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									    Fresh Start Landlord Guarantee Fund
  Intake Process and Communication Flow


▪ Enrollment Process
           Detailed Explanation of Requirements / Expectations
           Form Templates

                   Contact Person: Suzanne Therrien,
                       Rent Assistance Specialist
                      Housing Authority of Portland
                             135 SW Ash St.
                           Portland OR 97204
Phone: 503-802-8494, Fax: 503-802-8589, Email:

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Steps to enroll a participant in the Fresh Start Landlord Guarantee Fund
Items with a “*” are forms or copies of documents that must be submitted to HAP.

Agency                                      Client/Participant                Landlord/Property             HAP

Determine Client eligibility for
Fresh Start LGF (barriers, client
services, income guidelines).

Negotiate Partnership Agreement                                          Landlord/Property Manager
and Fresh Start Screening Criteria                                       negotiates with Agency and signs
with Landlord/Property Manager.                                          Partnership Agreement.
(copy of both to be kept on file at

Write and submit Fresh Start LGF
Referral Letter* to
Landlord/Property Manager.

Attach LGF Application and                                               Landlord completes the LGF
Guidelines to Referral Letter*                                           Application*

Agency staff must co-sign the         Client signs Move-In Condition     Landlord completes Move - In
Move-In Condition Report* with        Report*                            Condition Report*
LL/PM and client

Assist client in signing Rental       Client signs Rental Agreement      Landlord has client sign Rental
Agreement and/or Lease*.              and/or Lease*                      Agreement and/or Lease*.

Complete Fresh Start LGF              Client completes and signs Fresh
Intake Form* w/client.                Start LGF Intake Form *

 Agency OR Landlord may submit the completed: LGF Application, copy of Move-In Condition Report, copy of Referral
Letter and copy of Rental Agreement to HAP. Intake Form must be submitted through referral agency.

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Agency                                  Client/Participant        Landlord/Property   HAP
                                                                                      HAP will provide written
                                                                                      confirmation to Agency, Tenant
                                                                                      and LL that LGF coverage is

Agency will call LL 1x month to                                                       HAP will send 6-month follow-up
maintain effective relationship with                                                  to LL to gather feedback. 6-month
LL and check-in on tenant                                                             follow-up will be from the
success. To be logged in client                                                       beginning date of the Fresh Start
file.                                                                                 LGF coverage.

Complete Exit Form*. Due the                                                          Will send written notice to Tenant,
date LGF coverage expires.                                                            LL, and Agency of guarantee
However, IF the participant                                                           expiration 45 days prior to
vacates the unit and/or is termed                                                     expiration.
from support services prior to the
LGF expiration date the exit date
defaults to the date of either action

Complete 3, 6, 12 month Follow-
Up Forms* from the date of exit.

Send written 30-day notice to                                                        HAP will send confirmation to LL
LL when or if client is                                                               that LGF is still in place BUT that
terminated from support                                                               support services have been
services prior to the expiration                                                      terminated.
of the Fresh Start LGF.
Send copy of notice to HAP.

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                        Enrollment Process & Follow-up Reporting

1. Formal Agreement with Landlord

Negotiate “Partnership Agreements”* AND “Screening Criteria” with
Landlords/Property Management Companies.

           You can negotiate the Partnership Agreement with a landlord/property
            manager that you have a relationship with before you actually have a Fresh
            Start LGF participant to refer or you can negotiate the Partnership Agreement
            case by case, as you need to place participants.
           Please work from the attached Fresh Start LGF Partnership Agreement
           A LGF Partnership Agreement can apply to a single property or a set of
            properties (i.e.: all “ROSE CDC” properties) as long as all properties are
            aware of the agreement and named in the agreement.
           Once established, the LGF Partnership Agreement covers all participant
            referrals to the property (or properties) as written in the agreement {the
            agreement can be terminated by either party with 30-day written notice
            (Agency and/or LL)}.
           Each LGF Partnership Agreement needs to have Fresh Start LGF Screening
            Process and Criteria attached to the agreement. There is a sample
            Screening Process and Criteria Template provided. The landlord/property
            manager, together with the agency, can agree to modify the screening criteria
            as they see fit.

2. Client Eligibility

Support Service & Fresh Start LGF
Determine if client is an appropriate referral and eligible for the Fresh Start LGF.
The client must:

           Be eligible for services through the Fresh Start LGF Certified Agency;
           Be a person or household that is homeless or at risk of homelessness;
           Be a current resident of Multnomah County or someone who intends to settle
            within County limits upon receipt of assistance;
           Have screening barriers to rental housing and are in need of supportive
            services in order to obtain and maintain housing.
           Have a household income at or below 50% MFI.
           Complete with the Certified Agency a: Housing Readiness Assessment,
            Housing Case Plan, Fresh Start Intake Form (ROI Statement and Case
            Management Consent clause is included within this form)

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3. Agency Referral to Landlord

   Write and submit the Fresh Start LGF Referral Letter to landlord/property
    manager. A Fresh Start LGF Referral Letter Template (attached) should be used.
   Make sure to indicate client eligibility for Landlord Guarantee Fund (LGF) in Referral
   Attach LGF Application and Guidelines.

4. Fresh Start Landlord Guarantee Fund Process

   LL completes LGF Application, Landlord OR Agency submits to HAP.
   LL completes Move-In Condition Report with tenant; it must be signed by: agency
    staff, LL/PM and participant. Landlord OR Agency submits copy to HAP. LL can use
    Move-In Condition Report template attached or their own.
   LL OR Agency submits copy of Referral Letter to HAP.
   LL OR Agency submits copy of Lease to HAP.
   Agency keeps copy of Partnership Agreement that covers the placement of client
    at the particular property on file at agency.

5. Reporting

   Agency completes Exit Form (exit date based on expiration of LGF. However, IF
    the participant vacates the unit and/or is termed from support services prior to the
    LGF expiration date, the exit date defaults to the date of either action mentioned).
   Agency completes 3, 6, 12 month Follow-Up Form (from exit date) with participant
    and sends a copy to HAP.

6. LGF Claim Process

HAP provides information to the landlord about how to file a claim when the guarantee
reservation is confirmed. HAP processes, approves and/or denies guarantee claim and
issues a reimbursement check if approved. HAP will send written confirmation of
payment issued to LL, Agency and Tenant.

7. Attached Form Templates

       Fresh Start LGF Partnership Agreement w/ Screening Process and Criteria

       Fresh Start LGF Intake Form

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       Fresh Start LGF Referral letter

       Fresh Start LGF Application and Guidelines

       Fresh Start LGF Move In Condition Report

       Fresh Start LGF Exit Form

       Fresh Start LGF 3, 6, 12 Month Follow-Up Form

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