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                                                 Aug 2009

Fiera September 05, 2009 - September 06, 2009
LOCAL NEWS                                  + VIEWS FROM                  COLLEGE STREET

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                   Inside -- --   E-mail: 416-693-8530   Page 1
GLADSTONE LIBRARY REOPENS (con’t)                                   Now that the garbage is under control and
                                                                    the pools are open, Torontonians can go back
                                                                    to bragging about what a great city this is.
                                                                    The Bloor/Gladstone newly renovated library
                                                                    represents just one of the many reasons to
                                                                    love Toronto. With it's new modern addition,
                                                                    the building is not only environmentally-
                                                                    friendly with a partial green roof, it is the
                                                                    perfect blend of historical and state-of-the-
                                                                    art architecture and design. Formerly named
L to R -- Edwin Rouse, E.R.A Architects Inc. - Gerry Shoalts,

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Shoalts and Zaback Architects Ltd. - Bob Goyeche, rounthwaite       Dovercourt, the Bloor/Gladstone Library was
dick and hadley architects inc - Peter Ortved, Board Chair,         completed in 1913, and was noted for being
Heritage Toronto - Jane Pyper, City Librarian- Councillor Adam      the largest in the country, one of the first to
Giambrone - Gloria Jacobs, Branch Head                              offer a kid's section, and one of the few with

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Italian Walk of Fame To Honor Italians
TORONTO, August 19, 2009. Co-                   largest population of Italians                       Leader
founders Jimi Bertucci and                      outside of Italy and is, therefore,
Marisa Beaco Lang of the world's                the perfect city to host this                        Rudy Bratty - Real Estate
first Italian Walk of Fame (IWOF)               celebration. We hope that its                        Developer, Described as "The Man
are delighted to announce those                 establishment will not only                          who Built Toronto"
recipients being honored with                   educate but also inspire those
stars on September 7, 2009 in                   who visit it. And so, it is with                     Julian Fantino - Commissioner of
Toronto, Canada. The unveiling                  great personal pride that I                          the Ontario Provincial Police
ceremonies will take place in                   introduce the Italian Walk of
Toronto's "Little Italy" in front of            Fame to you.                                         Connie Francis - "America?s
the CHIN Building (622 College                                                                       Sweetheart of Song" and
St.) at 1:30 pm on Sept 7, 2009. A              Stars of achievement will be                         International Best-Selling Artist
gala awards dinner will follow                  presented to:
later that day at the Riviera                                                                        Stars will be placed permanently
Parque Banquet & Convention                     Giancarlo Giannini -                                 in the sidewalk in "Little Italy"
Centre      in   Vaughan      (2800             Internationally Acclaimed                            and will be unveiled annually
Highway 7 West) at 6:00 pm.                     Academy-Award Nominated Actor                        during a red carpet ceremony
                                                                                                     followed by a gala awards dinner.
When deciding on where exactly                  Phil Esposito - Hockey Legend
to place the Stars it made sense                and Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee                     Tickets for the Gala Awards
to choose the city of Toronto,                                                                       dinner following the unveiling are
Canada. Located on the shores                   Johnny Lombardi - Pioneer                            available         at        www.
of Lake Ontario, Toronto has the                Broadcaster and Community                  

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                                           On The Boardwalk, In Toronto
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                                                                                                  416-686-1045 -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530   Page 3
Food Review: Calico Cafe, Regina Trattoria Pizzeria
                                                Newmarket farm that has a
                                                                                                    Regina Trattoria
                                                booth at nearby Dufferin-Grove
                                                Market. From 11am-5pm, Calico
                                                offers snacks and smoothies,
                                                                                                    Pizzeria By Melissa Peters
                                                and dinner starts at 5pm. The                       is keeping the Italian in Little
                                                menu rotates on a daily basis,                      Italy.
                                                and they offer take-out, catering
                                                and meal-delivery ("like a                          For six years, my mother, myself
                                                vegetarian meals-on-wheels"),                       and my two sisters lived in
                                                but if you plan to take your                        Woodbridge, which must have
                                                dinner home, they encourage                         been about 70-80% Italian.
                                                you to do your part for the                         Despite the vague accent I
                                                environment by bringing your                        developed over those years,
                                                own reusable bag.       Even the                    there doesn't appear to be a
                                                descriptions of the dishes on the                   single drop of Italian blood in my
                                                menu-board sounded far more                         body. Nevertheless, I have loved
                                                flavourful than I credit meatless                   the cuisine since the first time
                                                cuisine for, and they tasted even                   solid food passed my lips.
                                                better. The smell alone of the                      According to my mom, one of my
                                                Beet Lavender Borscht was                           first phrases was "More Sketti",
                                                calming and enticing. It was                        which was my toddler version of
                                                almost too pretty to touch the                      the word 'spaghetti'.
                                                tomato-avocado walnut tarts
                                                starter, but once the damage
No Meat does NOT mean
                                                was done, I dug in, unable to
No Taste
                                                stop eating a full spectrum of
                                                flavours in a dish that was
Calico Cafe                                     complimented by the slight
(1226 Bloor St. W) manages to                   bitterness of bean-sprouts. The
make vegan food delicious, even                 entree,      Pecan     encrusted
to the skeptical carnivores out                 Tempeh (soy-based) would have
there.     A true vegan avoids                  been equally good if I actually
animal by-products altogether,                  liked barley risotto, but that's a
including dairy, eggs, and                      matter of taste- everything else
animal-based products like                      on the plate was fantastic. For
gelatin...the dishes at Calico are              desert, I tried the rich and
based on these rules, but diners                beautifully decorated Chocolate
have the option of adding a                     Ganache        with     blueberry
                                                compote, with a gooseberry                          The little Italian woman who
poached egg or cheese to                                                                            lived next door to us in York
particular dishes. Although new                 nestled in the bed of the
                                                surrounding     flower,    adding                   Region’s version of Little Italy
to the 'hood, their weekend                                                                         was convinced my mother was
brunch, featuring omelettes, is                 creative and original flair. The
                                                prices are reasonable, especially                   starving us to death with one or
already a big hit. The earth-                                                                       two course meals, so she often
minded owner and head chef,                     with all fresh, top-quality
                                                ingredients.    Davis and sous                      insisted we join her family for
Jared Davis, a graduate of the                                                                      dinner so we wouldn't waste
George Brown Culinary Arts                      chef Chad Barchard, create and
                                                prepare each dish with obvious                      away to nothing. Now THAT was
Program, is very hands-on in the                                                                    authentic Italian cuisine at it's
business and patiently answers                  care     and    pride.       Visit
                                       online or just                    best, and if there is one reason I
all of our rookie questions. He                                                                     miss Woodbridge (and it may be
emphasises       local,   organic               go grab a seat on the patio if the
                                                chairs ever get a chance to dry.                    the only reason), dinner at Gino
agriculture, and his eggs and                                                                       and Maria's is that reason.
cheese come from a sustainable
 -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530   Page 4
Food Review: Regina Trattoria Pizzeria & Arabesque
                                               that complimented the pasta,                        to escort me while I checked out
                                               shrimp and sauce with obvious                       another restaurant.       At the
                                               expertise. The sauce wasn't too                     tender age of four, her reading
                                               thick, the ratio of sauce to pasta                  skills need work, so she couldn't
                                               couldn't have been better, and I                    read the list of ingredients she
                                               got nine big, juicy shrimp                          would consider "yucky" in the
                                               instead of the usual four or five.                  Arabesque pizza, and quite
                                               My meal was finished off with                       enjoyed it. It was a nice little
                                               Anna's homemade tiramisu. It                        snack for just $2, with a soft
                                               was simple, which made it very                      tortilla cleverly disguising the
                                               tasty. Where most people put                        tasty combination of beef,
Anna and Rocco, the owners of                  too much emphasis on sugary                         parsley, onion, zaatar, sumac,
Regina Pizzeria and Trattoria,                 liqueurs and sweet cream, the                       and sweet spice mix spread
are my new Gino and Maria.                     most prominent flavour in this                      throughout.         The   Bedoin
They have been married for                     was coffee, which made it the                       Omelette (peas, corn, onion,
nearly thirty years and have                   ideal ending to a meal after my                     zaatar, spices) was huge and
owned the business, established                own heart.                                          less than five bucks. It was a
41 years ago, for most of those                                                                    great combination of sweetness
years. It's hard not to respect                Regina Pizzeria and Trattoria,                      and mild spice.       The owner
people who can be partners in                  782 College St.,                                    brought over a nice pastry, very
marriage as well as in business      ,                                 fresh with a dinner taste and
without killing each other, and                416-535-2273/1318 LLBO,                             dessert-like texture, the bite-
they still have every reason to                cigarettes, delivery                                sized version of which would be
consider themselves successful,                                                                    a hit at any cocktail party, with
even after all these years. Using              ArabesqueBy Melissa Peters                          cilantro, feta and olives. Logan
                                                                                                   wouldn't even try the dessert
recipes passed down through
generations, Anna has been                                                                         because she was too busy
cooking for over 40 years, and                                                                     drooling at the thought of the
practice really does make                                                                          impending visit to the ice cream
perfect in this case. The dishes,                                                                  store, but I tried three different
sauces and pastas are all                                             Logan enjoying her
                                                                                                   versions of the classic baklava,
homemade and truly authentic,                                         Arabesque Pizza              and they were all bursting with
and they offer far more than                                                                       flavour. One version was made
pasta and pizza, including                                                                         with walnuts, which was a
antipasto, salads, meat entrees,                                                                   refreshing change from the
desserts and espresso drinks. I                                                                    typical pistachio-based version,
tried the Antipasto Del Casa, a                                                                    and nicely cut through the
selection of cured meats,                                                                          sweetness      of    the   honey.
cheese, olives, veggies and sun-                                                                   Located on a quieter corner of
dried tomatoes.        It looked                                                                   College     Street,    Arabesque
delicious and tasted even better.                                                                  Middle Eastern Food is an
For dinner, Anna brought out one                                                                   inexpensive deli-style way to try
of the more popular pasta                                                                          out something new. They have a
dishes, Fettucini Con Gamberi                                                                      small     patio    with    wicker
(shrimp and garlic sauce) and it                                                                   furniture, and nice stone and
looked and smelled fantastic.                                                                      cast iron furniture inside that
There's an art to cooking with                                                                     adds a touch of class and old-
garlic and she's perfected it.                                                                     world feel.
The dish not only had the right
amount of garlic, but it was                                                                       Arabesque Middle Eastern
                                               With the promise of ice-cream at                    Food, 1068 College Street,
cooked properly, adding a
                                               the "store with the cars", my             ,
sweetness and crispy texture
                                               lovely daughter, Logan, agreed                      416-504-8146 -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530   Page 5
Rest Review: Montfort Grill House (College West)
                                                                                                                                By Melissa Peters

