlords must provide          asked questions please visit
The vast majority of residential tenancies      their tenants with details of the protection
let by private non-resident landlords are       scheme within 14 days of taking the
assured shorthold tenancies. This allows        deposit. Landlords and agents not              We suggest that all landlords take a
the owner to have the property back             protecting the deposit are committing a        deposit as a safeguard against damage
after a fixed period as long as the correct      civil offence and liable to heavy penalties.   or unpaid bills in the landlord’s name. It
procedures are followed. There is no            There are three types of tenancy deposit       is usual to charge the equivalent of one
minimum period for an assured shorthold         protection schemes available. These are:       month’s rent where rent is paid monthly or
tenancy but by law a landlord needs to                                                         the equivalent of one week’s rent where
issue a Section 21 Assured Shorthold            The Deposit Protection Service                 rent is paid weekly. You should never
Notice at least two months before               The full deposit is handed over and            deduct from the deposit to cover ‘fair wear
possession is needed.                           administered by the scheme. Any interest       and tear’. The tenancy agreement should
                                                generated after any costs can be provided      also outline what the deposit may be used
Tenancy agreements                              to the tenant.                                 for.
We recommend that all tenancy         
agreements are in writing as this avoids        0844 4727 000                                  We will investigate any complaints made by
confusion between both parties.                                                                students stating that their deposit has been
Assured shorthold tenancy agreements can        Tenancy Deposit Solutions Ltd                  unfairly withheld. If a registered landlord is
be purchased from legal stationers or are       This is an insurance-based scheme where        found to be unfairly withholding deposits,
available free of charge to those landlords     the landlord or agent holds on to the          they will be removed from the register.
who are members of landlord associations.       deposit and pays a premium to underwrite       Information showing that an owner is not
                                                misappropriation of the money.                 complying with the code of standards is
Unfair tenancy terms                                             in the public domain and will remain so for
The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts          0844 980 0290                                  three years even if an owner leaves, or is
Regulations 1999 requires landlords to                                                         removed from the code.
ensure that their agreements are in clear       The Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme
language and not containing any ‘unfair         Another insurance based scheme.                We always recommend that tenancy
terms’ ie clauses that impose unfair                      agreements are in writing as this avoids
restrictions, penalties or obligations on the   0845 226 7837                                  confusion between both parties.

What should be provided in a self-             Kitchen                                     Bathroom
contained property                             Free-standing or built-in cooker with a     Shower – either a shower unit or bath
Although we will accept unfurnished            separate four-ring hob, clearly visible     with mixer taps and plug hole cover or
properties, most students will have            operating controls and working auto         trap
little furniture of their own and you          ignition
may find it harder to let an unfurnished                                                    Sufficient cabinet or shelf space for
accommodation. The property should be          Refrigerator – suitable for the size of     those sharing
centrally heated                               dwelling and numbers of people sharing
                                                                                           Washable nylon shower curtain
                                               (allow one shelf per student)
                                                                                           (renewed annually)
Furniture and Furnishing (fire safety)         Freezer, minimum size 4.5 cu. ft.
Regulations 1988                                                                           Electric extractor fan ideally with a
                                               (allow one shelf per student)
Owners are responsible for ensuring that                                                   humidistat sensor
all upholstered furniture complies with this   Plumbed-in washing machine.
                                                                                           Towel rails/hooks
legislation. Please refer to page 12.          One cupboard for each student and
                                               adequate food preparation areas
A suggested contents list would be:                                                        Toilet brush (renewed annually)
                                               Chopping board (replaced annually)
For each study bedroom                                                                     Floor should be vinyl or of a similar
                                               Rubbish bin of adequate size
Bed with a clean, firm mattress                                                             washable surface, not Flotex or similar
(any replacement mattresses must be            Fire blanket (checked annually by the       coverings
new)                                           owner and replaced if used)

