NebraskAccess Trifold Brochure by WidnesVikings


									   NebraskAccess is                 Access these
      available at:                magazines plus              thousand more
Nebraskans can access
these resources from most              NebraskAccess.
libraries and schools
without login.                        Antiques & Collecting
To access these resources
from home, work or                    Farm Industry News
another remote location               Field & Stream
users will need to log on
with either their Nebraska            Fortune
driver’s license number or
a NebraskAccess                       Nebraska Life
password.                             Newsweek
Visit your local library to           Parenting
obtain a NebraskAccess
password.                             PC World
                                      Sports Illustrated

                                      The Chronicle of
        My favorite book               Higher Education
        is Harry Potter               Time
        and the
                                      U.S. News & World
        Sorcerer's                     Report
                                      And more . . .
   I'm looking for
   similar books . . .
       Use Fiction Connect found
           in NebraskAccess.
                                           when and where it's
                                           convenient for you!
NebraskAccess                     Everyone can access:
NebraskAccess provides               Directory of web sites                       I need to write a
                                      evaluated and compiled by
Nebraska residents with free          Nebraska librarians                          report on a topic
24/7 access to premium
                                     Links to full-text Nebraska                  of current
content consisting of thousands
of full-text magazine, journal,
                                      state government                             political interest,
and newspaper articles,                                                     using magazine
                                     Digitized Nebraska historical
biographical and business             resources                             articles as sources . . .
information, genealogical                                                           Use Wilson OmniFile
resources, and more.                                                              found in NebraskAccess.

                                  Nebraskans also can
                                  access databases
      I'm an                      containing:                         NebraskAccess
      amateur                                                             helps you:
                                     Thousands of full-text
      genealogist                     magazine and journal               Complete homework
      doing                           articles                            assignments
  research . . .                     Hundreds of full-text              Research health and medical
                                      newspaper articles                  topics
     Use HeritageQuest Online
      found in NebraskAccess.        Biographical information           Keep up with current events
                                     Genealogy resources                Trace your family history
These resources are available
                                     Current business and               Explore hobbies and other
at no cost to Nebraska                personal finance information        topics of personal interest
residents because the                 and more.
Nebraska Library Commission
purchases access for
Nebraskans with funding from
the State of Nebraska and the
U.S. Institute of Museum and      NebraskAccess
Library Services.
   Nebraska Library Commission
      800-307-2665 (in NE)

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