                                                                                                   Karim Agha from the Toronto
                                                                                                   location are in an on-going
                                                                                                   competition with the rest of the
                                                                                                   Montfort chefs for who can make
                                                                                                   the best soup, but this was
                                                                                                   information that came well after
                                                                                                   I had eaten enough for three
                                                                                                   other people as well as myself. I
                                                                                                   will be sure to try the soup first
                                                                                                   next time, because there WILL
                                                                                                   be a next time.

                                                                                                   Montfort Grill House
                                                                                                   Mediterranean Cuisine,
Montfort Grill                                 Lightly put, the meal, from start
                                                                                                   650 College St.,
House                                          to finish, was impressive. The
                                               Hummus and Baba Ganosh were
Success doesn't have to mean                   far tastier than I have grown to
sacrificing Authenticity                       expect from either dip.       The
                                               calamari and shrimp are cooked
The drive to succeed financially               the way they should be and
has ruined cuisine all over the                come with dipping sauce that
world, so it’s a refreshing change             compliments each one in a
to find a chain which respects                 unique, but good way.        Quite
the taste and authenticity of the              Frankly, Greek Salad tends to
cultural experience they claim to              bore me- it’s too greasy, generic,
provide. Montfort Grill House                  too much dressing, and cottage
was established 15 years ago in                cheese has more flavour than
Hamilton, by owner and founder                 most feta out there. Now, I have
Bishara Arraf, and the woman                   a new-found respect for it
serving us came to this location               because I know how great it can
after working for him, which                   be when actually made properly.
says a lot about the integrity of              The addition of sweet red
the company. She also told my                  peppers, traditional or not, was a
dinner companion, Paul, and I                  nice touch, although I have to
that the people running the                    admit a bias here since the idea
College Street location are                    of adding them to ice cream
“super nice”; I had a good                     probably wouldn’t phase me.
feeling about the staff right                  The highlight of the Mixed Grill
away. Out front was a small                    dish was Montfort Chicken, a
patio,    appropriate     to   the             recipe passed down through
neighbourhood, and inside, we                  generations, which Paul and I
found a nice, sleek, modern bar                actually fought over, although
with exposed brick for a rural                 everything else came in at a
touch. The decor and colour                    close second. Montfort does the
scheme are fitting and the                     final bake on their pitas on site,
overall environment is warm and                so it was no surprise that they
pleasant, but replacing the radio              topped off the meal just as they
playing the odd commercial with                were always meant to.
straight music would make it
ideal for families and first dates             Chef Moe Moufti and Sous Chef
alike. -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530   Page 6
NEW MUSIC: Timothy Hill                         and      sincerity     of    the                     that I’ve written which all are
                                                accomplished singer songwriter.                      true in some way and my fond
                                                Timothy Hill comes form the                          recollections of the memories of
                                                small district of Maple Grove in                     certain friends and places I’ve
                                                Southern Ontario. As far as                          had the pleasure of coming
                                                sincerity is concerned, No one is                    about. Many of these songs truly
                                                quite as sincere as this man. He                     recreate the purpose they were
                                                sits up on stage behind nothing                      written for and that’s why these
                                                more than his keyboard and a                         songs are close to my heart."
                                                microphone. His balladry is
                                                straight from the heart. But,                        Tim is just beginning to step into
Most artists you hear in popular                don’t just label "sappy" on this                     the GTA music scene. You can
music today all have something                  guy. He also writes rock songs                       expect to hear more about this
good to say. But, Few artists out               that will keep you in your seat.                     unique talented singer for some
there can deliver the subtlety                  His stories are second to none                       time to come. If you purchase a
                                                and his song construction is                         copy of "Thoughts, Stories and
                                                quite original. His voice has a                      Memories", Not only will you not
                                                husky sort of sound that is not                      want to put it down But, You’ll
                                                heard much in today’s music.                         see music in an aspect that many
                                                                                                     have forgotten about. They way
                                                Tim’s debut album is best                            music used to be; The way it
                                                described    in    his   words.                      should be. Full of feeling,
                                                "Thoughts, Stories and Memories                      sincerity and melody. Give
                                                is a collection of songs that                        Timothy     Hill  a    listen   at
                                                covers some of my thoughts of              
                                                life from my experiences of
                                                sadness and happiness, Stories

When it’s time to go and there’s nowhere to go.
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Nuit Blanche: Funktion Function (Bloor West 2009)
Bloor Street West has an official 2009 Nuit
Blanche Independent Project. Members of
the local team pictured above from
annhomanART, DIG IN (Dupont Improvement
Group : Improving the neighborhood) and
Function Gallery are collaborating to
produce Funktion Function.

Funktion Function will present art to attract,
animate and amuse. Works will include 12-
hour wall-art, live projections, toybox
mechanics, an all-night vintage camp-in,
live burlesque and a roving street band.

The 2009 Nuit Blanche will take place
Saturday, October 3, from 7pm to 7am.                          Pictured Left To Right - Top Donna Cowan - Ann Homan - Jose Gabriel - Jordan
                                                                Dunn - Shawn Browne - Brendan Gore Pictured Left To Right - Bottom Clem
                                                                              Watson - Will Gaydos - Andrew McRae - Jamie Roy

                                                                      The Best    Caribbean Cuisine

                                                                      Lunch Special

                                                                                      1104 Bloor Street W
                                                                             -- --   E-mail: 416-693-8530   Page 8
GLADSTONE LIBRARY REOPENS                    control and the pools are open,
                                                                                                                   By Melissa Peters

                                                                                            33 computers with internet
                                             Torontonians can go back to                    access and free wireless, sleek
                                             bragging about what a great city               plasma televisions, and an
                                             this is.     The Bloor/Gladstone               impressive selection of books,
                                             newly       renovated        library           periodicals, CD's, DVD's, 19 on-
                                             represents just one of the many                site trees, and an enclosed
                                             reasons to love Toronto. With                  outdoor reading garden.
                                             it's new modern addition, the
                                             building       is      not      only           Adam Giambrone spoke at the
                                             environmentally-friendly with a                grand re-opening of the library
                                             partial green roof, it is the                  that had been his home branch
                                             perfect blend of historical and                growing up, showing his support
                                             state-of-the-art      architecture             for The Toronto Public Library
                                             and design. Formerly named                     System with good reason. Not
                                             Dovercourt, the Bloor/Gladstone                only is this city's library system
                                             Library was completed in 1913,                 one of the largest in the world, it
                                             and was noted for being the                    is unique in that they actually
                                             largest in the country, one of the             promote reading. In an age of
                                             first to offer a kid's section, and            computers, television, and video
     Adam Giambrone                          one of the few with an outdoor                 games, literacy is barely given a
                                             reading area. Now the spacious                 second thought, when it should
Now that the garbage is under                and bright landmark is home to                 be - See page 2

