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					?There are many different ways to advertise and many of which could cost you an arm
and a leg. There is pay per click (ppc), search engine submission, search engine
optimization, banners ads, traffic exchanges, articles submissions, classifieds ads,
word of mouth, signs, and bulletins along with many other ways to advertise. But
there are a couple that cost nothing that actually have been working very well for me.

The first free way that have been a great help to me is simply using free classified ads.
This is not hard work, but it can be time consuming. What you do is: type into google
"free classified ads" and you will have thousands of places to place ads. Place ads in
at least 1200 submissions. This will take time, but it will be less time consuming if
you get a filler like Roboform. /php/land.php?affid=mocha. This will save you time
by filling in your information like your name address, etc that you will need to do
everytime you sign up for an free advertising site. Roboform also keeps track of your
username and password. I usually have the same one for every site, this definately
helps. Again this is not hard work, but it just takes a little time. I recommend setting a
schedule everyday for submitting ads. Like submitting 50 a day would get to 1200 in
24 days. You will immediately start to see business booming. You must not only
submit these ads once, but you must go back and resubmit once they expire so you
must keep track of every ad. Most places will email you to let you know when you ad
is about to expire.

Another way that has been successful is submitting articles. Take the times to write an
informative article and submit it to several article directories and watch your sales
grow. The more articles you submit, the greater the outcome. If you are not a writer
there are free articles that you can use. You can type into google search engine "free
articles". Use those articles but I recommend that you change some of the content and
make it your own. There are also places that will submit articles and write articles for
you. This is not the free option, but that option is out there.

There is other ways to advertise for free and that it with traffic exchanges such as
trafficswarm. /go.cgi?718866. You can get traffic to your site or product by just
surfing. Simply sign up at the above link for free and submit your website url and ad
and start surfing for credits. You follow the directions exactly on the website and
starting clicking and surfing on a daily basis to add credits to your account which
equals out to a clicks on your website. An easy way to do this is just by making it your
home page.

In conclusion, to advertise your business without the cost, utilize the free classifieds,
articles submissions, and traffic exchange techniques written above. These techniques
are utilized by the best of the best. It seems so simple, but because many people do
not take the time out to utilize what is right in front of them, they miss out on the
opportunity. These techniques are very valuable in jump starting your business to the
extreme. I encourage you to try them and watch your business thrive beyond your

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