Cotton quilted mattress cover/protector        Floor should be vinyl or of a similar
                                               washable surface, not Flotex or similar     General
Wardrobe (not canvas or plastic)               coverings                                   Adequate, safe fixed heating, preferably
Mirror                                                                                     central heating
Chest of drawers with adequate storage         Communal room                               Working phone point allowing internet
                                                                                           access or wireless router
Desk or table (minimum size 2.5ft x 3ft)       Enough comfortable and contemporary
                                               seating to enable students to sit           Ironing board (with cover – replaced
Upholstered desk chair which is suitable
                                               together                                    annually)
for study use
                                               Table and chairs (if not in kitchen)        Vacuum cleaner and tools in good
Book case or wall shelving of an
                                                                                           working order, serviced annually and
appropriate size                               Working television aerial. Please note      suitable for the size of property and
Rubbish bin                                    that between 2008 and 2012 the UK is        regular use
                                               switching to digital and the old analogue
Lined curtains with the addition of            signal will be switched off. Learn more     Broom, dustpan and brush
nets in ground floor rooms. In some             about the digital TV switchover www.        Mop and bucket
instances blinds or other alternatives                            (mop head replaced annually)
are suitable. Other suitable coverings
are required for all other windows.            Adequate low energy lighting for night      Dustbin (or local authority-provided bin)
                                               time and enough natural light for           and recycling bins
At least four electrical plug sockets          daylight hours
                                                                                           Lockable outbuilding for student use or
                                                                                           space for cycle storage (where possible)
                                                                                           A clothes airer or other means of drying

letting rooms
in your home
What should be provided?                       A key to your property should be provided,     If you did not discuss a notice requirement,
Before the room can be advertised on           on the understanding that students are also    it is normal to give at least two weeks’
studentpad you will need to sign up to our     responsible for ensuring that the property     notice or a month’s notice if your tenant
code of standards for residential landlords    is secure. Students are asked to inform the    pays rent monthly. If the relationship with
and provide a current gas safety record for    householder if they expect to return late at   your tenant is good, you will want to give
your property, if applicable. Compliance       night or stay out overnight.                   him or her as much time as possible to find
with the code will ensure that:                                                               another home. Even if it is not, you must
• both owner and student enjoy the             Agreements and payment                         not use force to evict your tenant.
    benefit of good standards of housing        The type of agreement applicable to this
    management and practice                    arrangement is known as an excluded            Most students have personal computers
• misunderstandings and disputes are           tenancy or licence to occupy. As a landlord,   and expect to have access to the internet;
    reduced and promptly resolved when         you are agreeing to let someone live in your   for many it is essential for their studying.
    they do occur.                             own home and so you should choose your
                                               tenant carefully and make sure that both of    To let a room in your own home you will
Students are looking for comfortable           you have a clear understanding of the rules    need to provide
rooms which are well lit and adequately        and courtesies that each expects.
heated. You will need to provide a bed                                                        •   Current landlord/home owner Gas
and mattress, wardrobe, shelving, drawer       We strongly recommend that, even though            Safety Record
space, a desk/table, desk lamp and             such agreements are relatively informal,       •   A signed code of
suitable chair. Most students have their       you write down the main points to avoid            standards declaration
own personal computers which they              confusion at a later date.
expect to link into a telephone line, or                                                      Temporary accommodation
wireless router for internet use. You will     The agreement should state:                    Sometimes temporary accommodation
need to decide how you will arrange this       • the full names of both landlord              is required by students; at the start of
and discuss the financial implications with         and tenant                                 term for example. We welcome landlords
the student.                                   • how much rent is to be paid, when and        offering this type of accommodation but
                                                   how often                                  still insist on a current gas safety certificate
Whether or not you are providing meals         • if bills are to be included with the rent    and signed code of standards being in
for your students, you should allow            • how much notice each side will give          place before any property is advertised to
them access to your kitchen to prepare             to the other if either wants to end the    students.
refreshments and meals. It is wise to              agreement
discuss times when students can use your       • what meals and services will be
bathroom to avoid inconvenience for both           provided, if any
sides during the busy morning period. You      • whether a retainer will be charged
will need to decide whether or not students        for vacation periods
will have access to other communal areas       • how much deposit is to be paid and
of your house, such as the lounge and/or           what it could be retained for
dining room.                                   • any other house rules.