                                           Bloorcourt Street Gallery: Call                 accompanying               written
                                           for Submissions                                 description to make your piece
                                                                                           more suitable to be exposed in
                                           The      Bloorcourt    Business                 our district. Please be aware that
                                           Improvement Area (BIA) is                       the purpose of this participatory
                                           excited     to   announce       a               method is to give a unique
                                           collaborative    strategy     for               identity to our area by using
                                           bringing more attention to its                  citizen art as a form of identity
                                           neighbourhood and business                      and     expression      for    our
                                           district. We are looking for art                neighbourhood.
                                           and design samples to be
                                           submitted for a possibility to be               For more information please
                                           chosen for print on our banners                 visit our website at
                                           hung fronm light fixtures along       
                                           Bloor street between Montrose
                                           and Dufferin St. The only                       Open to artists of all ages.
                                           requirement is submitting an -- --   E-mail: 416-693-8530   Page 9
Fleastival Market goes MAL-MART
Previously on this very same                    and unique products, two such
                                                                                                                By DJ Chaz (aka Frank)
                                                                                                     named MAL-MART (and that I
paper you may remember reading                  vendors being Linda’s pet shop                       might add leaves little to the
about the Fleastival Market. Well,              (Pet’s Paradise) where you may                       imagination for shoppers).
scratch that- here’s the latest                 find rare breeds of puppy dogs,                      Here’s a list of the new but old
update: Fleastival closed down                  tropical fish and birds and the                      vendors you will no doubt come
its doors on July 30 2009                       other being “Listen and watch”                       across when you visit them at
consequently     leaving    many                store which not only carries an                      their brand new and exciting
frustrated (and furious) vendors                amazing selection of CDs and                         location at Honeydale Mall, 5555
stranded!                                       DVD-Concerts but also hard-to-                       Dundas St West, just east of 427,
                                                find Vinyl LP titles!                                which    opens     officially on
All revved up with no place to go,                                                                   Saturday Aug 8th 2009.
Frank assembled a team of                       The month-end of July 2009 was
vendors together and leased the                 certainly a desperate time for                       You will be glad to note the new
space next door to Fleastival.                  these vendors that took two                          and improved hours of the MAL-
Ironic but logical since this team              hectic (and quite stressful)                         MART complex: Tues & Wed: 10-
of vendors had already built a                  weeks between arranging the                          6pm, Thurs & Fri: 10-8pm, Sat &
regular customer base in their 2-               lease and construction of the                        Sun: 10-6pm
year span at Fleastival, thus                   booths to get this space ready for
opening up shop in the same                     the vendors so that they could
area was their best option.                     move into their new abode by the                     .      Alisha’s Alterations
You may recall reading about                    beginning of August.
several of these vendors who had
                                                                                                            Anne’s Collectibles
received write-ups in a few local               Frank’s team of vendors were                                GSM Wireless & Computers
newspapers relating to their rare               indeed fortunate enough to
                                                obtain Tony (who was the
                                                                                                            Lili’s Jewellery & Accessories
                                                maintenance man for Fleastival)                              Listen and watch:
                                                to do the construction of the                               CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays & Vinyl LPs
                                                booths and I believe that credit                              PET’S PARADISE
                                                also goes to the Azuria Group
                                                (Rachel, Mario and Edith) for                                  REVOLUTION
                                                                                                                 Accessories & Apparel
                                                their kind donation of the slot
                                                walls, posts and tarp used in the                         SATELLITE Supplies
                                                construction of the booths as
                                                                                                         Sherleen’s Coffee Shop
                                                well as providing a storage space
                                                for all of the vendors’ inventory.                       SPN Entertainment Documentaries
                                                This rental space of 3500 square
                                                                                                           The Perfume Lady
                                                feet that now houses the group
                                                of vendors utilizes the same                                   VENOM Fashion
                                                entrance doors as ‘No Frills’ in
                                                the Honeydale Mall and is aptly

                                                                                Wedding DJ Available
                                                                                 20 Years Of Packed Dance Floors
                                                                                              Listen on the web site
                                                                              to live DJ sets
                                                                                          of great music before you book

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PLUMBERS DIRECT                                       INDIAN FOOD DOSA JERK CHICKEN                                                                  HAIR SALON
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                                                       Madras Masala
                                                                                                                               Fast Food             50%
                                                                                                                                                      Sunny Hair
                                                                                                                                                                       Hair Salon

 (416) 997-3063                                        796 Bloor St. W                                  1104 Bloor Street W                           712 Bloor St W           On Japanese Hair                                 (647) 342-4359                                   416-531-0300                                  (416) 532-9000               Straightening                      
MEXICAN FOOD                                          ICE CREAM                                        BICYCLE SUPPLIES                              FISH & CHIPS
2 for 1 Food
 El Jacal Mexican   5-9pm Only With This Ad only
                                                      $5.00 OFF
                                                       Baskin Robbins              Ice Cream
                                                                                                       $25 TuneUp
                                                                                                                                                     $7.99               Fast Food
 1056 Bloor Street West                                726 Bloor W                                       863 Bloor St W      BICYCLE SUPPLIES        1102 Bloor Street W
 (416) 244-4447                                        (416) 531-8524               conditions apply     (416) 533-0080                              416-536-4595                       

FOOD RESTAURANT PET SUPPLIES                                                                           VETERINARY CLINIC SUN TANNING
 $12.00 Off
  Ristorante Roma
                                                      10%              Pet Food
                                                        Bark & Meow Pet Supplies
                                                                                                       25%             Microchipping-Nail trimming
                                                                                                        Bloorcourt Veterinary
                                                                                                                                                     $20.00 Off
                                                                                                                                                      Tan On The Run                Tanning
  1090 Bloor St W,                                      712 Bloor St W                                  1079 Bloor Street W                           Toronto, On
  (416) 531-4000                    Buy Two Entrees
                                                        (416) 532-2275                                  416-537-9677                                  416-838-8266                       

PSYCHIC SANDRA                                        NAILS TIPS 2 TOES                                FOOD RESTAURANT PSYCHIC MRS MAY
 $5.00 Off                                             $5.00 Off
                                                       Tips 2 Toes Nails & Spa
                                                                                                       $3.99 Lunch $5.00 Off
                                                                                                        Caribbean Kitchen                             Mrs. May, Psychic
  Psychic Sandra
  Dundas St W                                          1070 Bloor W                                     759 Dovercourt Rd                             2432 A Bloor St. W
                                                       416-588-1070                                     (416) 531-5227                                (416) 769-3200
  (416) 769-2235                      

 FOOD RESTAURANT PSYCHIC LISA MOURE EYEGLASSES                                                                                                       CHINESE CUISINE
 15.00% Off 25% Off
  Montfort Mediterranean                                Fortune Teller
                                                                                                       $50.00 Off
                                                                                                        Centro Optical Inc             Optical
                                                                                                                                                     10% Off
                                                                                                                                                      Regal Garden              Chinese Cuisine
  650 College Street                                    475 Bloor St W                                  900 Bloor Street West                         815 Bloor St W,
  Wk: (416) 535-3200                Buy Two Entrees     (416) 972-5000                                  (416) 535-0353                                16-530-8088                   conditions apply                      

  GET DEALS ON COLLEGE STREET >> THAI GRILL 430 COLLEGE EYEGLASSES                                                                                   FOOD RESTAURANT
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                                                        430B College Street             Food Only       684 College Street                             782 College Street
                                                        (416) 961-8424      conditions over $25.00      (416) 929-9197                                 416-535-2273          conditions over $13.00

                                                                         FOOD RESTAURANT THAI GRILL 430 COLLEGE
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                                                                          Montfort Mediterranean                                                  Dine In
                                                                          650 College Street                                                430B College Street             Food Only
                                                                          Wk: (416) 535-3200                       Buy Two Entrees          (416) 961-8424      conditions over $25.00
         -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530                                  Page 11
 LIVE MUSIC: Chris Casserly Hosts Eddie’s Open Jam Back in Toronto… for now                  River from Cincinnati. Covington was
                                                   Just came back from The Good Old          once a hub of the music scene in the
                                                   USA                                       U.S.. All the jazz greats played there
                                                                                             (and later on all the early rockn’rollers
                                                                     This the type of sign   as well). Now it is still a super
                                                                     you might see along     happening club scene with a college
                                                                     the side of the road    crowd, live music and $1 bottles of
                                                                     in Tennessee /          beer(!!).
                                                                     Kentucky. In this
                                                                     case I’m pretty sure    Songwriter/performer           Chris
                                                                     it was in answer to     Casserly has honed his skills the
                                                                     the big        ‘Adult   old-fashioned way, in front of an
                                                   Bookstore’ sign across the street,        audience. Says Chris, the audience
                                                   only had time for the ‘hell is real’      will always let you know what they
                                                   photo. I guess the drive back didn’t      like during a live performance. That
                                                   hold the same excitement as the           kind of feedback is extremely
                                                   drive down, so I wasn’t as big on the     valuable. The music itself is usually
                                                   photo thing. I only took this one other   described as upbeat, the lyrics can
                                                   than the shots in Covington.              be perceived as time-released as
                                                                                             the message usually hits you in a
                                                   Drove back Thursday with John             quieter moment. This makes for a
                                                   DiBattista on Thursday/Friday and         potent combo of radio-friendly
                                                   arrived in Toronto at 8am Friday safe     music with lyrics that will resonate
                                                   and sound, if a little worse for wear.    with the listener. Most people will
                                                   John and I had a lot of laughs along      just say its catchy. Sometimes
                                                   the way. John took me to Covington,       compared to artists such as Bare
                                                   Kentucky which is across the Ohio         Naked Ladies or Sam Roberts.

