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									                           2006-8 Energy Efficiency Portfolio
                              Quarterly Report Narrative

              Program Name: Saving By Design
            Program Number: SDGE3018
                    Quarter: Second Quarter 2006

1.   Program description
     Savings By Design is a program in the nonresidential new construction market
     sector; available statewide with common rules and criteria; a continuation of the
     successful statewide Savings By Design program existing since 1999.

     The program promotes integrated design and emphasizes early design involvement
     by offering building owners and their design teams a wide range of services
     including education, design assistance, and owner incentives, as well as design team

2.    Administrative activities
      Routine monthly administrative activities include but are not limited to the
      following activities: Project tracking and review of prospective projects,
      coordination, contract management, responding to customer inquiries and concerns,
      planning of future marketing events, and managing of program budgets and
       Implemented delivery strategies utilizing program representatives including
          trainings, education and outreach, and events to target the nonresidential new
          construction market segment.
       Addressed program’s database needs by participating in sessions dedicated to
          identifying unmet needs and outlining necessary capabilities for new internal
          tracking system.
       Supported alliances with organizations promoting energy efficiency and
          integrated design for the nonresidential new construction industry with groups
          such as American Institute of Architects – California Council, as well as San
          Diego’s and Los Angeles’ Chapters, and the U.S. Green Building Council – San
          Diego Chapter.
       Altered program database for new program cycle of 2006-08 to meet program
       Monitored and adjusted charged expenses for program activities.

3.    Marketing activities
       Created and produced statewide brochure about Savings By Design to promote
         program and offer updated performance levels to customers.
       Provided resources at training events to market players regarding Title 24 Code
         changes and how to perform better than minimum standards cost-effectively.
       Utility representatives generated leads and contacted customers to discuss
         program participation by featuring Savings By Design’s services and benefits -
         such as no-cost design assistance and specialized analysis - to attract project

San Diego Gas & Electric                    1                           Second Quarter 2006
                              2006-8 Energy Efficiency Portfolio
                                 Quarterly Report Narrative

           decision makers and get eligible projects to participate. Thirty-nine Letters of
           Interest were obtained by program representatives during the second quarter.
          Distributed the Spring 2006 Progress through Design to 2,901 local building
           industry professionals.
          Composed and placed an article about Savings By Design and the 2006
           leadership team in the American Institute of Architects, San Diego Chapter’s
           newsletter known as Architecture-San Diego, for Spring 2006.
          Composed and placed an article regarding Savings By Design training
           opportunities – scheduled or on-site, upon request – in the American Society of
           Heating, Refrigeration, Air-conditioning Engineering Society, San Diego
           Chapter’s electronic newsletter known as e-Blast-May 06.
          Sponsored and participated in the American Institute of Architects National
           Convention and Expo held in Los Angeles from June 7-10; outreached to the
           professional community by having a booth in the technology segment of the
           expo and distributed program information and promotional items. Leads to
           eligible projects were gathered and followed-up by regional representatives.
          Conducted the 2006 Savings By Design Energy Efficiency Integration Awards
           and identified seven winning projects throughout California; presented and
           acknowledged the winners at an American Institute of Architects, California
           Council awards event in Los Angeles in conjunction with the National
          Negotiated sponsorships of significant events with the American Institute of
           Architects, San Diego Chapter and US Green Building Council, San Diego
           Chapter to be held in the Fall of 2006.

4.     Direct implementation activities
        Program representatives met with customers to help them design their facilities
          and incorporate design changes with the goal being long-term energy and cost
          savings, and performing better than compliance regulations.
        Provided energy-efficiency information and identified opportunities for energy-
          efficiency enhancements beyond code compliance at training sessions (April
          25th – High Performance Lighting and Building Envelope; April 26th -
          Mechanical System Design Strategies, and Advanced Building Modeling; May
          17th – Nonresidential Update to the 2005 Standards).

     Description of subject                           provided to                         Number of
            matter              Delivery Method        attendees    File Status           attendees     Date   Location

San Diego Gas & Electric                          2                               Second Quarter 2006
                                  2006-8 Energy Efficiency Portfolio
                                     Quarterly Report Narrative

 High-Performance                  Lecture with          1) Savings By     1)                                 27           4/25/06   National
                                   PowerPoint            Design Fact       SBD06_OnePager_Fi                                         University
 Design Strategies for
                                   presentation; hands   Sheet; 2) Bi-     nal.pdf; 2) 08-SDGE                                       Rm 124
 Lighting and Building             on use of computer    Level Switching   C&S
 Envelope with                     software; question    Design            bi_level_lighting(final).
 EnergyPro Participants            and answer            Strategies; 3)    pdf; 3) 8-15-06 Title
                                   opportunities.        Flyer Title 24    24 flyer.pdf; 4) On-site
 get hands-on experience
                                                         8/15; 4) Flyer    seminars flyer.pdf; 5)
 using EnergyPro. They                                   Customized        Seminar
 learn the basics of lighting                            Seminars; and     Evaluation.pdf
 analysis and the proper                                 5) Seminar
 application of advanced
 fixture technologies to
 energy-efficient designs.
 The explore cost-effective
 options for advanced
 building envelope design.

