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Parking systems that
require everything to be
done manually are time-
consuming and expensive.
The cost of staff and
maintenance can have a
real effect on profit margins.

The Enterprise Management
System (EMS) makes your
parking operations interactive;
when there’s a problem,
the machines will call you.
And you can check on
your machines remotely.
You’ll save time and money.
Reduce your costs.
Increase your revenues.
Improve your control.
With EMS.
EMS brings to life the full capabilities of the LUKE and
SHELBY pay stations. It’s a safe, secure system that
allows you to better manage your operations and react
quickly to situations as they arise.
At the core of the EMS system is EMS Basic. Once you have EMS Basic,
you can choose to add additional features for increased functionality.

EMS Basic                                           Monitoring and Alarming
Using EMS Basic you can:                            Proactively send information to your staff
■ securely log into the system from anywhere,       in the field regarding the status of each

  using Internet Explorer 5.x or higher,            pay station. Monitoring and alarming also
  with 128 bit SSL encryption                       enables you to:
■ create, delete and maintain user accounts         ■ use a web browser to retrieve the status

■ configure rates, messages, and other parking        of pay station resources such as the door,
  station information then remotely distribute it     printer, batteries, paper, cash receptacles,
  to your pay stations                                bill validator, and shock alarms
■ compile and retrieve valid/expired stall          ■ allows real-time alarm notification to

  information for all pay stations using any          distribution lists based on email addresses
  pay station on the network                          or telephone numbers, for immediate
■ allow parkers to add time to their permit           response by parking personnel
  from any pay station on the network
Real-Time Credit                                    Generate real-time reports based on
Card Processing                                     transactions and stall information from
                                                    pay stations. This feature also gives you
Virtually eliminate lost revenue due to             the ability to:
lost, stolen or expired credit cards. With
                                                    ■ use a web browser to view, print or export
real-time credit card processing, you have
the ability to:                                        current totals of permit sales in real-time
                                                    ■ view, print or export a copy of any audit
■ approve or decline credit card payments
                                                       report as soon as it is generated
  at the pay station to increase the speed of
                                                    ■ query, view, print, or export transaction details
  accounts receivable, collections, and reduce                                                            Parking systems that
                                                       with lot setting, machine number, transaction
  bad debt
■ pay the lower transaction fees associated
                                                       date/time and permit expiry date/time              require everything to be
                                                    ■ view, print, or export credit card processing
  with real-time transactions                                                                             done manually are time-
                                                       information and simplify monthly merchant
■ provide an authorization number printed                                                                 consuming and expensive.
                                                       account deposit reconciliation
  on the permit at time of purchase                                                                       The cost of staff and
■ refund credit card transactions via the

  EMS web application                               Coupons                                               maintenance can have a
                                                    Provide authorized parkers with 8-digit               real effect on profit margins.
Supports numerous processors/gateways               coupon numbers to receive free or
such as:                                            discounted permits. Coupons also                      The Enterprise Management
■ Concord/First Data                                allow you to:
■ Moneris (Canada)
                                                                                                          System (EMS) makes your
                                                    ■ specify the effective start and end dates
■ Paymentech (US and Canada)
                                                       of coupon availability                             parking operations interactive;
■ Allied Data Systems (ADS)
                                                    ■ specify the number of times a coupon                when there’s a problem,
■ First Horizon
                                                       can be used during an allotted time period         the machines will call you.
■ Payment Processing Inc.
                                                       (including unlimited)
■                                                                                           And you can check on
                                                    ■ restrict access to rates based upon a

                                                       coupon number                                      your machines remotely.
Contact Digital Payment Technologies to obtain
a complete list of processors and gateways          ■ specify a percentage discount based upon            You’ll save time and money.
currently supported.                                   a coupon number
                                                    ■ specify a region, pay station, or stall range

                                                       for which the coupon number is valid
Value Card Processing                                                       Server Options
Accept and authorize specific value cards                                   Digital Payment Technologies offers EMS in two flavors.
and campus cards in real-time, including:
                                                                            Hosted Server
■ BlackBoard

■ TotalCard
                                                                            EMS hardware and software is owned and operated by
■ NuVision
                                                                            Digital Payment Technologies from a secure computer center,
                                                                            which you access via the Internet. You then pay a monthly
                                                                            subscription fee, based on the features selected. This gives
Pay-by-Cell                                                                 you the advantages of EMS without having to pay high capital
Consolidate enforcement space and transaction                               or operating expenses.
data when using the Verrus Pay-by-Cell phone system.
This feature allows you to:                                                 Enterprise Server
■ enable parkers to add more time using a cell phone to a                   You purchase and operate your own server for running the
  permit purchased at the pay station                                       EMS application so you can maintain all data at your location.
■ send pay station and Pay-by-Cell transaction results to the               In operations running over 50 pay stations, an Enterprise Server
  EMS server so all data can be available for enforcement                   can potentially reduce your overall operating costs as monthly
■ send pay station and Pay-by-Cell transaction results to                   subscription fees are replaced with an annual software license
  the EMS server to be integrated for consolidated reporting                and maintenance fee.

Web Services                                                                                                                     Wireless
                                                                               3RD Party                  Pay
Connect EMS with complementary products within                                                           Station                 Handheld
your parking operations to deliver additional functionality,
improve business practices, and simplify operations.
Additional functions can include:
■ Wirelessly deliver pay station space data to enforcement

■ Centralize revenue data from various parking technologies

■ Integrate with web applications and corporate intranets
■ Communicate with physical space sensors to acquire                          Credit Card                Server                  Client PC
  valuable data and improve enforcement.

Digital Payment Technologies Corp.
We are a North American company that designs and manufactures solutions for the parking industry, with an expanded range of web based
applications and integration with third party technologies in such areas as smart cards, communications protocols, and enforcement systems.
We’re always exploring new ways to add value to our products:
■   first North American on-street parking pay station integrated with a metro-scale Wi-Fi network
■   first to enable customers to host their own server for online services
■   first to integrate a color screen into a multi-space on-street parking pay station
■   first to develop integration between pay stations and Pay-by-Cell parking so enforcement data
    can be automatically consolidated for both systems
Our products are supported by outstanding customer service. We’re available to help you around the clock with 24/7 telephone support.
Our Client Services Support Portal allows you to email support questions, check the status of your helpdesk ticket, download product
documentation, browse knowledgebase articles, and access live remote support. We also have a growing network of resellers to provide
local sales and on-site support.

                                         To learn more about EMS or find a local reseller,
                                         please call 1-888-687-6822 or visit our website at