                  THE BEST Tandoori Chicken
                        in TORONTO
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                                                                              Extensions Hair Colour+ Highlights
                   Jhuri Kabab                              $5.00
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                                                                            Makeovers Bridal packages (services on
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                   Naam                                     $1.00
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        NEW KABAB HOUSE                                                               Telephone : 416-690-0582 -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530   Page 12
Fiera: September 05, 06 College St ( Bathurst - Shaw Ave)
                                                with the sounds, came the
                                                traditional Sunday feast which
                                                brought friends and family
                                                together for fine foods. wines,
                                                and music.

                                                FOOD$ OF FIERA...                                   "tarantella            Calabrese"
                                                                                                    traditional songs, to socio-
                                                As Lillie Italy celebrates this                     political and original pieces.
                                                wonderful      FIERA    (harvest)                   The innovative arrangements,
                                                tradition with Italian music, our                   the 7 voice polyphony and
                                                restaurateurs rediscover the                        rhythms chat B. beyond the
                                                unique foods from the southern                      traditional Italian "groove" such
                                                regions of Italy that inspired                      as tango, flamenco, rock and
                                                and excited harvest lime in                         others genres are the elements
                                                Southern Italy. Experience the                      that make Sabatum Quartet
                                                authentic foods of the south:                       stand out from the rest.
                                                Trippa. Polpetti. Pesci fritti,
                                                porchetta,        Pizza      a-la
Little Italy, Toronto, Ontario-                 Napolilano, gelato, all prepared                    College Street BIA has brought
The 6"' Annual FIERA in Little                  in the traditional                         together many Canadian-Italian
Italy presents a Celebration of                 "Sagras" for $1-$5 other                            entertainers for the weekend's
Italian Culture, Music and                      restaurants       will    feature                   festivities, Stroll along College
Cuisine.      From     Saturday                 portions of their menus as                          Street Saturday and Sunday and
September 5'" through to                        "Tastes"      for    $1-$5.    All                  enjoy Me sounds of Italian
Sunday       September       6'"                restaurants will participate with                   music performed on each block
midnight, you can visit Italy                   full menus as well, and some                        throughout Little Italy from fpm
without leaving Toronto Little                  will feature extended patios and                    to 11pm. Dancing in the streets
Italy on College Street between                 hours.                                              and under the stars is all part of
Bathurst and Shaw will be                                                                           the street festival appeal and is
transformed     into   an                       ENTERTAINMENT                                       very much encouraged!
Italian street festival,
with over 00 performers                                                                                  At    Palmerston    Stage,
and entertainers, great                                                                                  presented by CHIN Radio
food, dancing in the                                                                                     will be the SABATUM
streets, and amusement                                                                                   QUARTET “the evolution
rides as part of the                                                                                     of Southern Italian Folk
festivities                                                                                              Music""     direct    from
                                                                                                         Calabria Italy; With the
From the 50'S through to                                                                                 Region,           Calabria
the 60'5, the College                                                                                    highlighted with its music
Street Lillie Italy area                                                                                 and foods at Fiera 2009.
became the first new                                         Sabatum Quartet                             the modern Taranta folk
home in Canada to                                                                                        band Sabatum will add to
hundreds of thousands of                                                                            the ambiance and excitement of
Italian immigrants. And this is                 The    Sabatum     Quartet     is                   Calabrese entertainment The
where you crowd hear their                      perhaps the most original and                       SABATUM QUARTET will be
beloved music of southern                       unique group of its kind. Ethnic                    featured both Saturday evening
Italy’s the regions of Calabria,                and folk music is stripped of its                   and Sunday evening. Also
Napdi, Puglia. Sicilia, and                     dogmas and 'corrupted" while                        featured on the Palmerston
more... emanating from the                      keeping its characteristics                         Stage on Sunday September 6'"
porches and backyards of every                  intact. Their music embraces                        at 5pm, Is the Annual Johnny
Italian home in Toronto. Along                  everything from the typical                         Lombardi Canadian Italian Song -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530   Page 13
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 Dr.Draw: Distictively Unclassified is an Understatement
Few album names are as                         quickly became the highlight of                    experience, but actually seeing
perfect as Dr. Draws 4th and                   the festival for me, and I feel                    it is beyond comprehension.
most         recent       album,               honored to have them perform                       Whether they are creating
"Distinctively     Unclassified".              in my little neighborhood.                         something      new     out    of
After hearing the "draw" of this                                                                  something old, or performing an
band        caused       enough                The first three albums, The                        original composition, they defy
congestion      to   warrant    a              City, Train 64, and Adagio                         the laws of music and take the
position at the western limit of               attained top ten status in                         art--the entire music industry--
Streetfest for Beaches Jazz                    Canada's largest markets, and                      to a whole new level.
Festival, I had to check them                  the band is quickly gaining
out.   Fathead, Samba Squad                    international recognition. With                    Martin     Deller's   recording
(sadly absent this year), and                  their unconventional, ecclectic                    studio, Boom Ka, is steps away
Blackboard Blues Band will                     and ground-breaking style, it is                   from my favorite watering hole.
always be personal favorites,                  no surprise that people all over                   I dropped by one night to say hi,
but I despise missing even a                   the world are taking notice.                       and heard the most amazing
single Dr. Draw set. The band                  The lead vocals and melodies                       sound coming from the second
                                               are nothing more than a violin,                    floor.   I recognized Dr. Draw
                                               but with Eugene Draw at the                        immediately. I was invited to
                                               frayed, flailing bow, this is                      stay and watch the fascinating-
                                               some of the most powerful,                         and complicated- recording
                                               emotional and mind-blowing                         process, and had the pleasure
                                               music that has ever been                           of meeting the Doctor himself.
                                               created.                                           Marty had a big screen
                                                                                                  television, on mute, playing an
                                               "I've had problems getting into                    emotional hospital scene in a
                                               the crossover market, because                      Meg Ryan movie while one of
                                               they're like, 'This kid is a little                the tracks from "Distinctively
                                               dark, a little not-as-accessible,                  Unclassified"      was     being
                                               but      he     has    a     very                  perfected.     What the music
                                               straightforward         classical                  conveyed during the scene was
                                               crossover composition,'" the                       so overwhelming that it would
                                               26-year-old Draw says. "That's                     have been cheapened with
                                               why I was very unclassifiable,                     words of any kind.        I look
                                               and people are, like, 'What the                    forward to the day when I can
                                               hell is this?'"                                    see a movie enhanced by the
                                                                                                  perfect score, courtesy of Dr.
                                               Good question. It's impossible                     Draw, and later watch him
                                               to describe or define what is                      gracefully, and humbly, accept
                                               taking place when this music is                    his Academy Award.
                                               performed, live or recorded.
                                               Hearing    it  is  quite   the

                                                                                                                             As Seen on City
                                                                                celebrate 30 years in
                                                                                our Bloor West Village
                    Here at SINIT FASHIONS                                                                                      Television
                    We do all kinds of custom
                    made fashion clothed and
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EVENTS: ON BLOOR WEST “Village Festival 2009”
Doreen Hayes

                             Main Stage - Bloor W

                                    Street Performers

                                                                                    1056 Bloor Street West
                                                                               (416) 244-4447
        "Toronto's       best video store"
                                                                          HappyOne Food
                      29th year
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                                             Lisa Moore
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                            Incents, Aura Cleansing Consultants
                                     Palm Readings, Tarot Cards

                                    475 Bloor Street West

                                                                                                                                          CHIN 2008
                                        (West of Spadina)
                                      tel: (416) 972-5000
                                                                                                            CHIN 2009
                                                                                                                  BLOOR DUFFERIN
                                                                                                                  DENTAL CENTRE
                                                                                                                  General, Cosmetic & Family Dentistry
                                                                                                                  Dr. Tom Nguyen
                                                                                                                  1108 Bloor Street West,
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                                                                                                                   New    patients    and    emergency
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                                                                    orders                                                   416-530-8088 -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530                    Page 17
North by Northeast: More Than Just Music       recommended one of the better
                                                                                                                      By Melissa Peters

                                                                                                 have vocals at all, which is quite
                                               new acts and an old favourite,                    a feat, especially for newcomers
                                               conveniently playing back to                      to a crowd full of Torontonian El
                                               back at the El Mocambo; Melissa                   Mocambians. The most beautiful
                                               Auf Der Maur and The Sadies. I                    and memorable ballads, in my
                                               didn’t get to see much else of                    opinion, are those created by the
                                               what was out there, but I daresay                 heavier rock bands, and this
                                               I was lead to the right place at                  band could probably come up
                                               the right time.                                   with something awesome.

