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					                        PowerPoint for Teachers
                       Instructional Tools and Resources:

General Collections - PowerPoint Resources

David Jakes – Downer’s Grove Community High School
District 99 – Teaching & Learning with Technology – Presentations Using PowerPoint I

Brainy Betty

Steven Bell’s Power Point Resource Page


Active Learning with PowerPoint

*Jefferson County Schools – PowerPoint Presentation Collection

PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds

GraphicsLand – Free PowerPoint templates

PowerPoint Backgrounds – Free Resources for Students and Educators

Effective Presentations

Education World – Power Point: Creating Classroom Presentations

TNC The New Curriculum – Avoiding PowerPointless

Avoiding Seven Deadly Multimedia Designs and Presentation Sins

David Parodi - Top Ten Things You Can Do to Improve Your Next PowerPoint Presentation

Using Power Point More Effectively for Classroom Instruction

Tutorials / Step by Step Directions

10 Easy Steps to Create a Power Point Presentation – Hilby

Internet4Classrooms – Microsoft Power Point

ACTDen – PowerPoint in the Classroom

Electric Teacher – PowerPoint Tutorials

Microsoft Office Online – PowerPoint 2000

Microsoft Office Online - Save a Power Point Presentation for Web

Education World - Power Point Techtorials

Planning a Presentation – Storyboards

Georgia Department of Education - Teacher Resource Center

Multimedia Resources

Soople – Easy Expert Search

KitZu – Digital Kits for Education


Classroom Clipart


Music and Sounds

Freeplay Music

OOPS Video – Audio Bookmark Page

Netscape - Free Sounds and Sound Effects

DigiTales – Music and Sound Resources

Games – Templates and Ready-to-Go Games

Internet4Classrooms –PowerPoint Game Templates

JC Schools – PowerPoint Games

JC Schools – Lang. Arts PowerPoint Games

A Parade of Games in PowerPoint

Jefferson County – PowerPoint Games

Active Learning – Using Power Point to Play Educational Games
Rubrics and Checklists

Rate Your Presentation Slides

Ithaca - Evaluation Rubric for Power Point Presentation

Rubric for Multimedia Presentation

University of Wisconsin Stout – A+ Rubric

NC State – Presentation Rubric

NC State – Multimedia Project Rubric

NC State – Multimedia Mania Student Checklist

ArtTeacher Connection – Evaluation for PowerPoint Presentation

Project Based Learning – Multimedia Presentation Checklist – Grades 2-4

Project Based Learning – Multimedia Presentation Checklist – Grades 5-8

Presentation Evaluation

Performance Task Assessment for Multimedia Presentation

Inquiry-based Learning Resources

BioPoint – Inquiry-based Learning

BioPoint – Project Gallery
The Inquiry Page

Hilby – Essential Question Hotlist

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