Money Laundering Template by jba60919


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                                                                                 List of information required for the
Provisions within                                                                  assessment of the acquisition
Dir.2006/48/EC        Assessment criteria according to the 3L3 Guidelines       (

                                                             Integrity                           A

                                                           Competence                            A

                     I. Reputation of the proposed     Practicalities of the
  Art. 19a(1)(a)                acquirer               Cooperation Process                       A

                      II. Reputation and experience of any person who will
                        direct the business of the financial institution as a
  Art. 19a(1)(b)                 result of the proposed acquisition                             Yes

                                                        Scope of analysis                        A

                     III. Financial soundness of the   Practicalities of the
  Art. 19a(1)(c)            proposed acquirer          Cooperation Process                       A

                        IV. Compliance with the
  Art. 19a(1)(d)        prudential requirements         Scope of analysis                        A

                                                        Scope of analysis                        A
                         V. Suspicion of money
                         laundering or terrorist       Practicalities of the
  Art. 19a(1)(e)               financing               Cooperation Process                       A

                         VI. List of information
                     required for the assessment of
   Art. 19a(4)               the acquisition                  Scope                              A

                  A for Applied
                 PA for Partially Applied
                 NA for Not Applied

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