                                               Melissa Auf Der                                   The Sadies
                                               On lead vocals and bass, Melissa
 Melissa Auf Der Maur
                                               rocks out with passion and
                                               energy, making her bass look like
 From music to film to lifestyle,              it weighs no more than an empty
the North by Northeast festival                beer bottle.        My limited
takes over the city for three days             experience as a bassist not only
and pokes its head into airports,              tells me the thing weighs a ton,
parks and hotels throughout the                but gives me a profound respect

                                                                              Get Your Music Reviewed
month of July.       New to the                for a front-woman juggling
festival, I thought “Who better to             singing and complicated riffs in
guide me through a music                       front of a crowd. Instrumentally                  The dances I went to in high
festival than the staff of Long                eclectic and original, this band                  school were nothing like the
and McQuade, where ‘the music                  managed to impress a rock                         ones in the movies...we had an
begins’?” For Friday night, they               crowd with a song that didn’t

         Every Thursday at 9:30pm
 Hosted by Chris Casserly, of The VOIDSHOW

                                                                                 If you have bought cd
                                                                                      pressing from
                        ( at Ossington )
            860B College Street,                                       
                  Tele: 416-533-9669                                                over the last year
           Pitcher of beer, wings
               fries = $19.99                                                     please send your pics
                         Presented by:                                           and bio so I can run it
        w w w. e n t e r t a i n m e n t a g e n c y . c a                             in this paper
                          sponsored by

  Host Contact info on -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530   Page 18
North by Northeast: More Than Just Music
                                                                                                                           By Melissa Peters

unknown DJ playing top forty                        out, regardless of your age and             painful. The band was good
songs everyone could sing along                     musical taste.                              regardlesss,                 and
to, but were sick of. This band is                                                              complimented the musical
the type that the Upper East Side
socialites on Gossip Girl get to
                                                    METZ                                        style they were portraying with
                                                                                                talent and precision. Anyone
groove to at their spring formal.                   Last time I checked, the Silver             who has ever picked up an
Stylish, unique, The Sadies are                     Dollar Room was the place to                instrument can appreciate the
the kind of band that can be                        go to hear great R&B, Funk,                 speed at which music of this
enjoyed by just about anyone.                       Soul, Blues (Rocket 88!!)...                type has to be played while
Not only do they have a knack for                   Apparently bars don’t book the              still keeping the beat. Trying
throwing out kick-ass songs,                        acts they normally would when               to play bass at just an eighth of
they do so with an interesting                      there is a big festival on,                 the speed they were keeping is
and     impressive      array    of                 because this band was the                   downright painful.        If the
instruments and vocals, from the                    opposite of what I was                      volume was a little more
fiddle to the upright bass. This                    expecting. These guys were                  appropriate in proportion to
band has earned their rightful                      LOUD... music I would define                the space I would have stayed
spot on the festival circuit and in                 as Death Metal, which isn’t a               longer.   The sacrifice to my
the Toronto music scene. They                       bad thing per se, but I am still            hearing, however, would be far
came highly recommended as an                       young enough to appreciate an               too great.
old favourite with good reason                      unhealthy decibel level, and
and are 100% worth checking                         the volume was actually

                                 480 Roncesvalles Ave
                                 just south of Dundas West subway


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    Meridian stretching, belly dance self defense creative writing
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LIVE MUSIC: JOEJO’S GONE TO ROCK N’ ROLL HEAVEN beloved singer without being able                 King Cole, Ben E. King and Bob
                                                to hear them sing again. No one                   Marley with more heart and soul
                                                can describe how a piano genius                   than some of the most amazing
                                                paid homage to Scott Joplin so                    tribute artists in the world.
                                                well that Joplin himself would                    Music was his life, and he had the
                                                have been embarrassed to                          voice and talent to go a whole lot
                                                perform in public again. Luckily,                 further     than      fate    and
                                                we have a few recordings of one                   circumstance allowed.
                                                late musician that will help keep
                                                his phenomenal version of soul, R                 Randy, and Dave Grunsky, the
                                                and B, funk, and Blues alive.                     remaining members of Rocket
                                                Would have been nice to have a                    88, retired the band name in
                                                few more...                                       Joejo’s memory on August 16th,
                                                                                                  at a benefit hosted by the
                                                Joejo (Jr.) Riddick was the lead                  Cadillac Lounge, where Joejo,
                                                singer, and occasional bassist, of                and the band, frequently played.
The Day The Music Died                          Rocket 88.       He appeared in
By Melissa Peters                               various venues with countless                     Joejo was like a second father to
When a talented and gifted artist               bands throughout Canada and                       and my sisters and me... he and
passes away, it is a great loss to              the United States, with a musical                 my mom dated off and on so long
everyone, whether or not they                   career      spanning    decades.                  that he could have actually BEEN
had been given the chance yet to                Favorite 88 Covers included My                    my father. Joejo passed away
enjoy what came out of that                     Girl, Aint to Proud to Beg, Stir it               after suffering a massive stroke,
talent. Whether for nostalgia or                Up, 634-5789, Use Me, Get                         but he didn’t go lightly. He fought
historical    purposes,     it    is            Ready, Take Me to the River and                   to stick around so we could visit,
imperative to have a record of                  Leave Your Hat On.                                and so he could finally get to
original work or even original                                                                    know his amazing daughter,
take on existing work.          It’s            At La Cage Dinner Theater, Joejo                  Cassandra. But in the end, a life
impossible to photograph a voice,               honoured late greats such as                      without music wasn’t a life Joejo
or truly experience the effect of a             Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Nat                      could face.

Goodbye                                         You always seemed to understand
                                                my heart without me uttering a
                                                                                                 I don't know what I was thinking,
                                                                                                 when I thought you'd be alright
Written by Maryanne Petsrs, with                sound                                            Knowing some way somebody loved
contributions from Melissa Peters               I'm still wishing you were here with             me out there,
“The Dissapointments”, in memory                me even though you're underground                I could make it through the night
of Joejo. He HATED the name of the              I remember when we were together,
band, so once we have a little more             Our happy family                                 This is my goodbye my friend,
experience and sound a bit better,              It's hard to see that the sun can rise           it's the best that I could do
we might consider changing it.                  without you here to see                          Tears fill my eyes--instead of writing
                                                                                                 this song, we should have been
I'm finding it hard to believe I no             I don't know what I was thinking,                jamming with you
longer have you in my life                      when I thought you'd always return               It's gonna be really hard to move on,
I try to pretend I'm doing okay, but            Everything changes,                              but I guess I have to try
the sorrow cuts me like a knife                 a lesson I didn't want to learn                  I hope to see you on the other side,
So much I wanted to tell you, I                                                                  but for now       Good-Bye
couldn't even say goodbye                       I can't help but wonder,
The last time I saw you, I didn't               where are you today?                             We will all miss you, Joejo, but we
know you were gonna die                         Are you better off where you are                 hope you’re having a blast
                                                right now, are you happier this way?             jamming with the late greats.
I don't know what I was thinking                I know you must have suffered,
when I thought you'd never leave                waiting for your ship to arrive                  Love Sharon, Melissa, Maryanne,
All that's left to do right now is              I wish there could have been more                Bonnie, and Logan.
grieve                                          for you... I wish you were alive -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530   Page 20
James Joyce: Your Neighborhood Pub in The Annex
                                                                                                                       By Melissa Peters

                                              from Celtic-style music to                        and         drink         specials.
                                              mainstream hits-they also have a                  Wednesdays; house pints and
                                              regular open mic with prizes for                  shooter and half price chili &
                                              top performers-collaboration is                   shepherd’s pie, Thursdays cheap
                                              encouraged.      Food is served                   martinis & Amsterdam pints, half
                                              until 2am every night, with fast                  price Wings & nachos, Fridays
                                              and friendly service regardless                   cocktail pitcher special,      half
                                              of how busy it is. The pub, with                  price fish & chips & Meatloaf,
                                              its long wooden bar and laid-                     Saturdays Steamwhistle special
                                              back surroundings has been                        & $10 Appetizers & Dips Platter,
                                              around for 15 years, and has                      and on Sunday, cheap domestic
                                              been frequented by famous East                    bottles     and      half    price
Live Music and Daily Specials                 Coast musicians and celebrities                   Appetizers.     Belfast Breakfast
Make the James Joyce Your                     like George Stroumboulopoulos.                    served 11am-6pm weekends.
Neighborhood Pub in The Annex                 Domestic pints are just $4.50,                    There are 16 beers on tap, pool
                                              and there are daily specials that                 tables, giant TV screens, Setanta
Named in honour of the noted                  appeal to everyone, especially                    Sports and free WiFi. There is
Irish novelist, The James Joyce               the nearby University of Toronto                  now a James Joyce in Etobicoke,
is a Traditional Irish Pub                    students. On Mondays, there is                    which offers all the same kinds
featuring live music 365 nights a             a discount on all Millstreet pints,               of     specials       and      live

DOGGIE HEALTH: Canine Cooler
year, usually beginning at 10 pm              and Irish Stew and Irish drinks                   entertainment.
and featuring mostly local                    cost a dollar less every Tuesday.
talented artists playing anything             Every other day offers both food

