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									?If you can not close the sale you can not make money. Many Internet marketers think
that when using the Internet that you don't have to talk to people because people will
just buy or sign up. Anyone that has been doing Internet Marketing for any time
knows that this is just not true.

Before people will listen to you, before people trust you and before people will buy
from you or join your primary business, they must know that you care about them and
what they are doing. That means you must develop a relationship with that prospect.
This can be done with out talking to people as Mike Dillard continues to demonstrate
but it takes being an expert in copyrighting. Since most of us are not, that is not really
an option. You MUST call your prospects and talk with them. Show them that you
care about them and what they are doing. CONNECT with them. That is the key.
When you learn how to connect with your prospects your close rate will dramatically

Connecting is only the first step in being able to close a sale. In fact there are four
phases to closing a sale according to Jeffery Combs. If you don't know Jeffery, he is a
master marketer that specializes in closing. In fact he spends most of his time now
teaching other network marketers how to read people and how to close the sale. I have
listened to several of Jeffery's CD's on this subject. Most recently "The Psychological
of Clo$ing" and prior to "Animal Factor" Jeffery is an expert at closing and if you
have never had an opportunity to hear him make a close, you are missing something.

The four steps to closing are:
? Small Talk
? Fact Finding
? Rapport
? Commitment

Once you have connected with your prospect you begin to dig into the whats and
whys that they are interested in your business or product. When using attraction
marketing, these individuals have already visited your web site or have in some way
indicated they are interested in finding out more information. It is this step that you
find out why. The secret to this step is to dig until they have giving you all the
ammunition you need to close them. That's right, they will give you exactly what you
need. The key is in asking the right questions in the right way.

Once you have the information that you need you begin to share with the prospect the
benefits of your product or system. Remember to use the fact that you have learned
earlier to point out specific benefits that would of interest to the prospect from what
you learned earlier. This part is somewhat easy if you know your product or system
and you were really listening to the prospect in the earlier steps.

Finally is the commitment or asking for the sale. The key here is assume the sale and
ask the questions in such a way that you will get the answer you want. For example:
Lets say you have a program that someone can come in at three different levels.
Present the levels as a good, better and best way to come in to the program but do it in
the reverse order you would expect. Talk about the highest level first and the lowest
level last. Then asked for the close. Which level do you want to come in at? Assume
the prospect is in and asked him what level he is coming in at. If you give then chose
1, 2 or 3 it is hard for them to say I want a fourth option. This will only happen to
those that are not really interested. Now this is also the time the you get objections.
Dealing with those is beyond the article but when you can handle the objections you
will get the close.

If you are having the conversation with the prospect on the phone, which is most
common in Internet Marketing there are some things you need to know about how
people relate to others over the phone. Very little of what you say is the words you

When you speak to someone over the phone:
? 7% is what you say
? 30% is the tonality of how you say it
? 55% is the energy in your voice.
All this means is "It is not what you say it is how you say it"

Some additional things to consider when recruiting individuals into your business or
selling someone a product are:
Find self-motivated people
? Ask questions - the person that asks the questions is in control of the conversation
? Be passionate - get in the right mindset before the call
? Live in the moment - don't think so much - Say what you feel
? Lead people into the business - People want to follow a leader.

The only way to do this is with practice, practice, practice. Now I the words of my
personal coach Cedrick Harris, "Its not practice makes you perfect but perfect practice
makes you perfect" Or other words you can practice more than anyone else but unless
you are doing it right all you are doing is teaching yourself bad habits. My
recommendation is to hire a coach that has been successful in network marketing and
proven themselves. Learn from that person and you may succeed. It is up to YOU.

Now get out there and make it a great day!

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