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									                                        CONTRACT XYZ MANACED CARE   EFFECTIVE: 9/1/02          RESULTS
# Employer Groups in our area:
Number of Members In Network:

Current Reimbursement: (Unit Rate/Flat Fee Rates/Carve Outs)

Our Average Days in AR
% of A/R over 90 days

Contract on File:                                                                         Y      N
Provider Manual                                                                           Y      N
Anesthesia Billing Guidelines                                                             Y      N
Directory of Employer Groups                                                              Y      N

Contract Reviewed/Date:                                                                   Y      N
Hot Words Flagged                                                                         Y      N
Clauses To Exclude                                                                        Y      N
Clauses Inserted                                                                          Y      N
Physician Review/Date:                                                                    Y      N
Final Copy Mailed/Date/Address and Attention to:                                          Y      N

Accept Electronic Claims                                                                  Y      N

CPT/ASA                                                                                  CPT    ASA
Actual Time or Total Time Unit                                                          Time   Minutes

Carve Out Reimbursement Rates and Criteria
Emergency -Trauma
Physical Status
Post-op Pain
Controled Hypothermia
Controled Hypotension
Emergency Intubation

        Contract Checklist
Global Billing- Vaginal Delivieries $_______per case            C/S $________ per case            Conversions $______ per case
C/S Conversions: Negotiated rate per case is                                                                                                    $_________

Contracting Clauses
Limits on plan's access to documents: (Only the Anesthesia record)
Record Copy and Shipping Fee: ($1.00 per page plus UPS current charge)
Adequate Notice to Comply: (30-45 days)
During Normal Business Hours of 9am-5 pm
Mutually Convenient Time: Convenient for our group:
**Plans access rights are subject to any internal access policies of your hospital, facility, medical group, network, etc.
(This provision applies to any other confidentiality requrirements we have)
Hospital Based Services: Provider paid negotiate rate regaurdless of auth/denial to primary surgeon
Silent PPO's-No repricing through other network
Preserve Higher Rate: If this plan merges our existing contract is the successor to the new plan until specified contract expires
Fee Manipulation: "Plan reserves the right to alter the payment meth and levels from time to time at its discresion" DELETE this clause.
Timely Filing: Are the terms spelled out?                                                                                                       120 days
Extension: UP to one year with proof of filing (ie: Electronic Claim Record, System Date indicating Claim Generated)
Other Insurance: Patient had supplied incorrect insurance. New ins. Info came to light after filing date. (Honor Clm or allow up to bill pt.)
Credentialing:Clause that allows you to bill for your services while physician(s) are being credentialed as long as the physicians have
been credentialed through your hospital. Another method could be through your group ID # or a temporay ID # assigned for physicians in the
credentialing process.
Small Practice Policies and Proceudres apply
Business Assoc. Contract-We do not provide a service to the PLAN-**DO NOT SIGN**
Disclosure of Documents-Documents specific to the service provided: (Again, only the anesthesia record)
Right to Sue-Delete clause that allows member to be listed as third party benficiary
Documentation Request-Processing time (Prompt Pay Law for your state)
Appeal-Turn around time (# days)

#Employer Groups
#Covered lives/group
Credentialing Period (30-60 days)
Anesthesia Reimbursement Schedule
List of Payers and updates regularly
Names and phone numbers for the Chief Financial Officer, Medical director
Prompt Payment Law Cited in Contract

        Contract Checklist

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