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                                               memory foam comfort bed                           Glove    leather    soft    outer
                                               soothes and conforms to each                      membrane (20 mil.) for superior
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                                               cooling at room temperature.                      Anti-mold/anti-mildew agents
                                               These special features make the                   built into core - Low profile
                                               Canine Cooler® especially great                   design for easy on and off - Non-
                                               for dogs with bad joints, bad                     toxic and gel free bed is
                                               hips, skin disorders and other                    completely safe for pets - The
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MOCOMBO: In The Habana Project - Cuba            Ferrer who has toured Canada                        record industry.
                                                 the past two years.
                                                                                                     Mocombo is all about opening
                                                 The National Contemporary                           up to musical possibilities and
                                                 Dance Company of Cuba has                           embracing the the sphere of
                                                 been performing to songs from                       personal    express     without
                                                 Mocombo "Dreamscape' .       A                      regard      to    commercial
                                                 one hour documentary filmed in                      precedents.
                                                 Habana features an in depth
                                                 look at the dance company and                       Danny Mott is the key architect
                                                 its history.                                        of Mocombo with a career that
Mocombo has been getting
                                                                                                     spans three decades. Born in
airplay in Cuba, Jamaica,
                                                 A very popular song in Cuba and                     London, England, Danny Mott
Germany, Italy, Croatia and
                                                 Jamaica is the reggae flavored                      has spent most of his life in
Canada.    Projects include 7
                                                 'I'm Havin' A Bob Marley                            Canada. Besides playing bass
CDs, videos and documentary
                                                 Moment'.                                            guitar, he also writes and
with National Dance Company
                                                                                                     arranges most of the material
of Cuba and recording projects
                                                 Mocombo plays 'Zubie Zubie'                         on the Mocombo albums. Danny
in Canada, Cuba and Jamaica.
                                                 music.     Zubie Zubie music                        has studied at Humber College
Lastest   CD,   Mocombo     In
                                                 enbraces all musical styles and                     in Toronto, Hindustani Classical
Habana Project, was recorded
                                                 ethnicity in equal proportions.                     sitar with pundit Shambu Das
in Habana Cuba with legendary
                                                 Imagine a picture without any                       (disciple of the Ravi Shankar)
bassist,   arranger   Roberto
                                                 borders or boundaries and you                       and holds a B.A. in music.
Riveron ( Klimax, Cubanismo,
                                                 have the scope of our vision.
EFB Band).
                                                 Zubie music transcends the                
Many of the tracks in Cuba
                                                 musical quantization by the                         905-464-6777
feature Cuban guitarist Elmer

The Big Chill                                    only reason to step indoors is to get
                                                 your delectable frozen treat. The
                                                                                                      of the two little cars that take the
                                                                                                      place of a couple of boring tables.
A Sweet Little Treat in Little Italy             waffle cones are freshly made and                    Logan,      my       daughter       the
                                                 the product is fresh, creamy, and                    jock/princess, made sure to check
In the Beach, we have Ed's real                  comes in flavors that range from                     under the hood to make sure all the
scoop,     which     has    amazing              classic to creative. Once you get                    plastic parts were in working order.
homemade ice-cream, but I couldn't               your cone or banana split, with the                  There are a few antique-style
help falling in love with a little ice           topping(s) of your choice, you step                  benches and tables with umbrellas
cream shop in Little Italy. The Big              outside to find a great place for kids               for the adults to sit. If you have a kid
Chill is located at the corner of                to socialize, play, and get covered in               with you, bring a book to read,
College and Manning. The inside is               ice cream. The kids take turns                       because he or she is never going to
tiny, but with such a neat patio, the            driving, or taking the passenger seat                want to leave.       By Melissa Peters

 -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530   Page 22
NEW MUSIC: Caois For Comfort                  Jonathan & Paul Rivard and                        viewed independent American
                                              Boyce fuse captivating melodies                   film "Hunting with Simon Ashley"
                                              with fast, intricate driving                      as well as the sold out 'Faint &
                                              rhythms, wrapped in a blanket of                  Hearted'     compilation.      Now,
                                              atmospheric sound. With three                     Chaos for Comfort readies their
                                              previous releases under their                     newest LP, 'I'll Tell People' for its
                                              belts, their most previous 2006                   summer '09 release. With a loyal
                                              LP     'Moments     Aligned   in                  following in Southern Ontario
                                              Symmetry' was a critical release                  and Quebec, they are currently
                                              for the band. Chaos for Comfort                   seeking to perform this summer
                                              supported the release with a                      in the tri-city area, and then
                                              100-date tour across Ontario                      return to the roads for a national
                                              and Quebec, and received                          tour this fall. Chaos for Comfort
Chaos for Comfort is an                       significant rotation on campus                    is sure to contrast and entertain

MUSIC: Calypso Steel Band Legemd John Perez
energetic, post-indie rock trio               radio stations and CBC radio 3.                   with their curiously-polite stage
from       Kitchener-Waterloo.                Several    tracks    were   also                  banter and driving, high-energy
Formed in 1998, brothers                      included in the internationally                   live show.

                                                                                             News From Barbados
Born in Diego Martin, Republic               2003 Received an Award as a
of Trinidad and Tobago                       Cultural Icon of Canada..
1969 Migrated to Canada and                  2003 Trinidad and Tobago
formed the Legends - a music                 Consul      General    National                  Red Plastic Bag is the 2009
band out of Hamilton                         Republic Day Award                               Banks LIME Pic-O-De-Crop
1983 - 1990 Taught steelband                 2004 Founder and Director of                     Calypso Monarch. From field of
music as a credit course at L.S.             “Pass The Torch” - the first                     10 calypsonians RPB displayed
Beattie Secondary School in                  Calypso project in the world for                 his lyrical mastery and out-
Toronto, 1984-1991                           children and youth                               performed the other nine
1983 Started singing calypso;                2005, 2006          Wrote the                    competitors to win a fully loaded
placed second in the Calypso                 compositions that won the Pan                    2009    Toyota    Corolla     and
Monarch         of     Canada                Calypso Category for the                         $10,500 in cash. First runner up
Competition                                  Calypso Monarch of Canada                        went to John King winning
1984, 1986, 1987, 1988 Won                   Competition                                      $15,750.00,    while      second
the Calypso Monarch of Canada                2005,       2006 Wrote the                       runner-up went to Blood, who
Competition                                  compositions that won the                        won $11,025.00.
1986       Won the Calypso                   Calypso Monarch of Edmonton.
Monarch      of    New     York              (Sung by the Spiceman)                           Minister of Culture Mr. Steve
Competition; Nominated for a                 2008 Wrote the composition                       Blackett presenting trophy to
Juno Award in Canada.                        that won the Calypso Monarch                     Red Plastic Bag. Following are
1999, 2000, 2001 Wrote the                   of   Canada competition and                      the results of the 2009 Banks
songs that won the Calypso                   Miami                                            LIME             Pic-O-De-Crop
Queen of Canada Competition                  2009     Sang at ‘The Icons’                     competition:
1990 / 1991 Won a Juno Award                 Calypso Tent in Trinidad                         Monarch:
1997, 1998, 1999, 2001 Wrote                 Made a guest appearance at
the songs that won the Calypso               the Queens Park Savannah                         Red Plastic Bag - 2nd John King
Monarch         of     Canada                Currently co-host of ‘My Data                    - 3rd Blood - 4th Sir Ruel - 5th
Competition                                  Bag’ on CHRY 105.5fm                             Sheldon Hope      - 6th Adrian
2001, 2002, 2003 Wrote the                                                                    Clarke - 7th Bumba - 8th Hee
songs that won the Calypso                   John Perez - Sobriquet Jayson                    Haw - 9th TC - 10th Colin
Monarch of Miami Competition                 Email:                       Spencer -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530   Page 23
BIG ON BLOOR: I have to confess    I have to confess, I                variety of problems                 was to produce a big
                                   don't live in the best              here. I won't list them             community          street
                                   neighbourhood        in             all. As you can imagine,            festival,     with    the
                  Dougal           Toronto. It is not the              there are as many                   intention of getting
                  Bichan           most trendy or upscale              problems and solutions              local people to work
                  (Big On Bloor)
                                   neighbourhood. It is                as there are people                 together to improve the
                                   interesting,    though,             proposing them.                     public     image     and,
                                   interesting people live                                                 maybe               more
                                   here and interesting                About three years ago, I            importantly, the self-
                                   events happen here.                 was part of a group that            image         of      the
                                   People      say     the             came together to try to             neighbourhood.
                                   neighbourhood needs                 do something about                  Appropriately named
                                   a    lot    of    work.             improving the area. It              the BIG on Bloor
                                   Depending on who you                was     an    extremely             festival, after the group
                                   talk to, there are a                diverse group including             that developed the
                                                                       local business groups,              idea,      the      Bloor
                                                                       six politicians from                Improvement        Group
                                                                       three      levels      of           (BIG). The festival was
                                                                       government in two                   mainly supported by the
                                                                       different        ridings,           two BIAs in the area –
                                                                       several        residents            Bloordale             and
                                                                       associations and social             Bloorcourt.
                                                                       services agencies — 24
                                                                       stakeholders in all.                It was an ambitious
                                                                                                           project, to close a 2 _
                                                                       Many ideas were put                 km. long section of
                                                                       forward. One of them                Bloor    Street,   from

