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					                                                          IBCM 5 BOOKING FORM
                                                      (June 13th – June 17th 2011 Strasbourg)

               Please complete one form for each person for whom you are booking (photocopying the blank form if submitting on paper).
                                             Please write clearly if using a paper version of the form.
                             Please book as soon as possible, if at all possible by 15 May 2011,
                                 and by 31 March 2011 to take advantage of the discounts

           (French and German booking forms will be available soon on or from
Please check boxes         as appropriate. Type information into the fields indicated


FAMILY NAME                    FORENAME(S):                       TITLE:

GENDER:            M       F DATE OF BIRTH:

POSTAL ADDRESS: HOUSE NO./NAME                                      STREET                TOWN                  DISTRICT

ZIP OR POST CODE                           COUNTRY:

NATIONALITY:                                SKYPE ADDRESS (if available):

TELEPHONE                    FAX               EMAIL ADDRESS:
Information on church and personal ministry
Name of home fellowship:

Relevant bodies you represent in your country:

Nature of personal ministry for Christ:
Exhibition space desired:                                                     Yes        No

On behalf of which ministries:
(It will be possible to allocate only limited space to each activity)

Language information:
First language:

Other languages spoken fluently:

Languages(s) from which you are capable of translating simultaneously into your own language to a reasonable

Are you willing to act as a simultaneous translator for the conference?                           Yes           No

   I am willing to partner another participant in prayer for the conference (and agree that my name and email
address may be forwarded to another participant for this purpose).

I am content that any of the above information may be included in information provided to conference participants
generally:         Yes          No

Dietary Requirements (Medically necessary requirements only can be catered for):
TRAVEL PLANS (please choose only one option)                      By what main travel means to you expect arrive?:
    Air*        Rail *         Coach            Private car

*     I would like to receive information on how to get to Strasbourg by public transport from the various airports.

Travel and medical insurance for participants from outside France:

All participants are strongly advised to arrange travel and medical insurance for themselves in connexion with the
conference. The conference organizers can arrange health (but not travel) insurance for you for the period during
which you are in France, at a cost of € xxxx per day (subject to an excess of €50).

    I intend to take up this option (the necessary details will be asked for on the Travel Information Form to be sent
to you early in 2011). As the costs depend on arrival and departure times, payment for this insurance will be at the
conference site during your conference stay.

      I have medical insurance for France or                   I will bear the liability myself


The conference fee covers the period from the evening meal on Monday 13 June until the afternoon of
Friday 17 June

                                   The conference options are as follows:

                                                                                                                  On or before 31             After 31
                                                    OPTION                                                         March 2011                March 2011

     1. Full conference fee including bed and breakfast (2-4 beds per room) in
        Ciarus hotel or bed and breakfast with a local Christian family *                                                265 €                   305 €

     2. As above but single room in Ciarus or St-Thomas hotel *                                                          345 €                   385 €
     3. Full conference without bed and breakfast (but including lunch and supper)                                       160 €                   200 €
     4. Daily rate                                                                                                        40 €                    50 €

These fees include charges for use of conference facilities, equipment, translation costs, administration, main
speakers’ expenses, etc.
* The fees for Options 1 and 2 include an amount for the short daily tram trips between the hotel and the
conference centre.

If your travel plans require accommodation and meals before and after the conference, the charge will be
approximately €50 per person for each 24 hours, including meals. This option is only for use by those whose flight
times require it. If you need to take advantage of this possibility, please keep us informed as your travel plans
develop, as it is essential to book in advance.

If, in connection with Option 3 above, you wish to make your own hotel arrangements, please indicate by ticking
this box . A list of hotels will be available on the websites at and, but if you have no
access to the internet and need the list to be sent by post, please tick this box .

I wish to book:

             Option 1 (I am willing to be hosted by a local family                      Yes         No)

        Option 2
(This option is available only to the extent that single rooms remain available whether at Ciarus or St Thomas,
allocated in order of receipt of bookings.)
             Option 3

             Option 4

If you have ticked Option 4, please indicate the days on which you will attend the conference, as follows:
      Mon, 13 June            Tues, 14 June             Wed, 15 June              Thurs, 16 June             Fri, 17 June

Please do not make any payment until you have received confirmation of receipt of your booking.

    This information will be available shortly. If you indicate that you are interested in this possibility, we shall be in touch with you about it later.