Adequate cooking facilities and food           Both parties should sign and keep a copy.
storage (including a refrigerator) should      You may also find it useful to take a note
be provided in the kitchen and washing         of your tenant’s home address for future
machines are desirable. We suggest one         reference.
shelf in a fridge or freezer or one cupboard
per student. You should decide on what         If your tenant pays rent weekly you are
your arrangements will be for washing,         required by law to provide them with a rent
drying and ironing. Toilet and bathroom        book. These can be obtained from most
facilities should be adequate for the          large stationers.
number of students.

tax and
Council tax
Students studying full time (21 hours per       Insurance
week or more) for a full academic or full       Landlords are advised to contact their
calendar year are not required to pay           insurance companies before letting to
council tax. Students must obtain an            students to ensure that they are covered
exemption letter from their school office        for student occupants. Not doing so may
at the university and send it to the local      render policies null and void. Students are
authority. Please note that if you are unable   advised to provide their own insurance for
to prove that your property was occupied        their personal belongings.
solely by students at a later date, you may
be asked to pay any council tax owing on
the property.

Income tax
Landlords letting rooms in their own homes
are allowed to earn a certain amount of
rent without paying tax.

Contact your local tax office for more
details or visit: .


     It is a landlord responsibility to undertake a   Electrical safety                               Energy Performance Certificates
     risk assessment on their property using the      We accept full PIRs with a ‘satisfactory’       Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)
     Housing Health and Safety Rating System          rating from contractors approved by the         became a legal requirement for dwellings
     (HHSRS) to ensure that it is safe, secure,       following organisations:                        being rented in the private sector on 1
     adequately heated, clean, dry and in good                                                        October 2008. The EPC rates the energy
     repair. As a general rule, the property          British Standards Institute (BSI)               performance of a building. The idea is
     should be one the owner themselves are           01442 278607                                    similar to the well-established energy
     happy to live in.                                                                                labels for the sale of white goods such as
                                                      EC Certification Limited                        washing machines.
     The Housing Act 2004 introduced the              0845 873 8786
     HHSRS which replaced the old fitness                                                              For more information please see www.
     standard and applies to all properties in        NAPIT Registration Limited            
     England and Wales including those with           0870 444 1392
     resident landlords.
                                                      NICEIC Group Ltd
     The goal of the HHSRS is to provide a safe       0870 013 0382
     and healthy environment for any occupier
     or visitor. Put simply, the rating system        If the certificate has a satisfactory rating
     works by assessing the risk associated           but lists category 1 and 2 items, before
     with certain hazards. If the likelihood          advertising, we will require written evidence
     of the hazard causing harm is high the           from the electrician that all such items
     local authority can take action to enforce       have been satisfactorily dealt with. A
     remedial work.                                   Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate
                                                      (DEIC) for a completely new installation is
     Any property advertised on studentpad            acceptable, but a DEIC for an ‘alteration’ or
     must be free of any category one hazards         an ‘addition’ will require a full PIR.
     as defined in the HHSRS. For more on
     information on HHSRS please contact your         If in doubt, we suggest that you go back
     local authority – see page 14 for details.       to your electrical contractor asking them
                                                      to certify that the DEIC applies to the full
                                                      installation and covers all the points that
                                                      would have been covered in a PIR. Also
                                                      ask them to confirm in writing that a PIR
                                                      would be mere duplication of the DEIC.

                                                      Please note that we cannot list any self-
                                                      contained property until we have seen a
                                                      complete copy of the Periodic Inspection
                                                      Report (PIR) plus any evidence that
                                                      category 1 and 2 items have been rectified.