      Celebrating 25 years
     NEW cat clinic
       Now Open
      Bloorcourt Veterinary Clinic
        1079 Bloor Street West
      416-537-9677 -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530   Page 24
   www. printablecanadiancoupons .com
            Or Take This Paper To Any Of The Stores

50% Off
Japanese hair

We can get you ready for
a wedding or prom

Great Deals On Hair

712 Bloor St. W
(416) 532-9000 -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530   Page 25
RADIO: A little Chat with CHIN’s Edoardo Monasterolo
                                                                                                                                 By Melissa Peters

                                              Edoardo is the creative director of                  exciting as possible.”
                                              Italian programming, and morning
                                              show producer/host for CHIN                          Edoardo comes from an acting
                                              Radio/TV International.                              background, but points out that
                                                                                                   radio is more challenging than
                                              “Everybody has a dream when [he                      television in the sense that there
                                              or she] is little. Mine was always to                are no images to fill the space
                                              be in front of a microphone talking                  when a radio personality runs out
                                              to people and telling them stories.                  of words. It’s important to keep
                                              When I was a little kid I never                      listeners interested with the words
                                              dreamed about being an astronaut                     and the way they are said. They
                                              or a professional soccer player, but                 should be able to imagine what you
                                              just to have a pair of headphones                    are describing; what they can’t
                                              and a microphone all for myself”,                    see.
                                              Edoardo told us.
                                                                                                   It’s something that requires formal
                                              Edoardo started his career as a                      training, but Edoardo believes that
                                              sound engineer for small bands,                      there must be something in the
                                              clubs, eventually landing a job as                   blood, because simple instruction
                                              operator in a small radio station.                   isn’t quite enough.

                                              “Being a radio host is...a way of                    The responsibility of selecting
                                              life. You have to keep your                          which music is played isn’t up to
                                              feelings and personal life away                      the host. The music has to be
                                              from the “waves”. No matter how                      appropriate to the station and the
                                              upset [you are about] traffic or                     individual style of the show, so the
                                              with your wife, when the mike is                     responsibility is in the hands of a
                                              one everything must be as                            music programmer.

TOP 25 (July – August 2009)
                                                                                13. RENATO ZERO – NON SMETTEREI MAI
1. ARTISTI UNITI PER L’ABRUZZO – DOMANI                                         14. EROS RAMAZZOTTI – PARLA CON ME
2. TIZIANO FERRO – INDIETRO                                                     15. NEK – SEMPLICI EMOZIONI
3. ZERO ASSOLUTO – PER DIMENTICARE                                              16. NOEMI – BRICIOLE
4. NEFFA – LONTANO DAL TUO SOLE                                                 17. PINO DANIELE – DIMENTICA
5. SAMUELE BERSANI – FERRAGOSTO                                                 18. UMBERTO TOZZI – CERCO ANCORA TE
6. LUCIANO LIGABUE – SULLA MIA STRADA                                           19. MALIKA AYANE – CONTRO VENTO
7. TBAND – CON TE PARTIRO’                                                      20. STATUTO – VAMOS ALLA PLAYA
8. MARCO CARTA – DENTRO OGNI BRIVIDO                                            21. J AX – RAP ‘n’ ROLL
9. JOVANOTTI – PUNTO                                                            22. POOH – ANCORA UNA NOTTE INSIEME
10. VASCO ROSSI – IL MONDO CHE VORREI                                           23. GIUSY FERRERI – NOVEMBRE
11. GIANNA NANNINI – MALEDETTO CIAO                                             24. NICKY NICOLAI – LA CALLE GLUCK
12. DOLCENERA – D’AMORE PIU’ BELLA CHE C’E’                                     25. LAURA PAUSINI – PRIMAVERA IN ANTICIPO
 -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530    Page 26
BIG ON BLOOR: I have to confess (con’t)
I have to confess, I don't live in              associations and social services                     people suggested that we should
the best neighbourhood in                       agencies — 24 stakeholders in                        scale it back and grow gradually.
Toronto. It is not the most trendy              all.                                                 The group went ahead with the
or upscale neighbourhood. It is                                                                      original    idea    anyway.   We
interesting, though, interesting                Many ideas were put forward.                         produced the first event, June
people live here and interesting                One of them was to produce a                         21, 2008. Somehow we managed
events happen here. People say                  big community street festival,                       to pull it off. We attracted 300
the neighbourhood needs a lot of                with the intention of getting local                  vendors and about 100,000
work. Depending on who you talk                 people to work together to                           people to that section of Bloor
to, there are a variety of                      improve the public image and,                        Street for the day.
problems here. I won't list them                maybe more importantly, the
all. As you can imagine, there are              self-image of the neighbourhood.                     So this year, we decided to do it
as many problems and solutions                  Appropriately named the BIG on                       again, only bigger and better.
as there are people proposing                   Bloor festival, after the group                      The community came out to
them.                                           that developed the idea, the                         support it big-time! We attracted
                                                Bloor Improvement Group (BIG).                       more than 400 vendors at 500
About three years ago, I was part               The    festival    was      mainly                   tables, this year, everything from
of a group that came together to                supported by the two BIAs in the                     knitting to donuts. We had three
try to do something about                       area – Bloordale and Bloorcourt.                     stages programmed with eight
improving the area. It was an                                                                        hours of entertainment on each.
extremely       diverse     group               It was an ambitious project, to                      They were filled with all variety

Fiera: September 05, 06 College St ( Bathurst - Shaw Ave)
including local business groups,                close a 2 _ km. long section of                      of entertainment, from Ote'a
six politicians from three levels               Bloor Street, from Christie to                       Tane,     all-male     Polynesian
of government in two different                  Lansdowne and fill it with                           dancers, to the all-girl punk
ridings,     several    residents               events.   Many    well-meaning                       band, Fidget. In between, there

Competition - our own and                       Lombardi. Chair of Little Italy BIA,                 FIERA      2009    is   truly    a
unique "Little Italy Canadian                   and President of CHIN Radio/Tv                       celebration of all things Italian!
Idol Show when 20 contestants                   International.. My father, Johnny                    In Little Italy on College Street
will vie for over $4,000 in cash                Lombardi, was passionate about                       Saturday         and      Sunday
and prizes, and radio and                       the Italian culture and the desire                   September 5'"and 6'", 2009.
television exposure on CHIN                     to share it with all Canadians.                      Admission is FREE. Street
Radio/Tv International                          Where better to experience Italian                   closure in effect. From Bathurst
                                                culture. music and cuisine. than                     to Shaw.
"I am very proud to offer this                  in the heart of Little Italy on
Italian cultural experience to all              College Street”
residents of Toronto," said Lenny

                                                                                      Alex, Mel, Paul, Chaz are sales reps
                                                                                 Editor, Utube videos, Pictures,web and graphic
                                                                                             lay-out by Paul Murton.
                                                                                                   416-693-8530 -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530   Page 27
ART: Your Art Representing Bloorcourt (Bloor West)
His grammar and spelling may                      at this point, but with or without                   and Dufferin. This is an exciting
border on atrocious, but my                       money, some BIA’s come up with                       opportunity     for   artists   to
trusty editor, Paul Murton, has                   some pretty amazing ideas. My                        showcase their work. All entries
the know-how and experience to                    goal is to feature a different                       must submit 250 words (max.)
make a community publication                      relevant BIA each issue, find out                    describing how their concept
work. The one thing he keeps                      what they are doing for the                          relates to the Bloorcourt area.
emphasising to me, as his writer,                 community, and tell the readers
journalist, and little publication                what I learn.                                        The city and BIA share the cost of
prodigy,     is   the     supreme                                                                      this project, as it is a capital
importance of the Business                        This issue was easy, because the                     project,   but    every     banner
Improvement Association (BIA).                    Bloorcourt BIA has come up with                      adorning a light post in this city is
The BIG ON BLOOR festival is                      a way to support the arts,                           courtesy of a BIA.
just one example of what a BIA                    represent the culture of the area,
does for a community, as well as                  and showcase the final product                       The conditions and details of the
those convenient square flower                    in such a way that it draws more                     contest are as follows;
arrangements that give me a                       attention to the unique residents
little   place    to   rest    and                and businesses.                                      There is room for a total of 39
redistribute the weight of the                                                                         pieces, which will be divided up
hundreds of papers I carry on my                  Residents of the area, past and                      between three age groups- 12
back to members of the                            present, or those for whom the                       and under, 13-19 and 20+.
community. As my involvement                      community holds a special place                      Applicants    must     submit   a
in these publications grows, I am                 in their hearts, are encouraged to                   280x600 pixel piece of art in any
finally grasping the importance                   submit a design sample or piece                      medium. The deadline is August
and purpose of the various BIA’s                  of artwork representing the                          30, 2009, and the contest is open
and the reason for their                          identity and expression of the                       to artists of all ages. For more
existence.      There is a good                   Bloorcourt community.       Those                    information       please     visit
chance that some have more at                     chosen are to become banners               
their disposal financially, and it’s              hung from light fixtures along                        By Melissa Peters
not really my place to guess why                  Bloor Street between Montrose

                                                                                     AfriVillage Fest
                                                                                         Organized By: AfriVillage Festival Committee

