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					Transcription of Department of Veterans Affairs Pharmacy PSA

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The Department of Veterans Affairs, or VA, is the leader in career opportunities for all
pharmacy professionals, from the recent graduate to the experienced clinical pharmacist
or pharmacy manager.

VA clinical pharmacist: “As a clinical pharmacist, I get the opportunity to work directly
with patients, physicians, and nurses within the clinical setting, and interact with them. I
also have the opportunity to prescribe as part of my job here at the VA. So, it’s quite a
multidisciplinary team that we work with, and it provides me with a lot of opportunities
for growth, as well, within the VA system.

“I think the VA has so much going for it: The benefits, the work hours here at the
hospital, the opportunities for educational growth are something that’s really helped me
over the last 10 years.”

Contact the VA today to learn more about the highest level of pharmacy practice
available. VA – Best Care, Best Careers.
VA Pharmacy Career Opportunities
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