Fire safety                                    Exit routes                                     Gas safety
Landlords must ensure the fire safety           All exit routes within a property, such as      By law, landlords are responsible
of their property. To assist landlords         hallways, landings and staircases (so far as    for ensuring that gas appliances are
in complying with this duty the Local          they are under the control of the landlord      maintained in good order and checked for
Authorities Coordinator of Regulatory          and agent) must be managed so that they         safety at least every 12 months. Landlords
Services (LACORS) has published national       are maintained safe, unobstructed and free      must have a current Landlord/Home Owner
fire safety guidance for landlords and local    of fixtures and fittings to enable evacuation     Gas Safety Record that is valid. We will
authorities, a copy can be downloaded          of the property in the event of fire.            need to see proof of an annual service
from                                                                 and where possible the original Gas Safety
upload/19175.pdf. The guidance gives           It is also recommended that landlords           Record which will be copied for our records
advice on carrying out a risk assessment       provide their tenants with appropriate fire      and returned to you.
and appropriate fire safety measures in         safety information to encourage them to
residential properties. By following this      reduce risks and test any systems regularly.    Please note: From 1 April 2009, CORGI
guide Landlords can ensure that they have                                                      was replaced by the Gas Safe Register. For
complied with their legal responsibilities.    Fire doors                                      more information see or
                                               Each kitchen must be provided with a            call 0800 408 5500
Fire Alarm System                              quality assured, closely fitting half-hour fire
Different types of property will require       door fitted with intumescent strips, cold        Carbon monoxide detector
different alarm systems. The landlord          seal smoke seals and an efficient self closer.   A carbon monoxide detector is required
should carry out a risk assessment to          Existing fire doors fitted without intumescent    for all properties. More than one will be
decide what is appropriate, smaller            strips with cold smoke seals would be           needed where appliances are not located
properties will require less complicated       acceptable provided that the frame is fitted     in the same room. When you buy a carbon
systems than large properties.                 with a 25mm minimum door stop.                  monoxide alarm, make sure that it meets
                                                                                               current British and European safety
For the most simple property, the              Wall-mounted fire blanket                       standards. You will see the ‘CE’ and ‘BS’
universities require interlinked mains         A wall mounted fire blanket, complying with      symbols clearly marked on the packaging.
wired smoke alarms with integral battery       BS6575, must be fitted on the kitchen wall
back-up located in the escape route at         away from the cooker close to the exit and      Don’t buy any alarm that does not carry
all floor levels; additional interlinked heat   in a place where it can be used effectively.    these marks. Carbon monoxide detectors
alarm with integral battery back-up located    Prior to the beginning of the tenancy fire       are required for each gas appliance (unless
in the kitchen and additional interlinked      blankets need to be checked and replaced        all appliances are in the same room). It is
smoke alarm with integral battery back-up      immediately if used or showing signs of         the responsibility of the owner to make
located in the lounge. All systems must        deterioration.                                  sure that carbon monoxide detectors
comply with current British Standards. See                                                     are located in the correct position and
LACORS for guidance on type of system.                                                         where possible wall mounted. Ensure that
                                                                                               detectors are installed in accordance wit
Furniture and Furnishing (fire safety)                                                         the manufacturers instructions.
Regulations 1988
Owners are responsible for ensuring that                                                       Please note we will not list any property
all upholstered furniture complies with this                                                   until we have seen a complete copy of the
legislation. Items covered include beds,                                                       current landlord/home owner gas safety
headboards, mattresses and bases, sofa                                                         record plus any evidence that any required
beds, futons, settees, armchairs, padded                                                       remedial works have been completed.
upright chairs, scatter cushions, seat pads
and pillows, loose and stretch sofa covers.

If you allow tenants to bring replacement
furniture into the property this should also
be checked for compliance.