           1. What are similar properties selling for,                               The 3rd Annual Bloor Street Festival
                   listed at, sold for recently?                              A 2 day family or singles street festival showcasing
      2. How can you make your property competitive?                                         Diversity in Harmony.
           EASY!! Get familiar with the comparables.
        3. Finally, know how to determine a List price
                                                                               BLOOR STREET RESTAURANTS, DIVERSE FOOD
    To attract as many buyers as possible In the shortest                     TASTINGS, STREET VENDORS &TENTS, CULTURAL
   amount of time. Avoiding costly mistakes. Let years of                        MARQUEE TENTS. VILLAGE SPICE MARKET,
    Listing Experience help you protect the value of your                      FASHION SHOWS, ARTS & CRAFTS, KIDS STAGE,
  property. Make educated, informed decisions. Plan to get                           KIDS PLAY ZONE, FACE PAINTING
       the most $$$ in the least amount of time. For a                                    LIVE PERFORMANCES!!!
  complimentary value indication based on A Comparative
               Market Analysis of your property.
                                                                                         BLOOR ST/ OSSINGTON
                         Contact                                                         BLOOR ST/ CRAWFORD
                 Claudia Doret B. Arch.                                         BLOOR WILL BE BLOCKED OFF FROM TRAFFIC
                  416 970-SOLD (7653)                                            BETWEEN THOSE INTERSECTIONS FOR THIS
                Real Estate Salesperson
    Retired Member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada.                                August 29, 2009 to August 30, 2009
                                                                                               This is a 2 day event
  MORCAP CORPORATION BROKERAGE                                                                   10-10 each day
        416 224 2266 x 269 -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530   Page 26
                                                                                                                               by Darek Wisniewski

                 On May 22, 2009,               have said that raw milk carries                      They     confiscated      computer
                 I had the privilege            the risk of contamination and                        equipment, records and his
                 of attending the               spreading of salmonella, E. Coli                     cheese making equipment. Two
                 gala at the 2009               and Listeria monocytogens. None                      years     later,    Schmidt     was
                 Canadian Holistic              of which have ever been found                        convicted of defying a court
                 N u t r i t i o n              through Schmidt’s raw milk.                          order by continuing to sell and
Conference and watching a                       Schmidt argues that it is very                       distribute his raw milk. He was
champion who wants to enforce                   difficult to produce dangerous                       fined $55,000 and faces up to 20
our rights in the province of                   raw milk and it has a built-in                       charges if convicted. His trial
Ontario. Michael Schmidt, a                     immune system through its lactic                     ended earlier this year and a
German born farmer, came to                     acid bacteria. After a dramatic                      decision will be made by the
Canada in 1983 to start a new life              jury trial in 1994 and being                         judge in the trial late this
and continue his tradition of                   raided by the police and                             summer. When asked about the
farming        by       purchasing              government        agents,     the                                 trial, Michael says he
Glencolton Farms in Durham.                     Schmidt’s reached their lowest                                    feels quite good and
After purchasing several cows                   ebb. Michael was gored by one                                     confident that he
for his farmland, he started to                 his bulls that gave him a huge                                    made a strong case
sell and distribute raw milk. Word              gash and forced him to spend a                                    along with expert
spread quickly and as sales                     week in intensive care. Michael                                   testimony of people
increased he opened up a store                  realized this was a sign and that                                 who consisted of
on the farm in 1992. In 1994,                   the bull was telling him that the                    people who produce and sell raw
CBC wanted to do a documentary                  only hope was to fight back. The                     milk in other parts of the world
on the Glencolton farm and                      Schmidt’s continued to sell and                      where it is legal. Should Michael
Michael agreed. Michael admits                  distribute their raw milk by                         lose the trial, he will continue his
this was a mistake and that he                  slowly rebuilding their farm for                     fight once he gets out of jail as
should have never gotten that                   the next 11-1/2 years. On                            he believes we should all have
publicity.   In the province of                 November 21, 2006, 20 armed                          the right to choose what we want
Ontario, it is illegal to sell and              Ministry of Natural Resource                         to consume in a democratic

HEALTH: Noise From the “Toxic Express Train Project”
distribute raw milk but you can                 Officers raided Michael’s farm.                      nation.
drink it for your own personal                  He was ready this time and fully
consumption.       Health officials             co-operated with the officers.

I understand that Go is                         vibrational disturbance from the                     of this neighborhood. . My
expanding its regional rail                     site is extremely invasive to our                    understanding is that the shock
services, something that I am a                 home and family life. Little                         waves are measuring 3.5 on the
supporter of. However, the                      regard is being paid to health                       Richter scale and the sound
ongoing level of noise and                      and well-being of the residents                      blasts are measuring over 100

 #            Psychic Sandra
 #              Palm, Tarot, Crystal Ball, Truly born
                 “gifted” Reader. Are you unhappy,
           confused, worried, lonely, Depressed in
         love, Job, family, money, health One visit
        will convince you! Guaranteed to help and
              immediate results! (Dundas Street W)

                              416) 769-2235

 -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530   Page 29
HEALTH: Noise From the “Toxic Express Train Project”
 decibels. These blasts are              terms of its constancy and                     on their well-being and the
 occurring    every     three            repetitiveness.                                structural integrity of their
 seconds. That means that                                                               homes.
 every three seconds our                 The stress is starting to
 home vibrates with a huge               take its toll on our family’s                  Last week, we received a
 sound blast shaking the                 mental and emotional well-                     flyer from GO promising
 walls and furniture. I have             being, as well as other                        that all work would be
 served in a combat unit                 members          of      the                   finished by 4:00 p.m. each
 and have been close to                  community. Neighbors and                       day. As of 5:15 pm. today,

 artillery    fire;       this           local business people are                      the pounding is still
 experience is similar, yet is           complaining about the                          continuing. I live at 187
 much more intense in                    effects of the pile drivers                    Osler Street

MOUNTAINEDGE           CREW:   A                 music festivals, Concert venues                      Mark Steel, Humble, Avetha,
versatile roots rock Reggae band,                and clubs in Toronto, Montreal,                      Tinga Stewart, Mighty Diamonds,
Presently Based In Toronto                       Calgary and the USA. Festivals                       Queen Ifrica, Dobby Dobson,
Canada. The band consists of                     Include Irie music Festival-(5000                    Professor nuts, too much to
Guitarist: Evon(Laza) Lazarus                    People), Jamaica Day-(15000)                         mention. Mountainedge is also an
Bassist: La Allen Drummer:                       Montreal Reggae Festival-(20,000                     Excellent studio Recording band,
Junior      (Dago)     McPherson                 )and Air Jamaica Day, to an                          and are the proud winner of
Keyboard Player and our female                   Audience of over 25,000 People.                      (2007)(2008) best reggae band in
lead & background vocals                         Mountainedge Crew is now ready                       Canada.
Empress Anla Each members                        to tour around the world
brings over 15 years of musical                  performing sweet positive and              
experience      to    the  table.                conscious reggae music for the                       Trea-jah-isle record store – 1514
Mountainedge Crew Performed                      people, The band had provided                        Eglinton Ave West, Toronto 416-
an exciting, entertaining live                   musical background for artists                       787-7615 + DJ Records and
show.                                            like:    Tony    Rebel,      Glen                    Cultural Accessories – 2508
                                                 Washington,     George    Nooks,                     Eglinton Ave West, Toronto 416-
They Performed at numerous                       Junior jazz, Ernie Smith, VC,                        567-7285

                                                     Five Star Contracting
                                                     Landscaping             New Construction
                                                     Custom Stone Work       Retaining Walls
                                                     Planting                Irrigation (Sprinkler
                                                     Systems)                FULLY INSURED
                                                     Sodding/Grading         Maintenance

                                                          (416) 560-4829 ~ (416) 820-4336

  Renovation                                                 Roofing &
        Roofing, Additions,                                House Repairs
      Basements, Washrooms                                   Shingles & Flat Roofs
                                                                Eaves, Soffits,
       Kitchen Renovations,                                    Chimneys & more
    Laminate, Tiling & Harwood                                Competitive Rates
             Flooring                                           Free Estimates
                                                                  Tax Credits

    647-333-1050                                    416-626-0777 -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530   Page 30
                                                                                                Your Flooring Specialist Hardwood, Refinishing,
                                                                                              Laminate, Granite, Carpet Tiles: Installation ~ Sales
                                                                                                              & Service Repairs:

                                                                                      TOM DAY
                                                                                                      Call Khushru 416-677-7555

                                                                                   Master Plumber Metro License # P1624

                                                                                    No Job Too Small
                                                                                     25 Years in your
                                                                                FULL PLUMBING SERVICE
                                                                                  FULL DRAIN SERVICE
                                                                                 416-480-0622 -- -- E-mail: 416-693-8530       Page 31
Winner of Miss Chin Bikini International
of 2009 is Kaitlyn. Runner Up for Miss
Chin Bikini International of 2009:
# 8 - Nicole # 18 - Erin

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                                                                                                                            Dufferin Mall
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                                                                                      1068 College Street

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