 Mechanical System                 Lecture with hands    1) Savings By     1)                                 36           4/26/06   National
                                   on use of computer    Design Fact       SBD06_OnePager_Fi                                         University
 Design Strategies with
                                   software; question    Sheet; 2) Flyer   nal.pdf; 2) 8-15-06                                       Rm 124
 EnergyPro Participants            and answer            Title 24 8-15;    Title 24 flyer.pdf; 3)
 learn to model mechanical         opportunities.        3)                DV In Classrooms
 system designs in                                       Displacement      CSv4.pdf; and 4)
                                                         Ventilation       Seminar
 commercial buildings and
                                                         Case Study;       Evaluation.pdf
 to document Title 24                                    and 4) Seminar
 compliance. The learn                                   Evaluation
 how easy it can be to                                   Sheet
 integrate mechanical,
 lighting and envelope
 designs of peak energy

 Advanced Building                 Lecture with hands    1) Seminar        1) Seminar                          30          4/26/06   National
 Modeling with EnergyPro           on use of computer    Evaluation        Evaluation.pdf              (Sign-in Adv.pdf)             University
 Participants expand their         software; question    Sheet                                                                       Rm 124
                                   and answer
 knowledge of EnergyPro to
 design projects that perform
 better than required under the
 minimum Title 24 standards.
 They get hands-on
 experience in modeling and
 upgrading building envelope,
 lighting and mechanical
 design for optimal
 performance. They can
 practice estimating utility
 energy costs, simple
 paybacks, life cycle costs and
 potential cash incentives.

San Diego Gas & Electric                                 3                                     Second Quarter 2006
                                 2006-8 Energy Efficiency Portfolio
                                    Quarterly Report Narrative

 Nonresidential Update to         Lecture with     1) 2005 Title 24   1) 2005 Title 24 and         37         5/17/06   Ridgehaven
 2005 Standards -                 PowerPoint       and Beyond         beyond.pdf; 2)
 Participants learn how to        presentation     presentation;      PrgThruDesSprng06 -
                                  question and     2)Spring 2006      FINAL.pdf; 3)
 comply with California's new
                                  answer           Progress           SBD06_OnePager_Fi
 requirements. Topics include     opportunities.   Through            nal.pdf; 4) EnergyPro
 the new time-dependent                            Design             4.0 flyer 7-11and 9-12-
 calculation procedures, Joint                     newsletter; 3)     06.pdf; 5) On-site
 Appendix IV, glazing, cool                        Savings By         seminars flyer.pdf; 6)
 roofs, demand control                             Design Fact        Seminar
 ventilation, indoor and                           Sheet; 4)          Evaluation.pdf
 outdoor lighting, and new                         Energy Pro 4.0
                                                   flyer; 5) Flyer
 documentation requirements.
                                                   Seminars; 6)

         Utility representatives prepared energy-efficiency commitments that identify the
          targeted enhanced performance of the project, estimate the financial incentive
          offered through the program, and specified a combination of energy-efficiency
          strategies that are to be included in the constructed project.
         Program engineers offered design assistance matched to the needs of the project
          and custom analysis at no-cost to the customers. This assistance identifies
          opportunities for energy-efficiency enhancements beyond code compliance and
          outlines opportunities for incentive through program participation.
         Calculated savings were used to estimate potential financial incentives
          committed through the program, using the Whole Building or Systems

5.    Program performance/program status
          Program is on target
          Program is exceeding expectations
          Program is falling short of expectations

      Program is on target considering the change from valuing “commitments” to only
      counting “installed” nonresidential new construction projects. This change has led
      to a significant timing hurdle that will be overcome across the next three years;
      though activity is high and on-going, installed nonresidential new construction will
      take several more quarters to catch-up on the records.

6.    Program achievements (non-resource programs only):
       Not Applicable for Savings By Design

7.    Changes in program emphasis, if any, from previous quarter (new program
      elements, less or more emphasis on a particular delivery strategy, program elements
      discontinued, measure discontinued, budget changes, etc.).
       None

San Diego Gas & Electric                           4                                    Second Quarter 2006
                           2006-8 Energy Efficiency Portfolio
                              Quarterly Report Narrative

8.    Discussion of near-term plans for program over the coming months (e.g., marketing
      and outreach efforts that are expected to significantly increase program
      participation, etc.)
       Participating and exhibiting at statewide and regional trade organization events
          that are targeted to decision makers in the nonresidential new construction
       Bringing energy efficiency specialists to design firms working on potential
          Savings By Design projects that would benefit from energy-efficiency focused
          consultation and analysis.

9.    Changes to staffing and staff responsibilities, if any
       An Account Executive has left the program group and the open position is being
         filled through on-going interviews with prospective candidates.

10. Changes to contracts
     An Addendum was added to the Savings By Design contract as offered by
       SDG&E that clarifies participating projects must be constructed before
       December 15, 2008. (PDF provided in Marketing Materials.)

11. Changes to contractors and contractor responsibilities, if any
     None

12. Number of customer complaints received
     None

13. Revisions to program theory and logic model, if any
    Provided in February 1, 2006 concept paper.
     None

San Diego Gas & Electric                    5                          Second Quarter 2006

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