                                          Security                                        Tenants with a disability
     Gas safety contact                   The universities recommend that all             Landlords have new responsibilities from
     numbers                              properties registered with us meet the          December 2006 when responding to
                                          following basic security standards:             tenant requests for alterations.
     From 1 April 2009, CORGI was         • window locks (with keys provided)
     replaced by the Gas Safe Register.        on all ground floor and basement            Further information can be found at
     For more information see www.hse.         windows, unless prohibited by     or call 0800 408 5500              a fire officer. In instances where
                                               window locks cannot be fitted a risk
     HSE Gas Safety Advice Line                assessment must be conducted and
     0800 300363                               prospective tenants advised of the risk
     or                                        in advance of letting.
     0845 345 0055                        • adequate and appropriate locks on
                                               external doors
     See page 12 for more information.    • glass fitted in risk areas must meet
                                               safety standards. New glass supplied
                                               by an approved glazier should meet
                                               these standards.

                                          Tenant responsibilities
                                          The universities make every effort to inform
                                          student tenants of their responsibilities
                                          under a tenancy agreement by providing
                                          information leaflets and advice on the
                                          main university websites at www.brighton.
                                , www.sussex.
                                 and on www.
                                 The universities will
                                          provide references for those students who
                                          have been resident in halls of residence or
                                          in private sector properties managed by
                                          either university.

                                          A tenant has a number of responsibilities as
                                          part of a tenancy agreement, these include:
                                          • paying the rent on time
                                          • not causing a nuisance to neighbours
                                               or other occupants
                                          • using the property in a proper manner
                                               and avoiding damaging it
                                          • taking steps to prevent major damage
                                               eg turning off water if pipes have burst
                                          • securing the property when it is empty
                                          • undertaking minor maintenance eg
                                               unblocking sinks, replacing lightbulbs,
                                               general cleaning
                                          • informing the landlord if any repairs are

University of Brighton                                       University of Sussex                                        Non-university
Brighton accommodation office                                 Housing Office                                               Brighton & Hove City Council
Residential and Catering Services                            Bramber House                                               Private Sector Housing
University of Brighton                                       Falmer                                                      Town Hall
The Manor House                                              Brighton                                                    Norton Road
Moulsecoomb Place                                            BN1 9QU                                                     Hove
Lewes Road                                                                                                               BN3 3BQ
Brighton                                                     Tel: 01273 678220
BN2 4GA                                                      Email:                                 Tel: 01273 293156
Tel: 01273 644124                                            Open 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm                             Web:
Fax: 01273 642982                                            on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and
                                                                                                                         Eastbourne Borough Council
Email:                          Fridays. 10am to 4pm on Wednesdays.
                                                                                                                         Town Hall
                                                                                                                         Grove Road
                                                                                                                         BN21 4UG
Open 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.
Eastbourne accommodation office                                                                                           Tel: 01323 415362
Residential and Catering Services                                                                                        Email: environmentalhealth@
University of Brighton                                                                                         
Room G3                                                                                                                  Web:
Trevin Towers
                                                                                                                         Hastings Borough Council
Gaudick Road
                                                                                                                         Town Hall
                                                                                                                         Queens Road
BN20 7SP
                                                                                                                         TN34 1QR
Tel: 01273 643848
Fax: 01273 643846
                                                                                                                         Tel: 0845 2741066
                                                                                                                         Lewes District Council
Open 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.                                                                                      32 High St
Hastings accommodation office
                                                                                                                         BN7 2LX
University Centre Hastings
Havelock Road
                                                                                                                         Tel: 01273 471600
TN34 1DQ
                                                                                                                         National Landlords Association
Tel: 08456 020607                                                                                                        22-26 Albert Embankment
Email:                                                                                             London
                                                                                                                         SE1 7TJ
Open 10am to 4pm.
                                                                                                                         Tel: 020 7840 8900
February 2010: The Universities of Brighton and Sussex make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this handbook
and will take all reasonable steps to provide the services described within it and in supplementary documentation. It    Health and Safety Executive
cannot, however, guarantee their provision in the event of circumstances beyond its control (such as lack of demand,     Tel: 0845 345 0055
changes in government policy or industrial action) but in such an event, will make reasonable effort to provide a
suitable alternative. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that they are aware of and comply with any changes in
current legislation.


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