Important notes:
    If you are not able to take a meal, no refund will be made in respect of it. Nor is it possible to offer any refund
     if you do not make use of any other aspect of the option which you have selected
    Participants from outside France will later be sent a form (to be returned in the spring of 2011) on
     which they will indicate their travel arrangements. The form will also enable them to indicate the
     precise period during which they expect to be in Europe.


(In either case, we will be in touch with you further about how you might help)

Visas and visa costs for participants from abroad:
Citizens of European Union and European Economic Area countries do not require a visa to enter France. A visa
waiver scheme is in force for some other countries; this avoids the need to obtain a visa in advance. For all other
countries, a visa must be applied for and obtained before travel. To check the present position for your country,
Those requiring a visa in advance will need to apply themselves in good time to the French diplomatic post (or to
the post which handles France’s affairs) in the country where they are currently resident. The application will need
to be accompanied by a formal letter of invitation to the conference. This will be sent to you on behalf of the French
host organisation as soon as we have the details requested below.
    I shall need a formal letter of invitation to accompany my visa application.
If you have ticked that you require a formal letter of invitation, please provide the following details to enable us to
complete the formal letter of invitation:

My passport details are:
Passport number                                  Date of issue       Date of expiry
The cost of obtaining a visa will fall to the applicant.

Please ensure that the visa as issued is valid for the period of the conference, or you may be denied entry to
France. To raise any further questions about visas or if any problems arise, please contact Matthew Glock (2 rue
Champ Rochas, F38240 Meylan (

Conference, travel and other costs

Please confirm that you will be able to meet all costs of travel, accommodation, conference fees, visa etc. involved
in attending the conference:

              Yes     Signed                                      Date


            I shall need assistance with costs if I am to be able to attend the conference. I am seeking funds from
         other sources. I may need as much as €            by way of help. (In this case, you should not make travel
         and other arrangements until you have the necessary funds, or the conference organisers have indicated
         that they can assist you.)

                     Signed                                          Date



In order to facilitate administration and reduce payment fees, we recommend full payment immediately on receiving
acknowledgement of receipt of your booking. However, if not making full payment immediately, a non-returnable
deposit of €60 must be paid immediately when you receive our acknowledgement of receipt of your

For those who want to take advantage of the reduced prices, the full amount of the fee must be received on
or before 31 March 2011.

Any balance of fees outstanding must be paid by the first day of the conference.

The organisers would welcome full payment of fees as soon as practicable, as substantial advance payments have
to be made to the hotels by 60 days before the conference begins.

Payment arrangements:

I intend to pay by        Bank transfer          Credit card via PayPal          Other method, as follows

All bank transfer and credit card costs are to be met by you as the payer.

Electronic bank transfer (transaction costs to be met by you):
Account name: EECAEF                    Account number: 08002783926
IBAN: FR76 1382 5002 0008 0027 8392 606
Bank: Caisse d’Épargne Rhône Alpes Branch: 13825 Counter: 00200

To save bank charges, participants from the Eurozone and some other countries should use the BIC or IBAN code.
Please tag all bank transfer payments “IBCM5 ([name of participant])”.
PayPal credit card payment (available on the websites and
    I wish make payment by credit card via PayPal

Payment in ₤sterling via the UK:
    I would like to pay in ₤sterling by a cheque drawn on a UK bank
    I would like to pay in £sterling by bank transfer to Partnership (UK) Ltd
Those wishing to pay in ₤sterling should contact
Neil Summerton (; Tel. + (44) (0)1398 331105 (office)).

                          Please send this form as soon as possible to the following address:

                                                             If you live:
                                outside France and the DOM-TOMs:                              in France or the DOM-TOMs:
electronically to:                                       
or in paper form to:                      IBCM, A. Nickel                                        IBCM, Matthew Glock,
                                  Forum Wiedenest, Eichendorffstr. 2                      2 rue Champ Rochas, F38240 Meylan
                                    51702 Bergneustadt, Germany

As space is likely to be limited, we recommend booking as soon as possible. In any case, it will help organisation
and administration if you make your booking no later than 15 May 2011.

DECLARATION: I confirm that the information given on this booking form is accurate.

             Signed:                                         Date:
Your booking is not firm until you have received an acknowledgement of receipt in response to this form.

                 Now we suggest that you photocopy or retain an electronic copy of the completed form for the future reference


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